1. P

    Delete entire rows by conditions

    Hi to all of you! Kindly require to provide me support for a VBA code so that to run through columns "O", "P", 'Q" and where the rows are blank or "0" should delete entire rows. Therefore that, the rows "1" - "7" are headings and the code should run from row "8" till rows down. Thank you all in...
  2. P

    Delete entire row

    All hi, i am kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that to run through col. "A" and where find the description "NET COST OF SALES/(FOOD)" twice, should delete once entire row but the second one. I present below original data and expected result. Thank you all in advance Original Data...
  3. J

    Compare and highlight cell next to duplicates of two sheets

    Hello, I am seeking a macro to compare columns (column 9, starting at row 6) between two sheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2 and then dumping the entire row with the duplicates in sheet 3. For example: Sheet1 has on row 6 and column f,g,h: 1 // a // X Sheet2 has the same items on row 15 So sheet 3...
  4. kelly mort

    VBA code modification to insert row to a table instead of entire worksheet

    Is there a way to add only a range of cells instead of entire row? Here, I will like to insert from Col B to Col O. I have other data adjacent the range B:O and the entire row is interfering with the layout. I will be more than happy to find a work around. Thanks in advance...
  5. V

    Apply Formula to Entire Column that Already has Data

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet with a column containing URL's. I'd like to apply a formula to the entire column so that, if a URL has a question mark, delete the question mark and everything right of it. I found this formula: =LEFT(A1, FIND("?", A1&"?")-1) Probably a basic question but, how...
  6. H

    delete that entire row if column d has duplicates data

    two files are opened my vba placed file where i will place the vba code and second is the file that has data so look that file and if column d of that file has duplicate data then delete that entire row and keep the rest data do not close any file and save the deleted entire row data file
  7. P

    Delete entire row

    Hi to all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that a VBA code which should run through col. "H" and where in description doesn't exist number should delete entire row. Therefore that the "1" is heading and the code should run from row. "2" Please see below original data and expected...
  8. D

    delete entire column based on color of top cell vba

    good morning. long time viewer first time posting I am having difficulty with a code to delete an entire column base on top cell color. I supply a sample spreadhseet that has conditional formatting applied to highlight cell the equals A1. looking for an VBA code that i can assign to a active x...
  9. G

    SUMIF Current Month equals Dates in Range

    My SUMIF isn't working, and I'm wondering what I need to do, or if an alternative is needed. Basically, I need to total up some profits if they were earned during the current month, whatever that may be. I have a helper column that uses MONTH(B2) where B2 is the Scheduled Date. Then I put the...
  10. C

    copy entire row based on cell vale

    Hi I have an inventory excel sheet with the following heads as under and file name is Cell Drying Spare List <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="4"> <col width="95" style="width: 71pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3474;"> <col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"...
  11. BlakeSkate

    Make InStr with entire cell qualifier

    Is it possible to use InStr to where it will only return the position of a string if the phrase you are looking for is the entire cell. So say for example InStr(1, a(i, j), "err", 1) i want to find "err" in an array and not have it return "Sierra" only if the entire cell is "err" do i want it...
  12. V

    VBA/Formula for comparing three or four tables

    Hi, Thanks in advance, i have three columns and want to compare them, conditions are 1- If Coloumn 1 & Coloumn 2 are equal - Delete entire row 2- If Coloumn 2 & Coloumn 3 are equal - Delete entire row 3- If Coloumn 1 & Coloumn 3 are equal - Delete entire row please provide any VBA or code...
  13. H

    VBA Excel: Clear the entire col expect A1

    Need some help, How to Clear the entire col expect A1 ? The column contain data & empy so i want to clear the whole column except a1 btw, i had column A column C column D column E column I column J column K need to clear
  14. BlakeSkate

    Better Understanding of 2D Array Writing [VBA]

    Sub aanewWPcode() Dim ary As Variant Dim i As Long With ActiveSheet ary = .Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Value2 End With End Sub So i have this macro that will assign an entire sheet as an array I'm trying to copy the entire 2nd column to the 1st column so <tbody> Blank Part...
  15. H

    Hide entire columns based on selected cells

    I have the bellow code Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, -11), ActiveCell.Offset(0, -20)).Select I need to hide entire colums that contains selected cells
  16. M

    Delete Table Rows

    I am wanting to delete the visible rows in a table where a filter has been applied. This is what I'm using at the moment With Sheets("Events").ListObjects("tbl_EventItems") .Range.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=strEvent .DataBodyRange.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Delete...
  17. M

    Need help understanding how Excel deals with image files in UserForms

    I have been working on a workbook on my laptop the last couple of weeks. One of the things I did was insert an image file into a UserForm. I figured out the exact resolution the image file needed to be in order to look right within the UserForm, and then input it as an image control...
  18. D

    VBA If Entire Row selected in Selection Change Event

    Hi, Is it possible to check if the Entire Row of Row 1 is Selected in the Selection Change Event? Can someone help please
  19. C

    Excel Macro Code to Delete Entire Row if based on certain word

    I am new to creating excel macro so sorry if it is simple question I am looking for excel macro that will delete the entire row if the following item, VI/9766, is found in column G. Thank you in advance for any help.
  20. T

    How to write If any cells in Column X = 0 Cut entire rows

    I have been relying on find and replacing specific values (in this case 0 with nothing) and then using special select entire (blanks.entirerow) which is janky code and doesn't work without an error wrap in case the special select finds nothing. An If and else statement would be more elegant...

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