1. T

    Has anyone got examples of VBA code for API's

    Hi Everyone, I have to pull data from a site called Harvest. the data i want is employees time logs I understand this can be done and was told when we got the software that its easy but i stuck knowing where to start. I'm quite good at working things out and following instructions and was...
  2. S

    If a sheet name equals a cell name?

    Hello everyone Suppose if I have a list of countries in column A in a "master" sheet, and all the other sheets are named after each country with more details contained within each sheet. I want to create a macro which will iterate through my list of countries, refer to the sheet of that...
  3. B

    Highlight Partial Duplicates in Columns (w/a Twist)

    I need to compare (2) columns , in Excel, and highlight the unique cells -- BUT -- performing a simple name comparison will NOT work. I need to find a way, in VBA and/or Conditional Formatting, to find partial name similarities and ignore those as being unique. The following examples are...
  4. M

    Examples of slow/expensive to calculate spreadsheets?

    Hi, I'm conducting a performance comparison between various versions of Excel. I'm looking for real world examples of slow or expensive to calculate sheets. If anyone knows of some examples they could share that would be great. Thanks, Mark
  5. L

    Audit trail for Unbound forms

    Guys There are a couple of good examples in the internet on how to implement an audit trail database. But unfortunetaly are examples for bound forms/controls. I'm developing a database with unbound forms/controls. I cannot use the property OldValue on unbound controls so I cannot implement the...
  6. O

    named range

    Hi, i am trying to define a named range that excludes any blank cells. the named range though is across columns. the range is D11:IS11. I wanted to then use a DV list box to link to the named range. i have found plenty of examples that will do this in a column, how can i do it in one row...
  7. M

    How to Trim Once Open Parenthesis Appears

    I have a bunch of cells that I need to trim off everything once and open parenthesis is found, including the open parenthesis Is there a formula that will do this? I have a few examples below The below 3 examples are in A1-A3 Aficio MP C3502( MP C307( IM...
  8. C

    Not sure if formula or VBA will do this Extracting from Text: F123456, A123456

    I would like to extract from text. I am trying to find a way to extract from text a string that starts with the letters A, C, or F and is followed by six numbers: F123456 C654321 A345621 the cells often look like, the below three examples with the text in red what I would like to extract. Not...
  9. C


    Dear sir Please tell me =_xlfn.Numbervalue function with examples
  10. M

    Consolidating a cell range from multiple worksheets - need final step

    So I've been through multiple tutorials and online examples and I feel like I'm almost there but none of them have examples of using a range instead of a single value. I have a directory full of 24 files and I want to do the automated equivalent of copying and pasting the same data range of...
  11. C

    Find, replace, substitute

    Hi All, Hoping you can help me please, I have several combinations of product codes that I want to change so that all share the same format. Results should be to keep the first 2 letters, Next a 4 digit number, so in some of the below examples 53 would become 0053, or 331 would become 0331...
  12. etaf

    how to post examples in mac

    how to post examples using excel 365 for mac jeanie doesn't seem to have an add-in that i can work
  13. L

    date() what is used for?

    Hi I am reading the article below. I know how to use Date() but I really can not see any use or befit of this function. The author gave some examples but again I do not see any use of these examples. Can you please give me examples where I really need to use date() function. Thank you so much...
  14. U


    I have heard about using sum(sumif) but in the examples, they use the value. I want to use the cells. Can someone please fix this formula for me please...
  15. R

    Burn-down Chart Macros

    Hi Forum Hope all is well. I am trying to find some examples of Burn-down chart Macros that I can expand on, however not having much success. Would appreciate it if someone has some examples or knows a location for some examples/samples. Many thanks Regards Rob
  16. I

    Real-world application of OFFSET

    I teach a college class on decision making through spreadsheet modeling and I am currently putting together a lesson on using OFFSET. I'm looking for real-world examples where OFFSET is used. I don't need the specifics (e.g., the formula text, data, etc.) rather simply examples (e.g., I use...
  17. A

    How to delete sub-strings of variable length in middle of larger strings

    Hi, I have many thousands of records like the below: <tbody> 128K.1381.122.2.A.8.51856273-2753672-113 128K.1459.111.128.A.8.51769315-2753672-113 128K.1459.111.2.A.8.51467685-2753672-113 130E.1456.122.28.A.8.51543816-2060102-1 130E.1456.122.32.T.8.51543816-2060102-1...
  18. H

    Automatic rounding down number at cell entering

    In a financial spreadsheet I have some ranges where user can type in financial values with 2 decimal places. But I want them all be automaticly rounded down to zero decimals. This should happen after the value has been typed in. Examples 1,250.23 --> 1,250 1,250.81 --> 1,250 Is there a VBA...
  19. R

    Excel and non table structures - trees, nested sets and modified pre-order tree traversal

    Is tree representation possible in excel? Any material to read, examples?
  20. C

    SKU Generator From Various URLs - Different Syntax

    CURRENT SCENARIO The functions below create a custom SKU based on a hard-coded supplier and its respective URL syntax <b>Excel 2013 32 bit</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color: #BBB"><colgroup><col...

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