1. H

    Erlang distribution-integral problem

    Hi. I have problem regarding the Erlang distribution. I have an equation like below: \integrate from Q to infinity of [(x-Q) f(x)] dx . f(x) follow pdf of erlang distribution. Can I solve this equation using vba? I don't know if excel has any build in Erlang p.d.f like normal p.d.f...
  2. HillDragon

    Creating a Call Center staffing tool in PowerPivot using Erlang C and Weighted Moving Averages

    Ok, if you have ever had to staff a call center you'll know that you are either large enough to afford the purchase of staffing tools or you're not. It's that cut and dry. The company I work for falls into the latter and ever since I was placed into a position that dealt with those sorts of...
  3. E

    How do I use the Erlang add-in with Excel for Mac?

    Does anyone have experience using add-in's with Excel for Mac?
  4. J

    FTE requirement (without Erlang add in)

    Hi All, Trying to impress in my new job but with limited resource - I can't install an Erlang add in on excel and am trying to deliver some sizing for a contact centre. I have volumes (column A), AHT (B), service level required (C), target answer time (D), contacts per second (E), traffic...
  5. J

    Complex Erlang maths and formulae.

    Hi there, I am doing mathematics that is just extending me a bit too far. I have an excel spreadsheet that is trying to calculate the hold times for a helpdesk. This is the spreadsheet to download This is the formulae that...

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