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    Supplier Balance by Month

    Hi, I have supplier account transactions and with each invoice and payment I know what is outstanding balance but I want to check/get a formula where I can see at end of each month what as owed. The issue is for example in July last transaction was 15th July, in August the last transaction...
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    Billing Formula: If date is greater than 10..

    Hello there! I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that would automatically populate a cancellation effective date. If a product is cancelled on the 10th day of the month or less, than the cancellation effective date should be the last day of the current month. If the cancellation is greater than the...
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    Conditional Formatting for Calendar Months

    With conditional formatting, how do I flag a value in terms of calendar months? ie. I want to flag any cell with a date over 6 calendar months old: 01/17/2017 would flag on 07/31/2017, 08/03/2017 would flag on 02/28/2018. Thanks!
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    Conditional Format and Countif dates that are not the last day of the month

    Hi all, I've got a list of dates (throughout the year) which should be the last date of their respective month (31st, 30th, 28th/29th for Feb). There are, however a number of dates which aren't the last day of a month e.g. 3rd, 11th, 21st etc. and I want to be able to Conditionally Format the...
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    Date formatting in excel

    Hello, I get huge amounts of data formatted with the date as 2011-03 all in one cell. I need to convert that 2011-03 into 20110331 - i.e. yyyy mm last day of month. Right now we are all doing this manually, for some reason, which takes hours. Is there a formula that would accomplish this? I...
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    End of month (either current or prior month)

    Hi all, I want to write a formula that returning either the end of month of this month or the prior month. If a date is already at end of month, then I'll take the date as is. Example: 1/31/14 should return 1/31/14. If a date is before end of month, I want Excel to give me the end of month...
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    Amount of Working Days Left in Current Month

    I'm working with PowerPivot and DAX and what I need is to write a Calculated Field that will return a single number that is the number of workdays left in the month. I have a date table included with an IsWorkday calculated column which returns a 1 for a workday (Monday-Friday) and a 0 for a...
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    A challenge for you... End of the month plus more!

    Hey guys..this is a bit complicated so bear with me but it should be a suitable challenge for you experts! I basically need to know what will be outstanding at the end of the month that is OVER 45 days (at the end of the month though..not now!) The issue is that the end of month command isn't...
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    Ifs and End of months

    I need help writing a formula... Here is the situation.... If the item was purchased through "X" then the fixing date needs to be 3 days before the end of the month. If the item was purchased through "Y" then the fixing date needs to be the last day of the month.. Now for both ifs, I need...
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    "end of week"

    I'm wondering if there's a way to set a formula that updates to the upcoming Friday based on the current date. For example, if the current date is Thursday, March 5, 2009, this formula would return an answer of Friday, March 6, 2009. Once the date becomes Saturday, March 7, 2009, this formula...

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