entire row

  1. D

    VBA Vlookup slow - how can I speed this up?

    Hi, This vlookup is taking me 7 minutes to run - way too slow, anyone have any ideas for improving the speed? The following code is designed to leave a formula in a cell in the active worksheet. The formula references a key cell in this active workbook (cell A11 but referred to in the...
  2. R

    VBA/Vlookup for Matching two Columns, if unmatched, returning the entire row to another sheet.

    I want to match two different sheets with respect to serial number given in them in a coloumn(say in A for Sheet1, in E for sheet2); if the serial number is unmatched the entire row with its data ranges should get copied to the 3rd sheet. Searching for a thread for this since last 4 hours...
  3. F

    For i .....next i

    Hi, I want to delete row when my cells = 2 For i = 2 To a If Cells(i, 15) = "2" Then Cells(i, 15).EntireRow.Delete Next i But when the row it's deleted macro is skipped one row. How can I avoid the situation?
  4. M

    Formula to return entire row with multiple conditions.

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that has 10 columns (month, year, ward etc) and over 800 rows. On a separate sheet I would like it to display the entire row that have "ward 1", "January" and "2013". I would like this information to omit the rows that do not meet the condition without leaving blank...
  5. N

    Entire Row Delete - How to use in i Sheet 2? See function

    Hi, I wonder how I can use the function downside on sheet 2 and not in sheet 1. Can someone please help me? Set SrchRng = ActiveSheet.Range("A1", ActiveSheet.Range("A632").End(xlUp)) Do Set myRange = SrchRng.Find("XYXYXYXY", LookIn:=xlValues) If Not myRange Is Nothing...
  6. L

    Excel "Cannot Complete Task With Available Resources" When Trying to Delete Rows

    Hi everyone, I have VBA code that attempts to delete an entire row from my worksheet: Cells(3,1).Select Selection.EntireRow.Delete This works fine on small data sets, but on larger data sets it gives me the error message, "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources". This...
  7. J

    Find Multiple Values And Copy Entire Row

    Hi All, I am after a script that looks for the following values ANYWHERE within Sheet1, not just in column A If it finds the value then it copies the entire row to the next avalable row on Sheet2. Values need to be non case sentence and are anywhere within the cell, i.e the sentence "the...
  8. R

    Conditional formatting entire row based on a "between" date condition.

    I am trying to build a roster to track when Soldiers are about to get out of the Army. There are three windows; 30 days until ETS, 60 days until ETS, and 90 days. In column D I have the date that they will get out of the Army and I wish to format the entire row a specific color based on the...
  9. L

    VBA Macro to copy entire row to another sheet

    Hi All, I have written Macro to copy every row in "sheet1" 24 times into new sheet called "NewSheet". but :nervous: it keep giving me error message. Actually, I don't know why. Can any one please help. here is my macro Sub CopyRowsBook2() Worksheets.Add().Name = "NewSheet"...
  10. S

    VBA format based on condition?

    Firstly, thanks for taking time out to read this. Secondly, I hope you can help! I'm trying to colour columns 'A' thru 'O', based upon data entered in cell K. Currently, I've got the following code made up to do this, but it colours all cells from A through IV on that row. Is it possible to...
  11. V

    Conditional Formatting and Subtotals-shade "total" rows

    I have a table created from the "subtotal" function, and I would like to shade each row that has a total. I tried using conditional formatting to shade each cell that contains the text "total," but this only works for the first cell in each row. How do I shade the entire row? Thanks.

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