1. L

    entering date in excel

    Hi My computer date setting is DD-MM-YYYY. So if I enter a date like 13-12-2001, excel will accept that. If I enter date like 1-13-2010 excel will not accept that. So far so good. But why when I enter may 3, 2001 excel will accept that? and why when I type 3 may, 2001 excel will not...
  2. L

    entering 4/5, 6/9, 5/6 numbers

    Hi I want to enter number like 4/5, 6/9, 3/5 number in that way. So I formatted the cells as #/#. But when I enter 4/5, excel will convert it to 04-May, and when I enter 6/9 excel will convert it to 06-sept only if numbers greater than 12 then excel wont change it to date. for example 17/19...
  3. A

    Is Nested IF statements best option for what I need?

    Not new to Excel but still a novice and I'm not sure how to solve my problem with a spreadsheet I'm working on. If I can solve the problem with the first cell then the others will be easier to correct because they will contain the same function just a different cell reference. So here's my...
  4. A

    Detecting Enter key in Textbox

    I've tried looking for Asc 13 in both KeyUp and Keypress events but it is ignored. This isn't how it should be is it? Doesn't show in the Exit event either. How an you tell if a user has pressed Enter, or instead has clicked away from the text box?
  5. Z

    Open a external program and use it from Excel

    Hi, Again tried to search for this without getting a propper answer. Is it possible to make a macro that opens another non-windows program an perform this action Open program Press space+alt down arrow four times Enter Paste Enter Back to same page in excel. Is this possible? Thanks Magne
  6. D

    Access Form data Input partial clearing of fields

    Hello. I am creating a form for standard patient data input. I have a button that clears all the fields when the user is to enter a brand new patient. However, there are times when the patient stays the same. There is other data to enter for the same patient. How can I clear fields and leave the...
  7. V

    Need a Macro to enter formula

    Hi people, I am using a user defined function formula in my excel sheet. The formula is PlaceBO = (Exch, TrdSym, Trans, Qty, LmtPrice, SqOffValue, StoplossValue, TrailPoints, OrdType, TrgPrice, cTag) I am using this for trading. The problem is I am manually editing the...
  8. B

    Using Dmax For Numbering

    Hello, I have a subform that I want to enter a number each time I enter a new record. I have it working i.e. say on 4098544.02 it will number 01, 02, 02, etc. However if I change to a different record say 30499000-01 then I want it to restart the numbering sequence again from number 01. This...
  9. Skybluekid

    Automatically Update a cell value VBA

    Hi All, In Column D of a sheet I enter a Charge Reference, for example CL12346. This relates to an Authority which I put in Column I. What I would like to do is everytime i enter a new reference it will put the appropriate Authority in Column I. I have worked out the code for the Lookup...
  10. A

    Check Boxes

    I am creating a rather small excel sheet. Only 4 columns, but it will become quite lengthy. I need a check box in it to use as the case goes to Appeal status. So, what I would like to do is for that check box, which I will have in column 1A. But once I enter a name in column 1B, I would like a...
  11. C

    worksheet change macro working in 64-bit windows 10 PC, but not working in another 32-bit windows 7 PC

    I am using the a worksheet change macro to speed up entering totals of different denominations of currencies in around thirty cash counters. The code of the worksheet change macro is as under: '======================================================== Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target...
  12. R

    Convert false DATE column to real DATE column

    Hi colleagues, I have a DATE column transfered from an Access database, but Excel recognises it as a text (that's why it's aligned on the left). When you enter a cell in the date column and press Enter, the date will align on the right and will be recognised as a date and I will be able to use...
  13. L

    programming style question

    Hi I have a simple UserForm. It has 2 textboxes (myname, myage) and 2 option buttons (male, female) and 1 control button (enterme) . Please see the code below. What I want to add is to give a user a message, if the user forget to enter Name, age, and sex and hit Enter button. So I came with the...
  14. T

    Cursor Location After Pressing Enter Key

    I tried finding an answer but couldn't so I hope this is not a duplicate of a post with an answer. On a newly created sheet when you tab across and then finally hit "enter" the cursor goes to the next row and goes to column A (first column in my sheet). But, on my protected sheet when I hit the...
  15. H

    Variable Pricing Formula

    Hello. I have a quote sheet that marks up my price by a certain percent. The way I have it set up now is for a 10% markup and I adjust it manually. C1 = .10, C2 is where I enter the cost, B2 = C1*C2, A2 = B2+C2. I would like change this to vary the markup percent based on the cost. Ie. as the...
  16. D

    VBA to filter pivot column based off values from textbox

    Hello, I would like some help with creating a macro that will filter one pivot field (column B) from my pivot table based on what the users enter in cell A4. The user can enter multiple values separated by commas to only show the rows they want to see. As the data will be 1000 rows - i would...
  17. G

    VBA to selectt a variable range of cells to protect

    Hello I am looking for a vba code to allow a user to enter the value for the range of cells to protect on a worksheet. Ideally i would like it that when i run the macro then a message box would pop up to ask the user to enter the cell range values then to confirm and the cell range to be...
  18. R

    ListFillRange not staying in properties, but why?

    I have a table (called myDB) that I want to use as the source of content for an ActiveX listbox. I enter that name into the properties of the ListBox and as soon as I hit enter, "myDB" disappears from the ListFillRange field in the properties window. I've successfully done this many times...
  19. RobbieC

    VBA to simulate ALT {ENTER} in cell

    Hi there, I have a bit of code to make the ENTER key add a carriage return whilst entering text into cell: Sub HookEnterKey() Application.OnKey "{RETURN}", "carriage_return" Application.OnKey "{ENTER}", "carriage_return" End Sub Sub carriage_return() ActiveCell = ActiveCell &...
  20. C

    Force format of date in this code...can't get to work

    I have altered this many times. Need it to come back and tell user they didn't enter proper date format. Currently it allows any text to be entered. I tried many things but at my wits end. I have used suggestions from other date format posts but can't get to quite fit in this. Codes begins by...

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