1. T

    Text Length Conversion

    I am currently using several stages to achieve my goal andwonder whether there is a more efficient way to do this, hopefully just in onecell. I have a cell which contains letters and numbers which canbe between 6 and 12 characters long and for cells which contain more than 6, Iwish to be able...
  2. S

    More Efficient Way to Count First Instance

    Good afternoon all, I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but I am in desperate need of a more efficient way to count first occurrences in a workbook I frequently use. I am currently using the following: =IF(MATCH($J2,$J$2:$J2,0)+1=ROW($J2),1,0) Once this calculation is made for all...
  3. D

    Most efficient way to extract from Access

    Hi Everyone, Now I know this is probably a well asked question but I'm looking for the most efficient way to extract data from Access. In my scenario I use Access as an input tool in a multi user environment with an Excel report which needs to pull the data in. Does anyone have any ideas of...
  4. N

    Calculating three most efficient lengths

    What formula, or combination of formulae, would be uses to look at all the numbers in a column and calculate the three sheet lengths they would fit best on. (does that make sense?) Goal: To determine which three sheet lengths would be most efficient for the part lengths to nest into for a given...
  5. M

    help with efficiency

    Hi I am trying to place in column A, a list of numbers from 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. At the moment, I am using the following VBA code. Could any one recommend a more efficient way? Thanks in advance Range("A1").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "1" Range("A2").Select...
  6. I

    can i write this statement in any better way?

    Hi guys I don't know if the below is enough for people to suggest any improvements, but I wanted to ask if I can write the below in a more efficient way? its a if statement going through different rules...
  7. B

    Making a macro more efficient

    I recorded this macro the other day but it takes about 30 seconds to run. I tried to clean it up the best i could but I'm wondering if using a loop might be more efficient. [code] Sub ClearBlanksSiteRepsRADelegates() ' ' ClearBlanksSiteRepsRADelegates Macro ' Clear sheet of non leadership...
  8. F

    Unique values in Table (most efficient way)

    Hi, I'm using a formula below to determine if the formula is unique. If the ID is unique, then write 1, if repeat then 0. All values are in a table with 100k+ lines and the formula seems to extremely resource intense... Does anyone know if there is a more efficient way of calculating unique...
  9. W

    Winning a Loosing Streak

    Hi Guys, I do have a question about winning and loosing streak in my hockey league. I have data where player can play home or away. What would be the most efficient way to count winning and loosing streak?
  10. GDRitter

    Efficiency question: SumIfs vs Array

    I have a report I make for every month end. We dump tons of raw data out of SQL and then I slice and dice it into a table that the customer wants. We're talking 200k rows of info across 25 columns. I have to conditionally sum certain columns based on many logical checks on other columns. For...
  11. D

    Efficient sorting of data with VBA with 3 criteria

    Hi Mr. Excel. I am in the process of automating some stuff at work, and therefore I would like to sort some data with VBA, based on 3 criteria. I would like so sort some data like seen below: The way I am doing it now is like the following code: Range("G7").Select...
  12. F

    Need more efficient code

    Hi! I came up with code that filters a set of data and then copies and pastes certain columns(Customer, Project Name, vs) into another worksheet (in columns N, O, and P) Is there a more efficient way to write this code? Im having to copy/paste the same code three times in one sub. Someone...
  13. C

    Help Cleaning up VBA Code to Run Faster/More Efficient

    Hello Everyone, I've been working and building this current script. Currently it averages between 2.5-4 mins to run from beginning to end (sometimes longer). I've searched online and have added such pieces as preventing screen refresh, but still falls within the 2.5-4mins range. Can anyone...
  14. G

    Can this formula be made more efficient?

    I have a Spreadsheet/Dashboard that I created to look at sales trends YoY. I have created so many cells with formulas that now the spreadsheet takes forever to process between any changes. I essentially have 3 or 4 drop down boxes where I can select Region, Metric, Segments. What I'd like...
  15. O

    Nested OR in an IF statement, possibly parenthesis issue?

    Hi all, thank you for reading. I am working with a large date set and I need to identify all of the cells in a certain row that start with a vowel. I have created a new column next to the column in question and entered this statement: IF(Left(A1,1) = OR("a","e","i","o","u"), "vowel", " ")...
  16. A

    Help making code more efficient

    Good day, I'm looking to make the following code more efficient. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  17. T

    Making code more efficient!

    I made some code using the recorder and have attempted to tweak it. Finding it difficult to get any more gains from it as I am very new to all this (using the macro recorder was a huge step). There is another macro very similar to this so if I could get help with this one, I could reverse...
  18. CyrusTheVirus

    Making Macro More Efficient?

    The below macro takes around 8-18 seconds to run. Total number of rows will be around 2,000. Curious if anyone has any ideas on how to alter the code to make it run even quicker. It seems to be the second for next loop that takes the bulk of the time. Is 8-18 seconds normal for a code like...
  19. Z

    Make Loop Faster / Loop Returns a Multiple Selection

    Hi, I couldnt find in the internet a loop that returns a multiple selection. Private X0, Y0, Lx, Ly, Atotal As Integer 'X0 = Position of the first cell in the first machine on Monday 'X0 = Position of the first cell in the first machine on Monday 'Lx = Widht, in cells...
  20. A

    Faster way to replicate UserForms with similar ControlSources

    I definitely need a faster way to accomplish this so any help would be appreciated...for examples sake I have a userform with 50 textboxes and the control sources are A1-A50...Now I need 10 more of the exact same UserForms except the control boxes will be B1-B50, C1-C50 and so on and so forth...

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