1. C

    Would Like to Handle BeforeDoubleClick Event Or SelectionChange Event. But Not Both.

    The user of a worksheet wants a certain functionality. If the user clicks a cell the font for the cell should be changed to bold. But if the user double clicks a cell he/she wants the fill color to change to red and does not want to change the font. I don't see how this can be done. Because...
  2. A

    How to allow moving shapes, but prevent editing their text on a worksheet

    I have a challenge to overcome, but couldn't find any hint yet and hope you guys can help. I need to create shapes (e.g. msoShapeRectangle) with specific texts in them in a worksheet. Once created, I want to allow users to move the shapes on the worksheet, but I want to prevent them, editing the...
  3. B

    Excel VBA - triggering a macro when mouse is hovered off a label

    Hi, I’m creating a dashboard in excel with a number of different charts. I wanted to add some text boxes at the bottom of each chart to explain what the chart is about but don’t want the text boxes to be visible all the time since it would clutter the dashboard. I created a label and assigned...
  4. gravanoc

    Sync data and row insertions/deletions on multiple tabs

    Workbook can be downloaded here. Scenario: 10 people are using a shared workbook. There are 10 tabs, of which 9 are considered Biller tabs & 1 is the Master tab. The Master tab is just the aggregate of all the Biller tabs, minus the extra header rows. All tabs are using a giant table for all...
  5. M

    QueryTable class events not working for QueryTables within ListObjects

    I found the following class file and have edited it to run certain procedures after a background refresh of a QueryTable has completed. The class events work properly if the QueryTable supplied isn't contained within a ListObject (ie: created via VBA) but fail to trigger if they are. I've tried...
  6. C

    Inserting text from another tab

    Good Morning, I have an events spreadsheet and would like to do the following. The tab with the information is called Events Notices as follows: <tbody> SUBJECT LINE FULL NOTICE 50's Sock Hop Toss on your bobbi socks & poodle skirts then head down to where DJ (this needs to pick up the...
  7. M

    What Is A Real World Use Of Creating An Event In a Custom Class?

    Hi, I've been coding in VBA with Excel's built-in events for the Workbook and Worksheet and their usefulness is very obvious. However, with custom classes in VBA you can also create your own events -- and raise them -- to other objects that are listening for those events. What's unclear to me...
  8. L

    Excel Send As Attachment Menu Option

    I have some code that I have put in Workbook_AfterSave and Workbook_BeforeSave. It works great and does exactly what I want; however, during testing, I found an odd situation where Excel doesn't call these two functions when saving a document (maybe Excel is disabling events on its own here)...
  9. C

    Date data validation formula

    I have a basic spreadsheet where staff enter details of events they're planning, it's in a set format so the date of event goes in a specific row. Even with only 4 events per month there's an issue with people not checking and trying to schedule them too close together. I've been asked to...
  10. H

    Count no of Message boxes displayed.

    How can I count the number of msgbox appeared between two events. The events probably are: 1. Opening userform 2. Clicking the submit button
  11. Richard U

    VBA to open a workbook without triggering open event?

    With office 365 on the horizon, I need to catalogue all of our spreadsheets, and identify links. I am doing this by creating a workbook object, setting the object to" Set wb = Workbooks.Open(path & file) var_Links = wb.LinkSources(xlExcelLinks) 'set variant = excel links This works great...
  12. B

    Counting events

    I would like help with the following ... Let's say events occur regularly, say every 90 minutes, starting at midnight. Given two timestamps, I want to calculate how many times the event occurred from time 1 to time 2. Some examples: 00:05 - 01:25 (1 hr 20 min): The event did not occur at all...
  13. D

    User form Cancel button not working when focus in a textbox that fails validation

    I have a UserForm with a number of textbooks plus OK and CANCEL buttons. One Textbox (for Age) gets validated in the Age_Exit Sub. If no age is entered, or if too high, then a MsgBox is displayed showing the error, Cancel is set True and the sub exited. This returns focus to the Age TextBox for...
  14. R

    Count difference between events

    Hi guys, I am looking for a query that allows me to count how many events occurred between each "x" event. The desired output is illustrated in the picture hereby attached. For instance, the second event is "x" and I would like to have as output 2. In the case of the third one is still "x", but...
  15. C

    Recurring Events on Excel Calendar

    I was wondering what the easiest way to set up a recurring event on an excel calendar would be? For example I have one month on each tab. On every 2nd Saturday, I want the calendar to say Board Meeting and the cell to be filled with a purple color to stand out. Can someone help with this? And I...
  16. A

    Check if file is password protected

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a way to check if an Excel file is password protected. If so, VBA should open it with the "default" office password. This should happen anytime a file is opened by any means (i.e. from Windows Explorer, and not just through another piece of code in another Excel) I...
  17. M

    Calculate events for current month in real time based on conditions

    Hi There!! I've been wracking my brain and I can't seem to get it to work. Basically I'm trying to create a tracker that will display how many different events per region are happening in the current month (month when the file is opened by others). Each cell will target a different region and...
  18. M

    Filtering Challenge

    <tbody> Business Unit Cluster Country Category Subcategory Segment Market Sector SubSector Brand Productnumber Sales Turnover Cost Profit Turnover per piece Cost per piece Profit per piece Europe UK & Ireland Ireland Fastfood & Drinks Refreshments Burgers Events Festivals Outdoor OYT 123...
  19. J

    Allocate choices to respondents

    Hi, I've got a dataset of respondents in the format of: Respondent 1 - Choice 1 - Choice 2 - Choice 3 etc. Respondent 2 - Choice 1 - Choice 2 - Choice 3 etc. [for 100s of respondents] I am trying to allocate choices so that each respondent gets as many of their choices as possible The issue...
  20. N

    Counting Maximum number of occurences in a range that don't repeat

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate a tourism streak for attending different running events. So I have a list of events and I want to work out the maximum number of times someone has gone without repeating themselves. So in the example below the longest streak without repeating is 8, between the two...
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