1. C

    Reset dropdown list if another cell is changed

    Hi, Here's my problem: I have created a list in cells E1-E10 where the 1st entry is "Please select". If A1 is empty, B1 must also be empty. If there is any value in A1, then B1 should show in a dropdown the list from E1-E10. If A1 changes after user selects a value from the dropdown for B1, B1...
  2. N


    Lets try this again. I tried posting this once and the site kicked me out without posting what I'd typed. Not sure why. This will be more brief so if more info is needed please reply and I'll answer everything. My goal - to use SUMIFS - or another formula if I'm using it wrong - to only pull...
  3. A

    Undo Not Working

    I've been working on this spreadsheet for a while now, and I'm not sure what I put in the code to make it stop working because it was working fine until today. I went to the Registry Editor and made an UndoHistory entry and it will undo an entry if I have a cell selected and want to undo the...
  4. V

    Copy a Cell Value to Another Cell in the same Table

    Hi I have a table with 12 columns which is used for tracking Receipts and Payment for Individual CLient. (I have a sample file. But this forum doesnt seem to allow me to attache it to the post) I am trying to create a automated consolidated snapshot as of current date i.e. Total Principal...
  5. S

    Data Validation - Numbers only (can be multiple)

    How do I have Data Validation that can only contain numbers (no text, punctuation etc). I have tried ISNUMBER, however, the field can contain two separate numbers i.e. 33 34 can be a valid entry, but 33, 34 or 34 & 35 should not be accepted
  6. E

    Broken formula with IF, AND and OR

    Good evening, I am sure I'm a noob and am missing something obvious, but I managed to get this formula to work, then I filled it down to the whole column and it stopped working (?!) and now I can't get it to work at all. The formula is...
  7. M

    VBA Copy and paste into the next column

    Hi :) I'm trying to create a macro to copy and paste values in C2-45 into another spreadsheet in the next available column. At the moment Column A has our description, and then column B would have the first dates data. Column C should have a sum to compare the difference from today to...
  8. MCTampa

    VBA to Specify Entries in PCOM Emulator

    Ok, this shouldbe the last thing I need help on. Thanks to those who helped thus far, my project is pretty much done. Here is my issue: I have a form where users can enter multiple resorts and dates for which theywant to perform an action. The form locks the values in a table called Log. My...
  9. K

    VBA to activate a sheet using a particular cell entry

    Hello all! I'm working on a spreadsheet questionnaire that requires a ZIP Code entry. Each ZIP Code entry may require additional info based on region. This addition questionnaire will be on the sheet I'd to activate. I'd also like to have that ZIP entry to auto-populate the corresponding city &...
  10. C

    Formatting Difficulties: Recommended approach, formula, VBA, etc.?

    Hi forum, any help on this, including approaches I haven't considered, would be helpful. I scrape several websites to get raw data on foreclosure sales. One such website has changed their formatting and royally hampered my data gathering efforts. My starting sheet contains these data points...
  11. N

    Conditional Formatting Issue

    I am having 2 issue with my conditional format formula. I am trying to work out a formula that allows me to detect new entries daily. So what if i put an entry in today tomorrow it would be gone until a new entry was made that day. Below is what i have already but it seems to be constant...
  12. B

    Hide rows after last entry macro

    Hi Everyone, We import approximately 400 rows of data into a spreadsheet. I would like to hide all rows after the last entry with a macro. The caveat is that the last populated row is not the same each day so today might be 374 and tomorrow might be 402. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  13. J

    If Cell Is Blank, Fill With Other Cell’s Text Data

    This is probably simple for you experts out there. I've tried so many ways, and in so many locations w/in the code, but none are working for me. Please help! All I’m trying to do is get data from CELL RANGE B4:B4000 to copy automatically to CELL RANGE J4:J4000 should CELL RANGE J4:J4000 be...
  14. L

    VBA Macro question

    How do I have a macro running in the background so when a cell has an entry (enter key) it executes the macro and continues. Buy moving the cell entry to another cell the return to the original cell? Thanks
  15. L

    Change Drop Down List to Input Cell

    Hello, I have a cell that uses data validation with a drop down list. Is there a way through VBA to allow an entry other than what is in the list? Thank you
  16. K

    code for allowing a character (single character) that is not part of the list in a combobox? (part of the "matchentrycomplete")

    PROBLEM: I have 2 forms in my workbook. An entry form, and a edit form. The problem I have is with the edit form. For reasons too long to get into here, I have no blank cells within the spreadsheets range where all the data that is entered and is stored. When a cell is left blank (when...
  17. P

    Help when counting OVER 24hrs

    Ok, so not the simple "change to [H]:MM" solution. I have a little different of a situation. I have to account for more then 24hrs at a time. Example, i have a date of say 1/1/2019 with a start time of 1200 with and end time of of 1/2/2019 at 1500. Which would be 27 hrs total time. But, we...
  18. R

    Vlookup (or other) with blanks in columns

    Hello, Apologies if this has been asked before, I may not be using the best key words to search for. I have a form which has been filled out by people and the form responses are outputted to an excel file. I want to search this file for the entries made by specific people and at first thought...
  19. F

    Filtering an array based on month.

    I have 3 different areas of a worksheet allowing data entry or doing calculations. The first area is cell rang C7:F7. C7 is a date entry field, D7 is a size entry field. I.e. 6m,6W,…… E7 is a quantity entry field. F7 is populated with this formula...
  20. Jaafar Tribak

    Shapes Context Menu

    Is there a way of adding a new menu entry to a shape right click commandbar ? Regards.

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