1. C

    Can a letter have a value in a cell?

  2. I

    IF X then display Range A in Range B

    hi, I'm looking for a formula to display a range of cells if condition is met. For example IF A1 equals to "test" then display range F1:G4 in range B1:D5. Any ideas? Thank you
  3. I

    SUM if Row+Column > X

    hi guys, I'm having a little brain freeze here I would like sum values in cross table xy based on sum of x and y. <tbody> 1 2 3 4 1 0.10 0.12 0.25 0.30 2 0.05 0.10 0.32 0.40 3 0.14 0.13 0.10 0.15 4 0.18 0.11 0.16 0.21 </tbody> For example: sum values if Column + Row >7.5. We...
  4. M


    Which is faster? I have two workbooks. One has all the personnel information and the other has equipment information. They team up to create picking sheets for the warehouse. Each provides information to the other one via vlookups. I was wondering if instead of doing a vlookup I could simply...
  5. M

    Combining Logical Statements Into One Formulax

    Is there a way of combining all of the statements below into one formula? IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS LESS THAN 126, THEN "NORMAL" IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS GREATER THAN 125 AND LESS THAN 200, THEN "PREDIABETES" IF A2 EQUALS "RANDOM" AND F2 IS GREATER THAN 199, THEN "DIABETES" IF A2...
  6. N


    Hi all, this is probably easy for you guys Using Excel for Mac I have a spreadsheet, Columns A through E, many rows Column E is called due date and has a date in it Cell H1 is equals now command If H1 is 1 or 2 days before the due date, I want that row from A to E to be highlighted yellow If H1...
  7. D

    Vlookup if formula needed

    Hi I am looking for a formula that can vlookup based on multiple criteria. I need a formula for F4 (on spreadsheet 1) that will look up the value of column F (on spreadsheet 2) if column E (on spreadsheet 2) equals "Claro" and Column A equals the site number in A4 (on spreadsheet 1) and column D...
  8. T

    VBA - Copy/Paste Values if Cell equals Value

    I can't quite nail this one down with VBA. What I'm trying to accomplish is: For a collection of rows (2:205), if the cell value in column H equals "Y" - copy and paste the values of that entire row. If the value of column H equals "N" or is blank - then do nothing to the row. Any push in the...
  9. D

    Conditonal Format Based On Multiple Strings

    I want to format cells as different colours based on lists of strings. For example: Format cell in MyRange as red if value equals String1 or String2 or String3 Format cell in MyRange as blue if value equals String3 or String4 or String5 Format cell in MyRange as green if value equals...
  10. L

    finding the second match if the first value is equals to zero

    how to get the second value if the first value is equals to zero across multiple sheets?
  11. L

    Time Conversion

    Hi I have the following problem. I am trying to automate a time-sheet but I am having a problem converting .30hrs to 0.50hrs. For example: C4 I have the start time 08.00 D4 I have the finish time 08.30 E4 I have D4-C4 which equals 0.30 C4 I have the start time 08.00 D4 I have the finish...
  12. P

    Determine if date is within range

    I have beat my head against the wall with this one. I really hope someone can help here. To Completely summarize what I am trying to do.... { If it is Peter's pay-week, N4 equals Y1 If it is Casey's pay-week, N4 equals Y1 + Y2 } -----------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. B

    How can I do this in excel?

    I can't describe my problem any better: if (sheet1!A1 == sheet2!A1 && sheet1!A2 == sheet2!A2) { sheet2!A10=sheet1!A3; } If a cell equals to another cell on another sheet, then a given cell should have the value of a cell from another sheet.
  14. S


    Hi Guys could someone please help with this formula, it states there's too many arguments =SUMPRODUCT(--(SIP!AE:AE=WOD!$F$13),--(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*Newly",SIP!K:K),SIP!U:U) basically i want the formula to Sum Values in column U, if column AE equals the value of cell F13 and if the Column in...
  15. D

    Round to next Whole Number

    Hello, If my sum cell equals 25.13, and I want that cell to round up to 26.00, what formula would I use?
  16. S

    Return date with 2 Criteria

    I'm not getting any results... or FALSE... no matter how I write this. Can anyone help? If Column A:A equals $B$1, If Column D:D contains "Battery", then give me the date from column S:S. Thank you, Sharon excel 2010
  17. M

    Convert Months to Years and Months

    if Cell A1 equals 53 months, I want B1 to equal 4 years 5 months.
  18. K

    IF function with AND Function Issue

    Hello, I am trying to expand on the following formula: =IF(B1="","","Hi") Verbally it reads, "If B1 equals blank, put blank, other wise put HI." What I'am trying to do is add another criteria for the blank portion such as: "If B1 equals blank AND John, put blank, otherwise put hi." I don't...
  19. J

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I'm needing help wit the below: I need column F to highlight if column C equals 30. I've tried =IF(C:C,30) and it isn't working.
  20. S

    Delete Rows

    I need a macro that checks column G for either a 0 or 1 and then deletes the row if the cell equals 0. I have a huge array of 1200 cells to run this through.

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