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    Multi Embedding - icons names & Sizes

    Hi all, I was in need of a macro that embedded multiple files and I eventually got it. However, I need to resize the icons and get their names (file name / source name), as none of the names are shown but only blank icons. Although I thought I had captured this pieace in the code below...
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    Embedded zip files

    I have a folder with many excel files. Many of these files have embedded zip files which contain an excel file. I want to get to the excel file in the zipped file and save it to a folder so that I can then read from that file. How can i do this?
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    Open Embeded excel files within another excel file

    I have a macro that goes and copies certain cells from the sreadsheet. Sometimes I run into a excel file that has an embedded excel file. I want to open that embeded file so I can check to see if there are any values I need from that spreadsheet. How can I code this in vba, so that it opens...

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