1. D

    Enabling macros

    Why do some worksheets request permission to enable macros whereas others don't? I can't seem to find any consistency, so must be missing a basic setting. Thanks!
  2. B

    enabling macros

    silly question, how do i enable macros on my workbook?
  3. T

    Enabling autosave when starting Excel

    It can be enabled manually with tools - autosave and then clicking the appropriate radio buttons. But you have to remember to do it, and it lasts only until you quit Excel. Is there a way of having it turned on permanently, or of enabling it by using VBA? I tried recording a macro but it gave me...
  4. L

    enabling F2 only

    I want to use function key F2 only - disabling all other function keys what is the vba for enabling function key F2 only and return to default when exiting workbook should the code be written in thisworkbook or in modules? Thank you very much
  5. T

    Disable sheet and other macros while do loop is waiting for macro button response

    Hello, I am, not sure if my situation has been addressed before. Here is my issue: In excel, I have made a board game. I have a PLAY button in P9 among other buttons (macros) ALSO in column P, which I want unavailable while the game is waiting for the player. The player must decide to press...

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