1. Grizlore

    Issue now we have moved to 365 on browser - CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

    Hi All, I have been using this code with success for generating emails, using VBA Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Our company is moving to the web based Outlook email, Office 365. This causes the code to error Is there code which creates email when using Outlook 365? Any help...
  2. G

    Auto-send email and auto back up at specific time

    Hi, I am trying to create an automated report to be sent out as an email. I need a email created and cells B6:S8 copied into a table and the email automatically sent from a PC. I already have a Macro to take a back up of the information in cells B8:S8 and paste it into the next available...
  3. G

    VBA Email notification

    Is it possible to have an email notification when one of my files is open by another user? I have used MsgBox and With Outmail code before but it was when someone ran my macro. I wasn't sure if it can be done with my file is opened. Thank you in advance.
  4. I

    Macro for VLOOKUP and Email

    I’m looking to createa workflow tool that helps our team identify when a document is ready forreview. I have a preparer column and reviewer column for each item forevery month the task is in (so up to 12 times). If a user enters an “x”in a cell, I wanted MS Excel to look to the cell to the...
  5. W

    Multipage and checkboxes

    I really hope this is possible. I need to program a command button to send an email via Outlook... I have multiple tabs on a multipage (each tab labeled as a product type) In each page I have a long list of product in as checkboxes. I need the "Submit" button to find all of the checked boxes...
  6. R

    automate save workbook as PDF and email to a fixed address.

    Has anyone written a script that would save the 4 sheets of a workbook as a 4 page PDF and then email that PDF to a specific address from my gmail address? Ideally I would like that PDF file to have today's date in the name.
  7. Trevor3007

    email & attachment

    good evening, can someone help me with some VB to send to a certain email (ie and attach the worksheet (sheet1) Thank you all for your time and assistance. KR trevor3007
  8. NicholasP

    Email sending with subject line in Chinese Characters

    I have some code that works fine on my machine, but when my coworker runs it, the subject line comes through as Chinese characters. The email still sends with the file attached, but the subject line has the Chinese characters. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas as to why this is...
  9. M

    Finding the end of the body of an Outlook Email

    I want to paste two ranges into an Outlook email. I can create the email, filter for the range, copy and paste the range. The problem is with where the second range pastes. In the first three emails, everything works correctly. Then, the code does not correctly find the end of the message to...
  10. H

    Returning column header of furthest right example of specific text string.

    Hi, Forum newbie here, this site has helped me many times as I've always found that my query has been asked and answered before but not this time hence my first time post. So hello! and I hope someone can help on a puzzle that is beyond my Excel knowledge, hopefully I can explain it correctly...
  11. L

    Using Excel Filter to Search for text containing a comma & displaying all records that contain one

    I have a list of Email Addresses in an Excel File along with other columns. I Filter the email column to search for mistakes, like double periods (..) which works fine in the filter. But when I search for a comma (,) it's not allowed. Sometimes people type a comma for the period (by accident)...
  12. I

    Delete Duplicate row based off of email then gender

    Hi all, I searched the forum and found 2 different macros that may work with some tweaking, but is beyond my capabilities. I need the following scenario to happen: 12000 email list has all info from first name, last name, address, gender, age, email and more. The only columns I am concerend...
  13. S

    Send different emails to different email ID"s from Excel

    Hi everyone, I know how to send emails to several emails ID's at a time using VBA... But, I am looking to send different emails to each email ID/ID's at once. Like we do in a mail merge. Currently I am using mail merge whereas, some sections of the email are fixed and are taken from an word...
  14. G

    I need a Macro that sends out email with one cells contents

    I need to fix this code so that the body of the email texted out is actually the contents of Button!D44 Not the actual text "Button!D44" this is hat I got Sub TexwhenDone() 'Must add references (Tools > References) to ' 1) OLE Automation ' 2) Microsoft Outlook xx.0 Object Library Dim outlookApp...
  15. R

    VBA not error in mail merge macro. No Recipient

    I am trying to send a mail merge using VBA. I based it on code I got from this tutorial and then made some changes. When I tested it after changing the subject info, but not the message yet I got an error saying At least one Recipient is...
  16. J

    VBA email with hyperlink to shared drive

    So I have a spreadsheet that sends an automated email - no problems there. I've run into a small issue when I want to insert a link to a folder on a shared drive. I have the code set up so the message body writes, ... update your training file at: S:\Training\Staff Training... where the S:\...
  17. F

    VBA to Send or Display Email

    I have a code that sends an email with pdf attachment. I have a dropdown in cell L3 with options Display and Send. Depending on what is chosen I want to either Display or Send the email. I can't seem to get the code to work. Any help would be appreciated. Below is the email section of my code...
  18. R

    Help making VBA Gmail mail merge code work

    I am adapting some code to make a mail merge work directly from Excel using a Gmail address, but I am having some problems. Any help would certainly be appreciated. I want this to send an email to every column that does not equal "not scheduled this week" in column "I" my info is in the...
  19. R

    Send email on workbook refresh

    Hi I think this is a big ask, but here goes! I have an excel sheet which is refreshing and pulling data from a googlesheet. What I am wanting to do is when a refresh occurs any new line will trigger an email. The data coming in will include an email address (Column J) I would also like to...
  20. F

    VBA send email to 3 addresses in 3 different cells

    I have a code that sends an email with attachment. Each attachment needs to go to 3 different addresses which are in 3 different cells. I can get it to send to the address in column K, but I need it to also send to L and M. Here is the code I have so far. I'm not sure how to add multiple...

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