1. D

    Locking Certain Cells

    I am trying to lock/protect certain cells so that they can't accidentally be deleted or changed, yet still be able to edit the other cells. I don't want to use a password to unlock the sheet everyday, just if I need to adjust those protected cells. For example, I want B3:B34 to be locked but I...
  2. D

    Editing comments

    Dear All, good morning, I have a spreadsheet and I have added comments. I have - up to now - been able to edit the comments without problem. Today, I have tried to edit the comments but it won't allow me. When I right click / edit comments, the comments box won't open. Could someone advise...
  3. R

    Please help edit this code.

    I use this code to erase highlighted cells after a search. Is there a way to edit this that would put the original cell color back in,maybe looking at near by cell. Thanks Sub Remove_Color() Application.FindFormat.Interior.Color = vbYellow Application.ReplaceFormat.Interior.ColorIndex =...
  4. E

    Pausing a Macro

    I have a macro that scans a list of orders to find those belonging to a certain customer. When it finds one it displays the order and then finds the next one. What I need to macro to do is let me edit that order (i.e. edit what's on the screen) before carrying on to find the next one. Is...
  5. J

    EDIT Error Formula (VBA)

    Hello Excel Masters, I need help in regards to my work. I am trying to create a EDIT Querry to be connected to MS Access but it seems my code won't push thru. The Save and Delete button of my work is already done. I just need the EDIT button to work. Here is my code. (it will be getting a...
  6. A

    Edit using the Excel user forms

    Hi All, I have created the userform using VBA too add the data and i am able to add the data as per the requirement, However even after spending two days i am not able to apply the formula to edit the data. can anyone please help to resolve this. i am sharing the codes which i have used to add...
  7. J

    Pause or stop VBA for a manual edit to the sheet

    Hi All, I have a sheet with approximately 75K rows. My code is adding columns, formulas and formatting working great. I would like to stop the code in the middle/at specific points with a message box to allow me to do a manual edit on the sheet. For instance, have a message box pop up with...
  8. N

    Locking and pasting

    So i have a question about "allow edit ranges". I Just learned how to use it but i wanted to know if there is a way to paste information in the cell. To be more clear, I have a B:B under the allow edit ranges as well as L:L. But I have others copied information and pasting in the same workbook...
  9. L

    External Links / Edit Links

    Dear all, I have updated excel version to 2016. My master data file is linked to many supporting files from different locations (last year & different months). In previous version, Edit links was showing file names (and it was very easy to identify which file is required to update). In new...
  10. K

    code for allowing a character (single character) that is not part of the list in a combobox? (part of the "matchentrycomplete")

    PROBLEM: I have 2 forms in my workbook. An entry form, and a edit form. The problem I have is with the edit form. For reasons too long to get into here, I have no blank cells within the spreadsheets range where all the data that is entered and is stored. When a cell is left blank (when...
  11. jmacleary

    Is it possible to edit excel vba code without opening workbook?

    Hi folks. I have inherited a complex set of 200+ workbooks which all have references to a master workbook embedded in the VBA. This reference is coded as a constant as follows: Public Const ValidName As String = "masterbookname.xls" Is there any way I can edit the VBA code without opening...
  12. A

    Email distribution list

    Is there any way to be able to access a spreadsheet based distribution list from outlook without having to create and then edit (as changes are made in the original spreadsheet) a static contact list in outlook?
  13. I

    Edit Table refers to range

    Hi, I want to add a table at column AP I have noticed that the table before "AO" is the incorrect range. Table17 Is shown as =INFO!$AO$2:$AP$5 It should be =INFO!$AO$2:$AO$5 So how can i edit this range please as at present any alteration in column AP also then adds it to the column AO Thanks
  14. C

    Need to edit the properties of a radial button in excel

    I have a workbook with radial buttons which I need to edit and point to another cell value Presently the button is labeled 208 and looks up CC column values of 208 and sorts the table accordingly I need a new button which will do this for 308? any suggestions?
  15. E

    Edit Link from one Sharepoint file to another

    I am wanting to edit the link in an Excel document, moving the link from one sharepoint doc to another (actually I just re-named the existing file). Using Edit Links - Change Source, the sharepoint site does not show as an option , and if I search it I get " You can't open this location using...
  16. detweiler

    Edit or close a post

    I looked and could not find how to edit an existing post, in hopes of making it read better, but cannot find that option. If you could point out where this button is or how to close out the post so I can retry would be appreciated. Much thanks.
  17. B

    Locking entire column once date passes

    I have a spreadsheet with dates in R3:CE3 . I was looking to have this auto lock the cells from edit anything two days prior to today's date. Columns A:Q are protected when I protect the sheet. R:CE are the only columns you can edit. Hopefully someone can help me out on this. Appreciate the help.
  18. M

    Edit a formula in multiple cells

    Hi!, I want to have a macro that would allow me to change the formula (A1-B1) to +if(abs(A1-B1)<0.000000001,0,A1-B1) to multiple cells in a range. Thanks!
  19. A

    Macro Location Control

    I have a number of spreadsheets with many macros, one in particular with nearly 400. Whilst the sheet and the macros work fine, when I edit macros I note that the later ones are "saved" in separate modules. My tidy mind says that it would be neater and easier to search and edit if they were all...
  20. N

    Allow edit ranges, cursor problem

    Hi, I have set various ranges to be protected so only specific users can edit the ranges. Should they not be set to allow, they will be requested to enter a password. This all appears fine, however even without the sheet protected, and me having allow rights, the cursor will not enter the ranges...

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