1. R

    Error message in userform if duplicate entry

    Hi, I have a data list and a userform to add additional row(s) with data. I would like an error message to pop up whenever duplicate data is entered in the according userform field on the basis of a specific column in a named table. A blank entry field is admitted, but no duplicate entries. I...
  2. A

    Select and Print Only Cells with Values

    Hi, newbie to VBA here. I have been researching and trying many ways to select and print a range, and I cannot find a way to print cells with values only. In my case, I create a list of entries through the day. I am creating a button so I can print all of these entries at the end of the day...
  3. S

    VBA Code to pull data from one sheet to another in excel

    Hello, I am looking for a code to pull data (a whole row) from sheet 4 to sheet 1 based on a criteria. Sheet one should only show the entries that show status as open. This status is in the last column M of sheet 4. Data starts from A20 and should look for the open entries in the sheet 4 where...
  4. masud8956

    Extract all unique values from a range (multiple columns and rows) to another location while counting the number of entries

    Hi, I have 2 identical ranges (A25:BT44) in two different sheets (1 & 2). Users are allowed to enter data in any cell of the range A25:BT44 of Sheet1. The purpose of the same range in Sheet2 is to stamp dates of data entry. So I have the dates of each data entry in the corresponding cells of...
  5. N

    Userform inputs to overwrite entries if they're duplicates

    I have a spreadsheet with a userform used to add entries to a mapping table of items. There are four fields which need to be input and once done the entries are appended to the bottom of a table. What I need to do is get the code that inputs the data to look for a duplicate entry for the first...
  6. V

    SharePoint Person or Group field entries returns multiple rows in PBI query and data table

    I have a direct connect to a SharePoint List. The problem that I am having is that in my report the data appears to be skewed due to me using two SharePoint Person or Group fields. What I have been able to determine is that if there are multiple entries in the two fields, then there are rows...
  7. F

    Same user ID for multiple entries

    Hi all I have a column of data with Users names and a column of User IDs - the ID is to anonymise and not have the ability to trace an individual. So for example - 3 entries for John Smith; 1 entry for Jane Doe; 5 entries for Sam Brown.... so the 3 John Smith entries will have the same user...
  8. I

    Hide combobox entry options please

    Evening, I wish to hide two entries in a combobox. Please can you advise what options are available. The two entries in question must be in the combobox BUT not shown. Deleting these two entries isnt an option
  9. G

    Workbook not finding duplicated and missing entries

    Hi I have this workbook that is supposed to compare data in columns B-F against data in columns I-L and if missing from columns I-L it supposed to say MISSING in affected row in column G. It then supposed to look in columns I-L for duplicated entries and then if duplicated it marks one of the...
  10. R

    Duplicate entries based on start and end date

    Hi, I have some data with start and end dates, and I need to build some VBA to duplicate lines so there are month-specific entries. Hopefully this example *might* explain it :) If the raw data looks like this: <b>Name___Start Date___End Date</b> Person1__01/01/2019___31/03/2019...
  11. S

    Date Validation

    <tbody> <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="112" style="width: 84pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4096;"> <col width="119" style="width: 89pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4352;"> <tbody> 44155 00/01/1900 0 44215 18/08/2019 1...
  12. A

    Formula calculates working hrs.

    =IF(COUNT(E3:F3) = 2, MOD(F3-E3,1)-"8:00", "") Hello, The formula given above calculating the extra hrs after 8 hrs. Is there any way to change it if there are entries below 8hrs the formula will give me the negative result? Sample 14:00 => 01:00 = 3 14:00 => 21:00 = -1 Many Thanks
  13. D

    Formula not capturing information

    I have a countifs formula that is as follows =COUNTIFS($B73,"May",$C73,"N") and each of the cells has the necessary data entered to be counted but its not counting. After trial and error I have determined that its not counting because cell B73 has multiple entries May and July so I am wondering...
  14. G

    How do I get a macro to note duplicated entries

    Hi I have the following macro that looks between sheets 1 & 2 and deletes all matching entries and then marks all missing entries. Im trying to add to it so that it again looks through all the workbook but also highlights duplicated entries. Dont know where to start and didnt know if anyone...
  15. J

    VBA userform to check duplicate but ignore blank entry

    Hi everyone, I'm a relative newbie at all this but I have created a user form where a specific numeric entry is required in column d. So I need a code that checks the database for this number to prevent duplicate entries however some of the time this number is not always available and will be...
  16. G

    Excel VBA data entry/sorting over numerous sheets

    Hello all! I have a database management query that has to be done in Excel (even though it would be easier in Access) How would I go about entering data into a 'form' or cells that will then keep a record of all of these in one sheet, but also populate into a sheet depending on the value in a...
  17. A

    edit textfile error

    I have this code in my workbook open and workbook close events. When the workbook opens, the code is to edit the second entry (which it does exactly what it is suppose to do), however, when I close the workbook, instead of editing the second entry, it enters duplicate entries. The code is only...
  18. G

    Need help on how to highlight duplicated entries and missing data.

    Hi I have a workbook that that has data in rows B-E and I-L . What im trying to do is to highlight duplicated entries and missing data. What I need to do is for it to look down columns B-E and then look down columns I-L and if any data missing I need the row in columns B-E highlighted...
  19. I

    Name manager question regarding new entries but not by the owner

    Hi, Last week i went through all my names in the name manager & cleaned everything up as there was quite a few duplicates etc. Yesterday i added 3 new worksheets to my workbook GRASS G INCOME G EXPENSES I have just gone to the name manager and for some unknown reason i have say 20 new entries...
  20. P

    Power Query - Remove duplicates from Folder Download

    Hi, I'm creating a personal account analysis system and using the 'From File, From Folder' process in Power Query. The issue I'm having is to identify where two downloads from a bank or credit card account cover the same period and hence have duplicate entries. In doing so I want to avoid...

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