error handler

  1. I

    Handle Error in Macro from Another Workbook

    I am trying to handle an error in a macro from another workbook, but on error is not working within any error occurring in the macro from another workbook when I use Anyone know why it is not working and how to solve this? Set wb = Workbooks.Open(workbookpath) On...
  2. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Add Error Handler to Working Code - Open File

    Hi guys, working on a code that I got to work but need a small addition to this code. Currently, the code will loop thru a named range of file names and then opens and deletes specific tabs and then closes and loops to the next file. I need to add a piece of code that will move on if it comes...
  3. D

    Error handling in Userform

    Hello all. I created a payroll system in Excel and use a userform to enter employee data. See image below Named controls in order shown: Reg1 (DTPicker) TextBox1 (TextBox) Reg2 (ComboBox) Reg3 (TextBox) Reg4 (TextBox) Reg5 (TextBox) Reg6 (TextBox) When I click on the 'Add To Sheet' button...
  4. P

    VBA - Cant Exit errorhandler

    I know I have error after resume, but it won't trigger. Why won´t Resume exit the error handler On Error Resume Next cap = QUL_Import_Form.CAPnr file = QUL_Import_Form.Anlnr If Err.Number = 13 Or cap = 0 Then MsgBox "Felaktig data har angivits...
  5. S

    VBA error handler

    I am trying to add a simple error handler to a UserForm Basically something like this If Cell xxx ="#VALUE!".then Else do nothing End else Exit sub
  6. P

    VBA Error Handling

    Hi I was wondering whether there was a line of code that, On error would reattempt the step again. Sometimes, I get a message "unable to save" sometimes which is a network issue. If I save for a second time (manually), it saves without any problems. If the above line fails...
  7. L

    On Error Message skip problem.

    Hello, dear MrExcel! I have problem with error message, it shows whether or not is error, how to fix it? Thank you for your time, thanks in advance kind people! Sub Ispis_Izvještaja() Dim DP As Dialog On Error GoTo Greh Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set DP...
  8. D

    Error Handler not working properly

    Hi, I have got a script that keeps failing the second time around when it meets the condition for my error handler. So basically, the loop goes to look through a function sub procedure and then the value is parsed back into the main code and it checks to see if that value already exists as a...
  9. P

    Help re: VBA Macro Run-time error 13 mismatch and loops

    Hello, This post is a follow-up to an earlier thread The working code below essentially overrides a user's data to input the correct week-ending date (Column H) and...
  10. J

    VBA Ignoring On Error GoTo Command.. XL 2010

    Hi, Relatively new to VBA, but having read up on using On Error GoTo commands I cannot understand how the code is not responding when it encounters an error. The most annoying part is to get to that part of the code it has already correctly been navigated using an On Error statement. I'm sure...
  11. B

    Error handler: two different errors generate the same error code

    I'd like to construct an errorhandler: section with if-then-else logic based on different errors that arise. The two most common errors both generate the same error code: 1004. They occur when: The user attempts to create a new worksheet with a name that already exists; The subroutine...
  12. S

    Error Handling Block Always Executes

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim myWorksheet As Worksheet With lstSheets .MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectMulti .ListStyle = fmListStyleOption For Each myWorksheet In Worksheets If myWorksheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible Then 'add each...
  13. cgeorge4

    MACRO PROBLEM: How to add error handling if pivot table already exists on sheet

    Using Excel 2007 at home / Excel 2010 at work Window 7 The code below is a recorded code that creates a pivot table on the same sheet as the data. I added and changed some lines of code where necessary with no problem. PROBLEM: I'm not sure where to place the first "error handling" line of...
  14. T

    How to execute each statement in a For..Next Loop using an Error Handler to provide default values where there is error?

    Excel Gurus, I need your help with this one. I have a For..Next loop using which I want to search for strings stored in an array within a particular sheet. Basically I am looking for the row location of each string in the array. For example: Sub DataCollect() On Error Goto ErrHandler...
  15. A

    Save As PDF Error Handeling

    I am trying to use the code below to check and see if the user is able to publish documents as a PDF. Looks like it should work but each time I run it the script keeps going to the last error handler. When I try and publish the document manually by doing: SaveAs >...
  16. I

    Error: 3021 - No current record. -

    Hi I have inherit the automation system from some one, before its start its check if the entry occured in the table/query"qryTest_InfoCom_Completion" then the Automation should start its process other wise it shoud go in the waiting loop every 10min(WaitForInfoCom) function where TestInfoCom...

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