1. Y

    exiting array formula evaluation mode

    To see the evaluation of an array formula, one can highlight the array formula and hit F9. Hitting ESC should exit the evaluation mode and go back to display the array formula. It has happened to me a few times that ESC doesn't show the array formula. I was stuck in the evaluation mode. Any way out?
  2. R

    Deleting rows and move on

    Hello, I couldn't find a matching solution to my problem, so here I am asking fro help. I have a sheet with complex formatted data with some zero values in an evaluation column. I want to delete lines from that information when a evaluation column has zero value. Since it is rather complex...
  3. S

    ISnumber with Index/Match GoogleSheets

    Can someone please help me, what is wrong here? if(ISNUMBER(A68),INDEX('Pricing & Availability'!A:E,match(A68*1,'Pricing & Availability'!A:A,0),2),INDEX('Pricing & Availability'!A:E,match(A68,'Pricing & Availability'!A:A,0),2)) I am getting the massage: "Error Did not find value '9178891612'...
  4. B

    Automatic evaluation of students' MS Excel work

    I'm a business professor and use Excel heavily in all my courses. I've written several custom workbooks that automatically grade assignments (using formulas, VBA, conditional formatting, etc.), but the process is clunky. Further, since there are 50 ways to accomplish a given task, there is...
  5. R

    Evaluation of Formula Not Occurring

    I'm trying to evaluate a formula through VBA Code, but the actual evaluation isn't occurring. When entered as just a formula via VBA, I get the expected results. It's when I try adding the Evaluate method, I get #Value errors. Here is the code that I have tried using: If iALR > 1 Then On...
  6. B

    Response rate evaluation question

    Good afternoon :) I'm working on something to calculate the response rate from a completed evaluation However, I have a number of programmes and module responses within the evaluation data I've used countifs to calculate the number the number of completions for a specific module within the...
  7. P

    What is the formula?

    I want to know the formula for the following example; I want to be able to select the following in the range of M2 through M30 <tbody> 100%: 90%: 80%: 70%: 60%: 50%: 40%: 30% 20% 10%: 10%: 0% </tbody> If i select any of the %'s from MY COLUMN M above, I want the...
  8. H

    Checkboxes and Formulas to create a robust Evaluation Form

    Hi, I have word document Evaluation Form. My goal is to create a more automated Evaluation Form into Excel that includes formulas. The Evaluation Form has a scale in each area from 0 to 4 (increments by 0.5 beginning from the rating 2). I am fairly new to excel and need help for this project...
  9. M

    Save Each Worksheet as New Workbook -- File Name Issue

    Hi All! I'd like your help with the following. Thanks so much, in advance!! Say I have three worksheets (for three separate individuals) Each worksheet is named (Last Name, First Name) I would like to save each worksheet as a new workbook, but instead of naming the workbook the same name as...
  10. G

    EXCEL VBA to scrape HTML Code

    Hello all, I have a list of stocks with each assigned a 9 digit code, and I go to a website to pull their prices. Below is the HTML code for a particular stock's evaluation where I need to: 1. locate "td>QB<t/d>" (which represents the Bid price) 2. Pull the price, which appears to be the...
  11. D

    Dependent Data Validation list involving VLOOKUP

    Hello, I wasn't sure how to search for an answer previously posted as nothing I typed found what I needed. First off, I have Excel 2011 for Mac and haven't figured out how to copy/paste including the row/column headings so apologies for a lack of illustrated example. My copying/pasting created...
  12. A

    Selecting evaluating people using excel

    Hi I have 100 students in my class and there's an article that I want them to submit. Also I want 5 of the students to evaluate each other's articles. All the students have a unique number. Can someone please suggest a formula for the same? PS I don't want any student to evaluate his or her own...
  13. Y

    VB code needed for a complex job

    I want to create charts for weekly evulations of people in many different categories. Here is how it should work. On worksheet 2, I have a lots of data in many tables and I want to make graphs using this data with MACRO. The data is organized as followsTable 1:1) Cell A1 contains the TITLE of...

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