1. C

    Trigger macro if range contains

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A12")) Is Nothing Then If Range("A12").Value = "Bin1" Then Call ‘my macro’ End If End Sub Hi I have the above code that triggers ‘my macro’ when the text ‘Bin1’ is entered into cell A12, and it works fine...
  2. D

    Multiple formulas in 1 cell

    Hope someone can help I am trying to change the calculation returned in 1 cell depending on the entry of "X" in another If an "X" is entered in I2 run the calculation in Worksheet1 - =IF(I$2="x",LOOKUP(AY5,'1'!A$3:B$65)+1)*AY5 If an "X" is entered in J2 run the calculation in Worksheet2 -...
  3. M

    Ensuring that all the cells are filled in

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure it out how to ensure that if some data is entered in A1 then the range B1 to E1 is to be filled in with data as well. If it is possible I would like to not allowed to save the file if the data is not entered in all required cells and display msg "please complete...
  4. L

    If 100.00% =Yes Formula

    I need a formula that i can place in F:2 that if I:2 equals 100.00% entered Y in F:2 if not enter N I though that maybe something like this would work but is not =IF(EXACT(I2,"100.00%"), "Y", "N")
  5. I

    Apply space between numbers

    Hi, Can you advise a basic codce please to add a space between a telephone number. I have noticed that we have many telephone numbers entered like so, 01934820955 but it shoul;d be entered as 01934 820955 Also same for mobile 07899827427 should be 07899 827427 Information you may require...
  6. C

    conditional formatting

    Hi all Ok so I have a date entered into cell H4 in Cell K4 a dateis entered when a payment has been received, what I am after is for Cell K4 togo red after 30 days if no date has been entered into Cell K4.
  7. C

    calling a macro based on a cell input

    I am trying to call a simple macro based on a cell input. In this case i want macro3 to run anytime a number between 1 and 12 is entered at cell "Q1". in this case i am selecting the month number at "q1" and instead of assigning the macro to a button i just want it to run when the number is...
  8. A

    Cells changing colour

    Hi I am after a formula that works please If I have A and B. When a date is entered into A1 I want B1 to turn red. When a date is then entered into B1 I want both to turn green. Thanks
  9. C

    stop counting in a cell when another has a date entered

    i am working an excel file that i need the counter to stop after i enter date in another cell G4 has date entered: 5-apr-19 H4 is the due date formula: =WORKDAY(G4,9) I4 is counter: =TODAY()-H4 J4 is date completed: 9-apr-19 what i need is I4 to stop counting when J4 date is entered
  10. N

    VBA Vlookup reference to number more than 10 digits

    Hello, I have a worksheet that contains Product details (BarCode, Name, Category...) I have the following code to lookup the name reference to the entered BarCode It works well if the number is less than 10 digits Ex: if I entered this number in the "txtBarCode", it will lookup the name and...
  11. W

    Automatically change Average cells

    Hi. I have a sheet of my runs - dates, times etc. I have an average time of all my runs, however i’d like to also have an average time of my last 10 runs, to have a recent form average. Is there a way to automatically change the cells so that when a new run is entered, that is included & the...
  12. J

    Change format of userform textbox to currency

    Hi there, I have a userform with 4 textboxes that when text is entered they all refer back to individual cells. All data entered on a spreadsheet goes to the userform and when entered into the userform goes back to the spreadsheet. One of the textboxes displays a price but i cant seem to change...
  13. C

    conditional format

    hi all nice and easy one for you.. I need a cell with a date entered to fill with a colour when that date is reached and remain that colour until a new date is entered into that cell. all help appreciated
  14. D

    save as pdf

    I need a procedure to save a document as pdf. The default file name needs to be the value that is entered in cell G7 + value entered in H5 as one word. Could someone help me with this please?
  15. E

    How to calculate the median of sums ignoring zeros?

    Hello I have the formula =MEDIAN(SUM(A1,A2),SUM(A3,A4)) and I want to ignore the zeros if any of the SUMs is zero. How can I do this please? I tried =MEDIAN(IF(SUM(A1,A2)<>0,SUM(A1,A2)),IF(SUM(A3,A4)<>0,SUM(A3,A4))) entered as ARRAY but it did not work. Thanks!
  16. O

    Using MIN function in column with blanks

    I have a scoring sheet that lists scores in a column but never know how many names will be entered and want to find the minimum score in a column with several blanks above the formula
  17. F

    Inputbox capture OK and Cancel without any data entered

    I'm missing something here. I want the user to enter a number. If they don't enter a number, but instead they enter text, they get "Number is not valid" and the value entered is highlighted for the user to try again. If they select cancel they would get "You did not enter a number. Please...
  18. T

    Need help with input box

    Good Afternoon all, I have a VBA macro that allows for data being entered into a text box to be placed in specific areas of my sheet. However, when I click "OK" with no value entered (blank), it ends the sub. I need the sub to stop running when it finds a blank value on the sheet, but when no...
  19. I

    Font ColorIndex Advice Please

    Hi, Below is a section of my working code. When it runs the year is entered into cell E7 I just need to add to the existing code that when the entered year is placed in E7 it needs to be Red. Maybe .Font.ColorIndex = 3 but where does it need to be added to the code below Please advise thanks...
  20. D

    A msg box only sometimes alerts on earlier date entered

    I have a table and the first column for a row is the date. If a date is entered that is earlier then today's date, a message box should appear and ask you if that is what you want. It is just to add an extra layer of protection against typos. If a new row is added then a date entered that is...

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