1. M

    a formula to read first 3 values of a text

    I have a spread sheet that i am needing a formula in cell "AE3" in it that executes the following: Take the first 3 letters of the value of cell "M3" and if those first three letters equal RUP then populate AE3 with "Run Unit Price".....but if the first three letters in M3 equal CTP then...
  2. J

    Message on a specific value on a range of cells

    I want a message to pop up if the value on any cell in of a range of cells is equal to 'False" at the moment I only can run it if one cell is equal to false. but I want to add the condition so it includes if any cell in a range (A:1 to A:10) is equal to 'false' Private Sub...
  3. P

    Range Issue

    this is the excel forumla which i used to calculate count of values which are less than and equal to E2 =COUNTIF(Sheet1!D2:D13,"<="&E2) but i want this same thing to be used in vba so i used this function Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(rng, Range("<=" & "E2")) but it showing error of...
  4. S

    Userform Caption

    Anyone know if it's possible to set a userform caption to equal the contents of a cell? Thanks
  5. M

    2 Formulas Needed to Read Values and input "100% Met", "50% Met" or "Not Met"

    I need two formulas that read the values in column D compareit to column G and H. Based on the outcome column I would say “100% Met” or “50%Met” or “Not Met”. First Formula Rules: To achieve "100 % Met" the values in column D haveto be greater than or equal to the values in columns G To...
  6. B

    Conditional Format: Cell Value equal to 0 not working?

    Hi all, I'm really confused by an issue i'm facing with 2 simple conditional format rules on a single cell (H6): Cell Value - Equal to - =0 - Green fill Cell Value - Not Equal to - =0 - Red fill When I apply these to H6, the cell is always Red regardless of value, even if I delete the not...
  7. R

    Conditioned addition

    Hello I have this very simple formula: =AA938/L938. I wish to add 200 to this (AA938/L938+200) only if another cell (H938) is greater or equal with 5200. (H938>=5200). Thank you very much!
  8. M

    Totals should be equal but Excel says they are not

    In a workbook I am creating, I check to see if the user input all of the information they were supposed to. One way it does this is the look at the value in a cell that has a SUM formula in it, and compares it to some other cells where the user broke down each individual amount. (The amounts...
  9. R

    Add 100 only if greater than a value (condition)

    Can somebody help me?: I already have the formula: =MAX(100,ROUNDUP(AB946/25,-1)) But, only if AB946 is greater or equal to 5200, I wish the result to be increased with 100 (+100). Thank U very much!
  10. D

    Cell referencing text shows zero

    Hi All, I'm referencing a cell on another tab by typing in the equal sign and then navigating to the referenced cell and clicking on it. The cell that I'm referencing has general number formatting but contains text. The cell that I have made equal to that text cell is showing a zero and not the...
  11. S

    Quick If = cell value

    Quick question because my mind is blanking- I have a macro that I'd like to have run if the value of Cell "A1" does not equal the value of Cell "B1". I'd like to insert the piece of code in the front part of the macro. If A1 does equal B1, a msgbox opens that says "hello". p.s. Sheet is named...
  12. Y


    Hi, I need a formula to cell K3 to equal n3 from sheet with name 60001 cell k4 to equal n3 from sheet with name 60002 cell K5 to equal n3 from sheet with name 60003 and so on. or in another words if i drag down the formula it will change the sheet number and increase it by 1, without changing...
  13. A

    days worked spreadsheet

    I need help creating a formula that will count two cells if they meet a criteria and have those two cells equal "1", not "1"per cell, 1 for both of the cells. and then equal zero if the criteria is not met. i am building a spread sheet that has 7 columns (one for each day of the week) then has a...
  14. P

    sort out possible patterns are three = major, minor and equal.

    sort out possible patterns are three = major, minor and equal detect the three colors in the corresponding color, save in the flat, please http://www.mediafire.com/file/j12ffe8e3c1e8wu/3_padroes_lotofacil.xlsx/file
  15. O

    Average n numbers after the first not equal to zero

    Hi, I need to average the first n (let's say 3) numbers in a column, from the first one that is not equal to zero. For example: <tbody> 1 5 2 2 5 2 2 5 3 2 0 3 0 0 3 </tbody> In the left column, checking from down up, first there is a zero, and the average of the following 3 numbers...
  16. S

    Pivot Table Not Counting formula counts

    I have a formula in a cell and then I'm pivot tabling off those cells. The pivot table is not calculating the formula count of what is equal to 1, instead its count anything with text in the field all rows. I need it to count only what is equal to 1 in the cell in that pivot table.
  17. C

    range.replace or other method based on <> string value

    Looks like the range.replace method has a findvalue and a replacevalue, is there a way to replace all values in a range which are not equal to 'alpha' for example ? already have code to iterate each cell. hoping for something more awe-inspiring :) thank you!
  18. S

    if / then formula statement in a pivot

    I need your help writing an if/then statement in a pivot table - I need to write if c5 is = 1 and d5 is equal to 0, then "closed" otherwise "still open"
  19. B

    Can't add "=" before Cells.Value equation [VBA] 1004 Error

    I have a dynamic equation that is filling across multiple cells, so until the equation is completely generate, I have not included the "=" sign at the beginning. I thought adding it would be as simple as Cells(i,j).Value = "=" & Cells.Value, but this does not work. I have tried the same thing...
  20. R

    Formula to return specific value between 2 numbers

    Hello, After much research I haven't been able to find the formula I need. I am looking for a formula that will return a value based on what was entered into A2. I would like to insert a value into A2 then have the formula return a specific value base on a range. The range would be: If A2 is...

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