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    How to check if a range of cells is empty using VBA?

    Hi Can someone please advise what the quickest way of checking if a range of cells eg A1:Y1 is empty, using VBA, please? I found this code online, but I'm not sure how to modify it....? <tbody style="box-sizing: border-box; border: 0px !important; margin: 0px !important; padding: 0px...
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    Find the next 2 or 3 empty cells in a Column

    I am creating a results page for my macro. The results will vary day to day as data is processed. I used the method below to find the next empty cell. QUESTION: how do I modify this to find the next 2 empty cells and then place new data in the third? Example: Column A1 has data to A10 thus A11...
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    Excel sheet increases when using Paste Special's Multiply option.

    Hi all, I have a lot of columns in excel that I want to multiple by the same number, but want to do it in the same cells without having to create new sheets etc. I found the Paste Special + Multiply option. It does the job, but it increases the size of my excel sheet by a significant number. It...
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    Calculate matrix in excel containing numbers and empty values based on column and row totals

    I have a matrix with totals rows and totals columns as follow <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64" span="9"> </colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F G sum 1 3745 2 10629 3...
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    VBA ignore empty cells in Range

    Hi, I have a range called "round" where i want to run this code : Sub round() Dim rRng As Range Set rRng = Sheet1.Range("round") For Each cell In Range("round") cell.Value = WorksheetFunction.round(cell.Value, 2) Next cell End Sub However, I wanty to ignore...
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    Fill in empty cells with adjacent cell value

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if someone can help - I have a column E containing cells of different values; some of those cells are blank. I also have an adjacent column D that doesn't have any blank values. What I basically trying to do is use VBA fill in the empty cells in column E...
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    Can a macro help me, if so how would I set it up?

    I have a lot of headstones that I need to catalog and having a macro move through the sheet for me will save me some time and clicks etc. All I need is for it to move to each cell that I want it to while allowing me to enter in the data then moving onto the next one. However my cells are not...
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    drag upper cell value from non contiguous cell until empty cell is found vba

    I have a table that looks like this (see below). I want to put in a new column the value that says "Nombre:XXXXXX" until a new value of "Nombre:" is found and then drag that new value intul I have a new column with names repeated. I know some names roll over to other columns and would need to...
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    check if two cells in the same row are empty, then hide row

    hello - originally i was trying to see if all cells in a row were empty then hide that row, but I was getting nowhere. Now I am trying to check just two cells, "A" and "E," and if they are empty then hide that row. here is what I have: Sub hideBLANKRows() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim...
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    Data from questionnaire in wrong format to get pivot table

    I issued a questionnaire a few years ago and downloaded responses from the questionnaire provider into an Excel spreadsheet. I did simple analysis, no problem. I have now been asked to provide some pivot tables (crosstabs), eg gender by age. The problem is the data came down in separate columns...
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    Exclude empty cells from sheet

    Good afternoon, I am trying to exclude all empty cells from my sheet, but I cannot find a way to do it other than to exclude them one by one. I am trying to make this: To turn into this: Does anyone know a way to do it?
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    How can I prevent empty cells when hitting the delete button

    Hello, I use data validation with a list of values (--Select--;1;2;3) for all cells in range "B7:E1006". The default value should be --select-- . With the vba code below: If someone hits the delete button the cell will become empty but refills with --select--. That works fine, but if 2 or more...
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    Getting calculations to skip empty cells

    Hello, I've been through a number of different forums and found similar questions but I haven't been able to find a solution that I can replicate. I have inserted a formula to calculate the difference between two values. If the difference is greater than 5% then it returns a value "Reprice"...
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    conditional formatting except for empty cells

    I want to highlight all doubles in a column. Easy with pre-defined conditional formatting. But the column contains several empty cells. Obviously, excel recognizes them as double. How can I make formula in conditional formatting ? Thanks !!
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    how to skip blank cells that match?

    Hello people I have made following code but I need help to skip the blank cells that matching, Sub Compare() Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim ws2 As Worksheet Dim r As Long Dim m As Long Dim s As Long Dim n As Long Set ws1 = ActiveSheet m = ws1.range("A"...
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    Conditional Formatting: what do I do wrong?

    Dear reader, I made a spreadsheet with some measurement results. All measurements have an maximum acceptable value or a minimum acceptable value, some have both (so a range). I added conditional formatting to get red coloured values of they are outside this range. The problem arises for those...
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    Regarding sorting 3 rows of data in the same line

    Hi there, I am new to this forum. I have a question regarding excel and would appreciate it if someone could help. Basically, I have 3 sets of data with the following columns: A B C D E F AB 10 AB 9 AC 5 BA 10 BA 10 BA...
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    .values=.values and macro speed

    Hey all, I have a question that should be simple, but I couldn't find any information on it in searches, and other people asking similar questions seemed to just generate confusion. I'm putting together a rather large macro using Excel/VBA 2010, and I was having problems with "empty" cells not...
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    how to skip empty cells

    <tbody> 33 K 60 L K 77 L 68 J </tbody> HI everyone i am using this formula =IF(D4>70; "J"; IF(D4<50;"K";"L")). Do you have any suggestions what to do with the empty shell?i have the letter K appear when what i want is to jump the empty cell.
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    How to Leave Truly Empty Cell if Criteria for IF statement is FALSE

    I need to know how to leave a cell truly empty if the criteria of my IF statements is untrue. Currently, I'll write something like: =IF($A2="H","Happy Days","") But for some reason, when I copy and paste the resulting range of values elsewhere (to rid myself of the formula that determined...

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