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  1. S

    Edit Links>Change Source keeps resulting in endless multiple prompts to select new link

    Hi All, Longtime reader, first time poster. Thanks in advance for the help! I'm trying to use the Edit Links function to change a few links (one at a time, though some formulas may reference multiple files/links in the same cell), but whenever I use the feature, after I point to the new file...
  2. S

    External internet links in hanging file

    Hi all When I open a file I am getting various error messages saying " downloading, opening:https://mydanaher.com/documents and settings/MikeG/Local Settings/Temporaty Internet Files/OLK19/TEMP/2000PD-White-Nove00.xls and various other links. Message then says it can't access file, then...
  3. S

    Unusual behaviour - Linked Workbooks

    I have 3 workbooks, Wkbk A, Wkbk B, & Wkbk C Wkbk A has some in-cell formulas, vlookups, that reference ranges in Wkbk B & Wkbk C. They work as expected. If Wkbk B or/and Wkbk C is/are closed, and I open Wkbk A, I get the "We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now." I can...
  4. B

    losing References in tables when change links

    I have two files that are linked to each other. File 1 contains formulas that links to the data in File 2. File 2 contains data in Tables and the formulas reflect these table names. These files are saved on a shared drive. let's say i create copies of both these files and try linking them...
  5. L

    External Links / Edit Links

    Dear all, I have updated excel version to 2016. My master data file is linked to many supporting files from different locations (last year & different months). In previous version, Edit links was showing file names (and it was very easy to identify which file is required to update). In new...
  6. G

    Edit Links

    Hi I'm trying to update a spreadsheet with a lot of external links, I've tried to do it using the Edit Links button but it just hangs. I'm now trying to do it on another offline machine by using Find and Replace to change the network path and filename to the new location, I've turned off...
  7. R

    Data Connections to excel files saved on Dropbox

    Need to update a file with a link to a spreadsheet on Dropbox. Throws into debug mode every time. Any solutions out there?
  8. D

    Loop for Changing Link Sources of Excel Embedded Objects in PowerPoint 2013

    Hello, I have a Power Point file with 39 (and counting) linked Excel objects (graphs), which I am in the process of compiling them in just one Excel file (currently there are in different Excel files). The layout of the PowerPoint changes from month to month as management needs change. My...
  9. L

    VBA code to open the edit links option box

    Does anyone know how to write a simple VBA code to open the edit links option box under data - connections? I wish to have this code run and the edit links box pops over for user to select their option. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  10. velohead

    Edit Links Box Too Small

    I’m using Excel 2013 When I go to Data, Connections, Edit Links, and the “Edit Links” window pops up, I can see near the bottom left the “Location” of the file(s). Well, almost see, because when the pathname is long, (as it is in each corporate that I have worked for, over the decades), then one...
  11. V

    Changing the link to a file within a cell based on another cell's value

    Hi all Am a regular reader and user of the advice on these boards, so am really hoping you can help. I have a spreadsheet with a list of store names in column A. I then have formulas in cell H3 to M3 which pick up data from cells in a separate workbook within the same folder. The second...
  12. S

    Disable "Open Source" from Edit Links menu

    I locked the sheet and workbook but Open Source button is still enabled. How can I disable it like the others? Share.Pho.to | This photo set was shared via Share.Pho.to * Any solution (even including VBA) is OK
  13. Dr. Demento

    VBA to edit PowerPoint presentation

    First of all, if any one knows of a good PowerPoint VBA resource (coding in either from ppt or XL), I'd be very appreciative. I apologize for not having any code, but I don't know where to start with this. Not even sure if all of this is possible, but you don't know until you ask, eh? On a...
  14. S

    Find and Replace function

    I run a quarterly file that contains 50 odd columns where I have to update links to other workpapers on. In order for me to complete the file I have to manually update the file links which is very time consuming. Is it possbile to edit the links altogether instead of having to go in an manually...
  15. E

    Excel file that takes long time to open

    I have a file that takes significant amount of time to open. While it is opening, it causes excel to show "not responding". To counter the slowness, I have broken the links so that the file is not looking to reference other files. There is one link that I am not able to break, which I think...
  16. S

    Finding Certain Values and Copying & Pasting Data - VBA

    Hi all, I have a report that gets updated monthly and as it stands, a significant amount of manual work is required to update it. I want to create a macro that will run down the rows of column A and every time it lands on a value that matches a userform selection by a user (a listbox that...
  17. J

    Excel: edit links on two places: Both filename and directory have new names. Macro??

    Hi all, Every month, I need to change 100+ links in Excel by using the edit link file. I cannot do this via Ctlr+H because both the directory and the filename have changed. Can someone please help me? Maybe write a macro for it or help me do it myself. FOr example in the file consolidation.xls...
  18. M

    Macro to change links to the current workbook

    I have a macro that imports sheets from another workbook, then calls the below code to change any links on the imported sheets to the sheet of the same name in the active workbook. All sheets have the same names between the two books, with the exception of one which was changed between versions...
  19. D

    new workbook contains macros that reference original workbook, how do I switch this?

    I created a new workbook from an existing one that adds an extra 2 sheets which both reference some of the original sheets. all of the original macros are still used for the same operation and I've added a new module with a few new macros for my two new sheets. upon opening this workbook it...
  20. D

    Source Data is Right 9 out 10 Sheets

    Pivot tables update correctly on all but one sheet.... It looks like it is sourcing another workbook... How can I get it to source the same data the other sheets are sourcing...which is in the same workbook. I am in Excel 2010.

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