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  1. R

    Email tabs from a work to different email addresses

    I have an excel workbook with multiple tabs. I am looking to send each tab to a different email address. The individual email address will be located in the same cell on each tab. Is there a VBA code that will perform this task?

    VBA to save as PDF and mail PDF to Specific recipient/s from Specific Account with Specific Signature

    Hi there .... i recently found this thread "" that does more or less what i want in my VBA but implementing it into my Current VBA is no easy feat, would anyone be so...
  3. B

    Script to email specific workbooks to corresponding email addresses

    Hi all, I have multiple workbooks that are created weekly which needs to be sent out to the corresponding parties. This is very time consuming and sometimes workbooks are missed in the process. There are about 100 workbooks. The workbook contains the name of the supplier and then a date is...
  4. A

    Filter a table using a different name each time and paste the results as values in a new file to be emailed

    Sheet1 contains a source table (its size changes every Qtr) and sheet2 contains an index table, containing 'ProfitCenter Name' and 'Analyst email' headers. (1) I am trying to filter the source table in sheet 1 each time according to a specific 'ProfitCenter Name', then (2) copy the results and...
  5. B

    Emailing a Word Document triggered by a cell selection in Excel

    Hi, I am looking to email a Word Document to an email address from Excel the email address contained in the cell (D24) will change based on the client completing the form - The email is triggered by specific entry in a Cell (C26) there would be a body to the email but also the Word document...
  6. M

    Emailing from excel with vba - error 429 on Windows 10 pcs

    Hello, My firm uses a number of macros to send excel files to business partners via outlook. This works wonderfully on Win 7 computers. We recently started deploying Windows 10 PCs, and we're getting error 429 on the following line: Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") The full...
  7. A

    Code to email range and attach file

    Each week I have to email a range (C14:H42) of an Excel sheet in the body of an email but also attach the whole file. I have Office 2013 which makes this task a little annoying. Would anyone have some VBA code that could automate this for me? thanks
  8. H

    Print Password Protected PDF file from outlook

    Guys, I am New to this forum. Appreciate your any help in my below issue: I am receiving 200+ emails in outlook everyday as PDF attachment. All attachments are protected with known and Same Password. Is it possible to create VBA to Print all these on Daily Basis? Currently I have to open each...
  9. T

    VBA - Send email with current worksheet attached

    Hello all, I am attempting to distribute an entry form in a way that from within the file itself, entrants can click a button and send the current state of their file to me. In cell a2 they type their name In cells B2:B6 they select their choices via a dropdown menu In cell C2 they enter an...
  10. Q

    Userform Attach Item to Email: Runtime Error(s)

    Hello all... I have a Userform Module that calls GetOpenFilename to attach a file to an email. I used the following two subs to do that: Private Sub cmdRescAttach_Click() 'The following code is for designating an attachment from the user's computer. Works in conjunction with Attachment.Add...
  11. Hobolord

    VBA Not Recognizing Email Address in Excel Spreadsheet Cell

    Hello, I am working with excel 2013 on Windows 7 on a PC. I have an excel spreadsheet with 3 columns. Column A has a file name (e.g. "Workbook1.xlsm"). Column B has email addresses (e.g. ";"). Column C has a filepath to the file in Column A (e.g...
  12. J

    VBA code for naming with current date, lock capability, and email.

    Hello, I am running Excel for Mac 2011 version 14.6.6 I am trying to create a vba based system to be able to copy a template, rename the copy with a specific naming convention with current date, and to apply several macros and functions to the newly copied worksheet all with the click of a...
  13. G

    Using VBA to send attachments with changing hyperlinks based on date

    Hi I've spent 2 days searching around forums to solve my problem and seem to be hitting a dead end, if anyone knows if this is possible or how to do it that's much appreciated. I'm trying to send emails based on this link Mail a different file(s) to each person in a range Col A is name, Col B...
  14. C

    .send function with email script...

    I have a nice little email script that I typically run from the MACRO Editor on the Developer ribbon. I store the macro in my PERSONAL file, and it runs perfectly. When I try to attach it to a button in another workbook, and activate that WB to run it on, it says it can't find who I want to...
  15. N

    VBA Code to export excel file to MS Outlook email as attachment, send and categorize the mail

    Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for the help. I am relatively new to basic but really want to learn. I know I can count on you guys. I do not know how to approach this. I need a macro which can do the following 1. saves excel worksheet to a folder 2. replies to an outlook mail (criteria: the...
  16. A

    Macro for Mail Merge with CC and Attachments

    Hi, Have been using the forums for a long time for various excel related tips and help. However I cannot find a solution to my current problem and want your help. :) I have to mail multiple people, both in "To" and "CC", with each mail containing a separate PPT. Now, I have found macros for...
  17. A

    Saving a PDF after attacing it to an email

    I'm having trouble with saving the active worksheet as a PDF, sending it as an attachement in an email, and RETAINING the email in a designated folder. Also having trouble having the file name as "" & date ".pdf." I'd like the date added to the end of the name, but can't seem to...
  18. K

    Need assistance with using email with VBA

    Hi there! I am relatively new to a company that are using macros as part of some key processes, I have been tasked with fixing them whenever there is an issue because my predecessor created the macro, but my VBA knowledge is minimal so any help with this would be massively appreciated! The...
  19. F

    email with Attachments only one sheet

    Hi, I want to create macro, which will be sending email with attachments. Sub create_email() Dim wb1 As Workbook Dim ws1 As Worksheet Set wb1 = ActiveWorkbook Set ws1 = wb1.Worksheets("row_data") '****************************************************** 'copy range Dim wb_e As Workbook Dim ws_e...
  20. E

    CAN THIS BE DONE ? IF SO HOW? - help

    can this be done? i would like to set a work sheet up like this..... and when date is =TOday() then send out email to the email to the email that is scheduled to send though Gmail and the subject would be the subj. column be "d","g" ect.... the email waould be the emailed on the date that is in...

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