error message

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    Help! filename.xlsx is already open. Reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded. Do you want to reopen ....xlsx

    I have a spreadsheet which has a few other spreadsheets linked to it (some are linked as array) and every time I open it, it comes up with this message for every linked spreadsheet. I have to click on yes/no for numerous times before I can start working on it. Really annoying. Any help will be...
  2. A

    .xls file saved by VBA gives file format does not match file extension error message when opening

    Hi all, I'm using the below code to prompt users to save the finished output from a macrobook and while the file can be opened safely, it throws up an error message; "the file you are trying to open, "...filename here...<FILENAME>" is in a different format than specified by the file extension...
  3. N

    VBA error message

    I am trying to load my form but I don't believe that my VBA codes are correct. Whenever I try to dump the information to another worksheet in the workbook and I keep getting error 1004 method range of object changed. My cancel button closes the form but my add information does not work. Below...
  4. S

    Drop-down list and error message

    Hi all, I have a question concerning drop-down list and error message. I have two lists (range name: Status1 and Status2), the lists to be shown in cell A2 depends on wether cell B2 is empty or not (in B2 user can write what he wants, no drop-down list). To create the drop-down list in cell A2...
  5. J

    Problems with running a macro

    Hi, I used the macro record button and then made a graph from start to finish (on sheet 2, where all my data is on sheet 1). Then I created a button to run the macro, linked that button to the maco I made. However when I click the button to run the maco I get the error seen below Then the...
  6. H

    find position of the cell with certain contents

    Good evening everybody, With a loop I check the cells in the range A1...AU3000 for the error content #Value!. If the error content has been located, I want to have the feedback of the cell (eg. Z56) which was containing the error message. Any help is very appreciated. With regards...
  7. R

    Mysterious Circular Reference

    This is my first time to submit a question here; I hope I'm asking for help correctly. If not, please advise and forgive. I've encountered something in a co-worker's spreadsheet that has me baffled. A cell contains a simple number (in this case, 12). There are formulas dependent upon that cell...
  8. T

    Please help with error message - "Code execution has been interrupted"

    Hello all, I have the below VBA within a worksheet. However, I am received this error message, "Code execution has been interrupted" almost at random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Any thought?? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Last edited by Tom White on...
  9. R

    Error Handling

    Hi, I have some code with opens a file one at a time from a list and this works fine until the file in the list cannot be found in the already specified location. My only problem is what the code does when the file cannot be found. Currently, Excel displays a error message and then gives me...
  10. N

    Prevent e-mail if condition not met

    Hi, What is wrong with this code?Sub Send_via_email(Cancel As Boolean)'' Send_via_email Macro' Dim blnCancel As Boolean Dim sMail As String Dim rngCell1 As Excel.Range, rngCell2 As Excel.Range sMail = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSendMail).Show blnCancel = Not...
  11. N

    E-mail link

    Hi,I have a worksheet where I am comparing two columns of data and if they don't match then it does not allow the user to close the file. This is the code I have and it works well. However I also have a button which takes the user to an outlook message for them to e-mail the current worksheet...
  12. E

    Replace #value! error with a blank cell

    I am working on an observation form where an evaluator with type in text from the observation in the first column and then code it. We have 8 codes 2a,2b,2c,2d,3a,3b,3c,3d. I then wanted all the 2a information to move to a column names 2a, all the 2b information to a column named 2b and so...
  13. J

    Check the values in a column against a set range

    Hey Guys, I am building an upload tool in Excel where a user can insert (in bulk) roughly 5 Columns of data and up to 1000 rows. Prior to the SQL upload, I would like to check the values input by the user to see if they match exactly to the pre-defined names within named ranges. (I will bring...
  14. V

    Pivot Table data source reference is not valid

    Hi All, I have been using excel 2010 for about a year now and in the past I was able to create a pivot table with out saving the workbook first. Now in the last couple of days I can no longer insert a pivot table with out getting the error message "data source reference is not valid." Does...
  15. B

    error message on delete empty rows macro

    I am trying to delete empty rows in the data sets that I import into excel. Sometimes the data sets have empty rows and sometimes they do not. The code below works in deleting empty rows if there are any, but if there are no empty rows to delete it comes up with a Run-time error 1004 saying "No...
  16. M

    excel error message

    When i put the following formula I get an error message. Not sure why or how to fix it. =IF((A6+B6)<=50,(A6*.11)*.2,IF(A6+B6)<=1000,((A6-50)*0.06+5.5,IF(A6+B6)>1000.01,(A6-1000)*0.02+62.5 A6 =1200 B6=17.04
  17. H

    Cannot save the report ...switch your system locale

    I've got a form in Access 2007. When I try to change it and go to save it gives me the following message: "Microsoft Office Access cannot save the form or report, because it displays characters from a language that cannot be saved in your current system locale. Switch your system locale to the...
  18. R

    Error with Countifs function

    Hi! I'm having a CountIf problem (grrrr that darn function!) that I'm hoping someone could help me with. The following code is the 3rd or 4th version I've tried to get working, and they all return errors. Right now I'm getting a "Unable to get the CountIfs property of the WorksheetFunction...
  19. E

    too many arguments for this function

    I need some assistance. I have a formula already but I need to add for more columns to it and I keep getting the error message - "you've entered too many arguments for this funtion" Below is the original formula and what i need to add. =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH("x",K5:N5,0)),CONCATENATE(FY_11_Word,"...
  20. D

    VBA Autofilter multiple sheets: Increase filter for more than 2

    Hi there. I have 2600 rows of manager data that require filtering over multiple worksheets. I found the code below from the following website: I attached it to a command button, so when select one manager, if filters that...

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