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    Listbox/checkbox edit

    Hello. On my userform i have 2 checkboxes (Checkbox1, Checkbox2), where the data from those checkboxes are stored in columns 11 and 12 on worksheets("Data") depending on which checkbox is selected. I have an edit button (btnEdit) which is clicked after selecting a row from a listbox (Listbox1)...
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    Trim Contents of Current Cell

    I need a macro that deletes the first 4 words of text in the active cell. When I record the macro, it copies the text from the cell in which I defined the macro and pastes this into any cell I try the macro in. I get the script below. I know the "6 September 1863" is the problem, but do not...
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    Retrieve data from sheet to Form for Edit

    Hey! I use excel 2003 for data entry.All the data are stored in "Data" sheet. Like this Hundred of entry i need to enter. And I need to edit these entry by bring back to the form and store it again in same row of the sheet. below is my code to save data: Option Explicit Private Sub...

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