1. N

    Index & Match to return a number

    Dear all, I would like to use Index Match function to return e.g. "6", whenever the "Column" equals 3, and the "row" equals a number between 40 and 59. How can I do this Thank you <colgroup><col width="64" span="6" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 80-100 60-79 40-59 20-39...
  2. R

    If and or

    I need one formula that will display information based on three different variables. Does the below make sense? If cell A1 equals = True If cell A2 equals = Hello Cell A3 will Display = Employee A If cell A1 equals = True If cell A2 equals = HI Cell A3 will Display = Employee B If cell A1 is...
  3. M

    VBA Custom Filter

    I am trying to do a filter where either I select records where field 18 equals the variable Ans and field 22 equals Ans4 OR I want to select records where field 30 equals the text "Other" ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table1").Range.AutoFilter Field:=18, Criteria1:="=" & Ans...
  4. J

    Formula Help

    Hi All, I currently have a formula to show if cell I3 shows the mentioned values that it will input Key Player into cell J3, =IF(OR(I3="6-6",I3="6-7",I3="6-8",I3="6-9",I3="7-6",I3="7-7",I3="7-8",I3="7-9",I3="8-6",I3="8-7",I3="8-8",I3="8-9",I3="9-6",I3="9-7",I3="9-8",I3="9-9"),"Key Player","")...
  5. E

    IF AND array

    Hello all, I am trying to create an array to where if two rows contain certain text, it will SUM the totals of the corresponding cells. The current array I am using is below ("Data" is the name of the worksheet that it pulls the information off of). So if the information in row 4 equals cell...
  6. Y

    If inside if(vlookup)

    Hello, I need some help, I have a worksheet and in one cell I check if it equals to 0 it should do vlookup to other sheet and get from there the information. But I want to add to it that if the vlookup is also equals to 0 so it should do antoher vlookup to another worksheet and get the...
  7. G

    >> Automate Multiple Cells

    Hi all, I'm trying to automate a cell if possible. Your assistance will be appreciated. * Cell C3 can either have a value of M or F * If C3 equals M then get cell J20 value and insert in cell E2 * If C3 equals F then get cell L20 value and insert in cell E2 cheers - Greenbolt
  8. S

    Countif equals and not equals not working correctly

    I have a column of text values that appear to be numeric and need to remain as text values. When I use this formula =COUNTIF($BH$5:$BH$16,"00") I get the correct result, but if I use the following formula I do no, =COUNTIF($BH$5:$BH$18"<>00"). However, if the values are changed to alpha...
  9. S

    Excel 2010 Sumif formula (IF Sum equals amount out ok)

    Hello Everyone! really hope can assist on this. Have 2 large data sets across 2 worksheets. Want to lookup a quantity on 1 sheet that if equals same amount put ok in required cell . If not leave blank. so if a1 on sheet 1 is 100 and a1 on sheet 2 is 100 put ok. it would have to look up the...
  10. M

    VBA Code to hide rows on selected sheets based on cell value

    Hi All, I'm looking to add a macro that will cycle through a few specific worksheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3) and hide rows if the value in column A of that row equals "Hide". This should seemingly be simple, but I can't quite get it to work. Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
  11. M

    Index/Match VBA

    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=INDEX('Department Adherence'!R[-16]:R[1048559],MATCH(""Department Total"",'Department Adherence'!C[-1],0),3)" Is there a way to amend this formula so that it actions the formula in column "C" only if column "B" equals "Department Stats" If column "B" equals...
  12. S

    If formula to put three values in cell based on value of anther cell

    <tbody> Score Rating 80 45 </tbody> What formula do I use to get the rating to show up as Below, Approaches, Met, Masters based on the following: If score is 40 or less equals below If score is between 41 & 62 equals Approaches If score is between 63 & 78 equals Met If score is 79 or...
  13. B


    Hello, I have a sheet with multiple columns with data in it. in one column(lets say a2) I have a text (USMC, usaf, usa, usn), then in another column have a date (lets say b2). trying to get a future date (lets say c2), (30, 60 or 90 days later) in another column (lets say d2) if the text in...
  14. R

    SUMIFS across multiple columns and one row

    How can I find the sum of the values in columns 1-3 if column A equals Yes, column B equals FC, column C equals LE? This is just a sample set, the dataset I'm using has many more columns. Thanks. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="10"> </colgroup><tbody> A B C D E...
  15. F

    Simple formula ?

    I have a table with column a:a dates Column b with status codes e.g W I want to produce a report on the total number of say “W” in a set period So for example 1/1/18 until 30/1/18. Equals 4 1/2/18 until 28/2/18. Equals 1 And so on. The formula on a different sheet looking at tab “2018-2019”
  16. T

    Count occurences of

    My s/sheet has a whole years worth of dates in row 2, O2:NL2. Todays date is in A1 Today() In the row 3 there can be "H" to indicate holiday. I would like a formula to count the number of "H" between O2 and the cell in row 2 that equals A1. Hope you understand and can help, Thank you
  17. N

    Using IF AND

    I'm trying to create a warning formula to tell me if C2 is within 2.25 of the value of A2 divided by 2. I think it will be an IF AND combination but could be wrong. To explain further here is an example; if A2 is 110 and C2 is any number equal to or between 52.75 and 57.25; basically if C2...
  18. R

    VBA to count rows based on two columns values

    Hello I can't work this out. I want to count the rows but only if the column M equals Asset Mgt and column N equals Business Dev. How do I add the column n piece please? Thank Ross With Sheets("Asset Mgt") Counts = Application.CountIf(.Range("M:M"), "Asset Mgt" MsgBox Counts
  19. gheyman

    Access Default Filed equals another field in the same table

    I want a field in my table to default to the value of another field if the other field has a value. I cant find how to do this. Thanks
  20. C

    Is it possible to create named constants in Power Query

    I'm wondering if it's possible to create your own named constants in PQ, like Order.Ascending (which equals 0) and Order.Descending (which equals 1)? Thanks

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