1. W

    Bounce Back Email VBA Code into Excel

    I have pasted the following code into an Outlook 2010 module and it works perfectly apart from I want it to extract every bounced back email address in a "Failed Delivery" Email not just the first one within the email. Postmaster mail failure emails report in multiples of failed email addresses...
  2. S

    Vlookup Matched emails of sheet2 from sheet1

    Hi Friends, I want to find the Sheet2 match emails from Sheet1 F1 to Y3000 range and place those match emails (with match domain) in sheet E1 I attached a sample excel document. - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free Thanks Satish
  3. S

    Email Sheets as an attachment to email list

    hi I want to send sheets to specific emails by clicking on buttons as mentioned in below snapshot.
  4. M

    Microsoft Outlook - Macro - Help Needed

    Dear All, Need your usual support, need a macro to count all emails showing in the main inbox, sub folders and assigned groups with a date query to be extracted in an excel sheet, What am looking for is to have it like this, Sheet 1 Date [dd/mm/yyyy] Total Emails - xxx Folder name 1 - xxx...
  5. S

    Import Most Recent Emails from Outlook Into Excel

    Hi all, I have spent a lot of time looking into this, and I am yet to find the complete answer. What I am looking to do is grab the 100 most recent emails from Outlook and have them pasted into an Excel workbook. I have built a code (which borrows from a few different websites) that has...
  6. P

    How to send same email with ppt file attached to different group of emails

    Hi, I have to send the same mail (with a ppt file attached) to different groups of people without using bcc or bco. I know it`s all possible through VBA, but I don`t know how to make it all together. Someone would know how to help me, pls? Thanks a lot,
  7. S

    Excel Emails

    I have been previously helped by being directed to a site on excel emails, but i really dont have the program writting knowledge to convert what i see into what i want. Basically I have a table (made a simple version below) i have various orders but depending on teir status they may go on hold...
  8. D

    Using Excel VBA to Create Customized Emails with Templates

    Hello All, I've read this site quite often to work through issues but have not been able to figure out this problem. Here's the scenario: I have a list of customers and thier corresponding details (emails, names, etc) in Excel I want to use the information in Excel to populate an email in...
  9. E

    All words in a paragraph to separate cells?

    Hi, I have two documents with my customers emails, One is an excel where every email is on a separate line, the other is just a word doc with them together as a paragraph pretty much. When I copy from word & paste in excel ALL the emails go into one cell, how can I make each of them go into...
  10. A

    Send outlook emails with message in cells to individual emails associated with them

    Hi everyone, Basically I have a data sheet with a list individuals in one column and individual messages in the next and their associated email addresses in another. I have an excel VBA code which sends the whole worksheet as an email attachment to a specific address. Is there a way to modify...
  11. B

    EXCEL idiot

    Hello All, I hope someone can help and excuse my ignorance. I have tried to get a function working to sort out a problem I have. I have a database that has a column containing email addresses. I need to compare each email address on column I from Sheet1 with all email addresses from...
  12. P

    Automatic Email sending from Excel

    hello people i just need a small help. See i have a Excel 2003 file in which 1st column is of name, 2nd is of email id, 3rd is of Date of birth. like this Name | Email id | DOB -------|-----------------|------ Jhon | | 15/3/1987 Sam | |...
  13. W

    Removing repeating emails from cells

    Hi, Have a list on 50K records (one per row) each has an email, some of them are repeating. I need to get read of the repeating ones. Please help.

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