1. F

    Need help with percentages formula.

    Ok so I have this formula and it works, however I need it to do a bit more and cant figure it out =IF(S99>2400,13%,8%) so S99 is a cell with an average of money made after so many sales and if sales are an average of $2400 or higher it equals to 13% commission and if not it equals to base...
  2. A

    Need help for Excel formula - If and Or

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm trying to write a formula in my report as below, but it only returns error "#VALUE!". There are the scenarios: If the value is a number or contains "-", equals L12 If else, leave it empty. =IF(OR(ISNUMBER(E12),FIND("-",E12)>1),L12,"")...
  3. R

    SUMIF across multiple cells

    I'm using the following SUMIF statement: =SUMIF(G10:G22,"x",F10:F22) and it's working perfectly. Now what I need in cell U10 is a formula that will look at cell G10. If the value is "x" then U10 will display the value in cell E10 ----- AND ----- at the same time I need it to look in...
  4. J

    DAX help

    I have a table with two year columns: Current_Year and Future_Year. I need to SUM the amounts where Future_Year equals Current_Year, but exclude records where Future Year equals Current_Year. Using the Data below, if Year 2000 is selected on the Current_Year slicer, I would need it to SUM...
  5. cgendron

    Formula help

    i think what i am trying to do is pretty simple but i cant figure it out. Basically i have two totals i want to add....so =A4+B4 Sometimes B4 will be blank but i still want to show the value of A4 with this formula. So in some cases =10+20 equals 30 in other cases =10+(blank value) equals 10
  6. O

    Excel Formula Help. Help on formula if any value from a2 to a99 equals a value from b2 to b99 then c must = a1

    Help on formula if any value from a2 to a99 equals a value from b2 to b99 then c must = a1 (I would enter the formula on a100)
  7. O

    Help on formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(H3:H99, B3:B99))>0, "done", "in process")

    Why when using this formula on column f everything above f12 equals Done. When I just want f12 to equal done not everything above it. Thank you,
  8. S

    VBA: Reformat Column IF Header Equals....

    Hello, I am curious about something. Is there a way that I can reformat columns based off of their headers? So for example, can I create a MACRO that says, If Header Equals UPC (That is, "UPC", "Upc", or "upc") than reformat the entire column so it is formatted as a "number" format as...
  9. M

    Shorten Nested if AND Formula

    Hello all, I have a formula as below working very well I just want it shortened and clean if by any way possible. It is self explanatory still I can explain if required Basically If checking from M column if right 3 words equals Bel and AB is equals or less than 72 hours it will be writing...
  10. H

    Time calulations

    I am trying to compute the downtime and have a formula that subtracts the on task time, transit and wait time from 24 hours. However if the sum of the calculation equals 24 hours then I get #####s in the cell; if it equals 00:00:01 then it will display correctly ie 00:00. Is there a way of...
  11. R

    Find the combination of numbers equals to target or sum value

    Dear Team, I need one favour from you i want to find out the combination of numbers that equals to target value. by using excel formula i tried but cant find the solution.please help me out ITS BIT URGENT. <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64"> <col...
  12. C

    Count Unique

    Please help!!! Formula to go in cell AR2.... I need to look up the contents in AP2 in column AP and count the associated unique job numbers in column S. I would also like to add the condition that column A equals "CCAP". Is this possible? Hopefully this makes sense... I am cross eyed at...
  13. M

    Macro If Cell equals 0 then hide some rows in a Sheet

    Hi there, I have a Sheet and would like to only display certain information if the cell C118 is equal to 0 (if equals to 1 then I would like to hide automatically rows 68 to 77 Can you help, not really having advance knowledge on VBA Thanks,
  14. K

    Run VBA when cell equals a value

    Hi I want to run some VBA when a cell equals a certain value, for e.g. A1 = 1. I've looked around the net and found code examples using but can't get it to work All help appreciated
  15. T

    If cell equals true then other cell equals off

    I am trying to write some vba code to be able to do the following: If cell p9 equals True, then B10 equals OFF. I have tried If Sheet2.Range("B9").Value > "" And Sheet2.Range("P9").Value = "TRUE" Then Sheet2.Range("B10").Value = "OFF" I have made P9 equal True and I...
  16. G

    Sum if statements are incorrectly calculating

    Hello All, Im running into an issue where my IF() statement is incorrectly calculating the formula. For context here is the formula: =IF(SUM(O38:O54)='4 Sources & Uses of Funds'!K48,"OK","CHECK") As mutually exclusive formulas, SUM(O38:O54) absolutely equals ''4 Sources & Uses of...
  17. D

    Need Greater Than, Less Than and Equals To in Single Formula

    Hey Guys, I am new to this forum and need help with excel formula to calculate Up, Down & Stable figures. A B 4 4 3 4 7 6 What I need is, If figure in ColB>ColA = Result should be "Down" If figure in ColB<ColA = Result should be "Up" If figure in ColB=ColA = Result should be "Stable" I have...
  18. R

    Combining an If Or statement with a Vlookup

    I have (2) sheets, Sheet 1 contains all of my data with Col. B listing types of skincare products. I have (2) conditions I'm searching for in Col B: If Col B contains (or equals) "Lotion" I need to look at the brands in Col C, then perform a VLOOKUP which tell assigns a type to the lotion...
  19. Dazzawm

    Simple IF/AND Formula

    My mind has gone blank! I need a formula to do the following please. If AD2 equals P380 and AE2 equals Indicator then yes, if not no. Thanks
  20. W

    If then function analyzing changes in quantities and prices between data sets

    Hello, thank you for considering helping me with my problem. I would like and appreciate a function that does the following for my work. A function that enters the following values into a cell if the cells it is referencing meets a criteria. 1 if C2 is blank or zero 2 if C2 is 9 or more less...

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