1. Q

    Check backwards comparability of macro enabled spreadsheet?

    I have a 2016 macro enabled Excel file that is causing compile errors when run on 2013 Excel. What is the best way to avoid error like that? Is there a compatibility checker? Or a 2013 emulator? Thank you! Matt
  2. T

    Is It posible to Show if Macros have been enabled?

    HI Everyone, So I have a sheet that requires macros to be enabled to use. I have created a front sheet Called Macros that shows when the user opens the document. If Macros are enabled a macro will run that hide this sheet and goes to the strat page, if they are not enabled they get the...
  3. T

    Looking for a good way to get people to enable macros?

    Hi Everyone, I have a simple document that goes out to new employees that they fill in. To make it simple I've hidden all the tabs formula bars headers etc But many people are coming back saying they cant get it to work because it has macros and excel disables them. Is there a way to either...
  4. G

    Save specific Sheet from current Macro Enabled workbook to a new file that is not macro enabled.

    Hello and thank you for looking. I have a workbook with multiple sheets. The sheet I would like to save by itself is named "Export To Excel". Cell AK3 on this sheet contains text that I would like to use as the SaveAs filename suffixed with the current time and date. i.e "CompanyX 2018-01-30...
  5. D

    automating A TIME IN and TIME OUT process.

    HELLO GUYS , please i am trying to automate this process using a drop down list with formulars. i want to be able to get the total time spent in the office with a name. there are various people, various TIME IN and TIME OUT. i dont have VBA enabled, is there any way i could get this done. ALSO...
  6. D

    Win 7 Access 2007 property sheet not enabled

    In design mode for a form I sometimes will not be able to see properties for text box or form etc. To enable the property sheet in the immediate window I enter CommandBars("Property Sheet").Enabled = True Is there any way to always have the property sheet enabled? Or to do it a start up time...
  7. kelly mort

    Retrieving data from one workbook to another

    I followed this post : https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1005007-standard-entry-another-worksheet.html to get my data being able to be uploaded to the database file on a network successfully. Now I want a way i can get the data from the database file back to a macro enabled...
  8. R

    Save Type - Macro Enabled Workbook

    I have a template (macro enabled - xltm) and I've got all the code working to do everything I want it to do. Now all I need is for the end users to not be able to destroy this. In order to do this I need to make sure that when the end users save the document that it is saved as a macro enabled...
  9. B

    Frame within a Frame that has Scroll Bar Enabled

    Hi! So I have come across a problem which can be very annoying. If you have a frame that is say 400 height by 800 width and has vertical scrollbar enabled then within this frame is another frame at position top 1 and left 1 of that frame and is height 700 and width 700. Well since the height of...
  10. C

    Save As Macro Enabled Workbook

    Hey guys, I would like to create a VBA code that simply opens the Save As dialog window (in order to type your desired file name) and saves it as a Macro Enabled Workbook. Thanks
  11. L

    Because of your security settings, macros have been disabled upon keyboard shortcut.

    Hi, When I open my workbook and try to fire a macro using a keyboard shortcut, I get this message although my macros are enabled. If I then change the keyboard shortcut it works fine? Any advice please?
  12. M

    Using IF Statement to return Yes or No depending on info in 2 cells

    Hello, I have a document with two columns (D and L) with information, one (D) cell says either Enabled, or Disabled; the other (L) is listed either as a blank cell, or with a date. If D is Enabled, L should always be blank, and if D is Disabled then L should have a date value. I have been...
  13. B

    Enable button if specific cells have values

    Hi, May i please ask for help on this excel problem i have? I have 3 buttons, which already have macro's. I need these buttons to only be clickable when all cells have values in them. Note: 9 are dropdown lists and 5 are manually entered. Dropdown: C4, C6, (C14 D14 E14 F14 G14), M8 and M12...
  14. N

    Enable Button1 click after Button2 is clicked

    HI, I have two buttons. When i open the Excel Sheet Button1 should be disabled & Button 2 is enabled, Once i click Button2 ,the code inside button2 is exceuted where Button 2 is assigned to a recorded macro and atlast Button 1 must be enabled. Kindly help me in implementing this. I get errors...
  15. R

    TexBox Woes

    :mad: I have a text box linked to a cell on a different tab. Eventually that tab will be hidden and password protected. The tab that has the text box is lock in properties, and locked in format controls. and the tab (worksheet) is protected with nothing selectable; however, when I click on the...
  16. S

    Controls("insert...") Run-time error '5'

    I am trying to use the following code but I am getting 'Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument' at the line of code which should disable the 'insert' Could anyone give me any advice. When trying to find help for this issue I have found the line of code numerous times and people...
  17. J

    textbox enabled

    Hi All, I set the value of textbox1.enabled=false on my userform. Is there a way that I can set the forecolor font to black so that the text isn't faded out. I have tried setting the textbox1.forecolor=&H80000008& but it remains faded, as obviously the textbox is not enabled. I don't...
  18. Z

    Macro excel problem

    I wrote a macro but i have a problem :confused::confused::( WHAT I MUST TYPE IF I WANT TO MACRO BE ENABLED ONLY IN THE A COLUMN AND WHEN I GO TO B COLUMN TO DO SOMETHING ELSE PLS HELP :confused:
  19. C

    Macro ran yesterday doesn't run today

    I have a file, that has some sheets that are protected at times and are open at other times (depends on who needs to use them). In it, there are two macros used to make the reports contained in the file update show current activity. The file is one of thirty that are set up the same way. All...

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