1. W

    Default Number Format

    I have a vba enabled workbook (Excel v2013), and now every time I add a new worksheet the number format setting has defaulted to "Date". This is causing many issues. I can't find the option to reset the default to "General". There is one macros enabled on a few sheets to adjust formatting within...
  2. M

    Excel 2010 xlsm file errors in Excel 2007

    Is there a way of ensuring a Excel 2010 Macro Enabled file works fine in Excel 2007 ?
  3. D

    VBA Selection Change Event

    Hi, I have code which will enable a button if a column is selected but the selection change event doesn't recognise when an offset column is selected via button code, is there a way to detect this offset change without clicking the column to select it? Can someone help with this please What I...
  4. C

    VBA - Links to other data sources

    Hi all, I have a some very simple coding saved in a Macro Enabled workbook. Everytime I open the workbook I get the message stating that it contains links to other data sources - it gives me the option to Update, Dont Update or Help. What I want is some coding so that on opening the macro...
  5. M

    Move row to another sheet when option is changed

    Hi all, im a complete novice at excel, and literally have no clue what im doing but have a work issue im trying to resolve. I have a spreadsheet (Sheet 1) listing current relationships held with other institutions; Current Columns range from A to K (but could be expanded in future). Column H...
  6. W

    Checking a textfile name for changes and enable a label

    Hi. Is there a way for excel to check a certain .txt file at startup (in a spesfic folder(and file)) for changes made (like higher number(versions)) then make a label enabled in the program ? (label7.enable) Example. Versions.txt (inside the file it says v1.0, then if i change it to example...
  7. L

    Where is the Default location for template?

    Hi I am using Windows 10 with Office 2010 I want Excel to open to macro enabled template but where to put? Thanks
  8. M

    Adding Checkbox to Notepad

    I have a userform with a multipage, and on each multipage I want to add a command button which opens another userform with a textbox to add notes. So far I have the notes linked to a cell on a hidden page, say "K5", and when there are notes on the page I want a checkbox to be enabled so the user...
  9. H

    macro enabled excel vba save workbook in specific folder while downloading

    Hello all, I need help in VBA as m new to it. I have a macro enabled worksheet lets say template available at server. Whenever I click on it to download, I want it to be downloaded at specific folder itself. the code should be in that template itself. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. S

    "Too many line continuations" when recording a marco

    I have a large sheet that I need to delete / filter. While recording a macro to filter a specific column, I receive too man line continuations. I dont see where I can attach an example and the sheet is almost 8400 lines long. I isolate the sheet, try to manually filter and rather than the...
  11. P

    Force Save As Macro Enabled Workbook Only Problem

    First, I want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this website. I am new to working with macros and VBA – Self taught by reading and using codes found on this site so bear with me if I use any wrong terminology in describing my problem below. I am running Excel 2016 on a Windows 7...
  12. A

    Enable interactive calculations

    I have enabled Interactive calculations in Option/Formulas. I have PW protected the Workbook and the sheet. Others use the form to input data. The enabled Interactive calculations keeps coming unchecked or going back to what is default. How do I stop this from happening?
  13. J

    Saving as a macro enabled excel file

    I am setting up a department file that requires macros to be enabled. I have the code working to the point of opening the save as dialog box, but I am unsure as to how I can force the file type to default to macro enabled. Hopefully someone can help this beginner figure this out. 'This...
  14. K

    JavaScript must be enabled in order to view this page

    Hi there, I use Excel web query to get data from the web page. Sometimes the query works but on occasion, it returns nothing but the phrase in the title. I checked both my chrome and IE browsers, Javascript has been enabled in both of them. Url in question...
  15. F

    Saving a Macro Enabled Template to a Shared Drive

    Hello, I created a macro enabled template and saved it on our company's share drive so everyone can access it from any desktop without having to send the VBA code to everyone, not all of whom would know what to do with it. The template works fine on my desktop, but no one else can get it to...
  16. E

    VBA - Skipping a Value

    I am trying to write a value of 0.00 to a cell, (Per Textbox2) but it keeps skipping over the value and not writing anything in the cell. I tried stopping the code and it shows up as .000 per the textbox2, but it jumps to the end of the statement. If I add a value of .001 it works, but 0...
  17. E

    VBA - posting a formula to use the next row

    I hope this makes sense. I am want to be able to copy a formula to a cell, but I need it to use the next row number. See below: The Column won't change, but the row number will change. How can I copy this simple formula to use the active row this is copied too? Thanks, SB
  18. L

    How to make certain cells uneditable unless macro enabled

    I am using a worksheet which uses vba to force users to enable macros when they first open the sheet, but once the sheet is saved and reopened it doesn't force macros anymore (on purpose). Is there a way to make it so some cells can not be edited unless macros are enabled. The worksheet needs...
  19. W

    Check for enables macros

    I ran into a problem where some users do not have their macros enabled. I found several old posts about hiding pages and keeping one visible with a warning / instruction on how to enable macros. But I could not get any of them to work on office 365. Does anyone have a solution where I can...
  20. N

    Macro Run when OptionButton enabled

    my userform contians OptionButton1 OptionButton2 Command Button macro 1 macro2 i need when OptionButton1 is Enabled and click on commandButton than Macro1 is run Or when OptionBUtton2 is Enabled and click on CommandButton than macro2 is run how it works

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