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  1. R

    How to copy cell value from one table to another table with Criteria

    Hi, I am new to VBA, please help me with the below request. I would like to Copy the data from table1 (sheet1) to table2 (sheet2) based on the criteria "Yes" automatically or some action. The table 1 is located in Sheet 1 and table2 is located in Sheet2. For clear understanding I have...
  2. H

    Comparing Data from multiple spread-sheets and fish out wanted data into a separate spread-sheet organized per tab

    I have multiple tabs of data (named AB, BC, CD, EF, FG, GH, HI, IJ, JK, KL, LM, MN, NO, OP, PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU, UV, VW, WX, XY, YZ, Z00, Z01, Z02, Z03) in my "critical numbers spread-sheet" with wanted numbers per application identified in each tab but columns and rows are inconsistent. I have...
  3. T

    Insert Gif into sheet and View it userForm

    I Want to insert all listed Gifs from a folder into Spreadsheet, then by selecting a Gif, and then by clicking the command button in the sheet an user Form should pop-up and display the Gif. I tried to display the Gif directly in the userform using Webbrowser object. It was working. But i dont...
  4. H

    Add image from Userform to corresponding data entered on each row

    Hi i have userform with the all the data adds to the "VehicleRejected" Sheet from a userform however i have added an code for user to select an image from their drive and now i want userform to add the image against the data on same row. below it is placed in a image2, whereby user can select...
  5. dss28

    VBA code for Validation of data entry by passing / not working

    I am very new to VBA coding / excel as such. However I have designed a VBA based program for my needs based on several online VDOs and working satisfactorily. However the validation code for data entry is not working at all and data can be processed to next step without entering full information...
  6. K

    How to lock image in excel cell in VBA ?

    Solve this query....
  7. C

    Excel VBA Errors when trying to copy and paste objects from Excel to Word

    Hello All, I have some VBA code that I need help refining. The problem I am having is inconsistent and unexplained errors, from my research it appears that the issue is with the clipboard crashing. How the VBA code works: I have an embedded Word documents with various bookmarks and reference...
  8. A

    VBA If...Else If unable to return value to cells met condition

    Hi, I have the data sheet "DataCompile", which I tried to use if...else if to return value into column M, if the criteria in column N is met. However, no matter how I change the coding, it will not return other value, and only return the largest value, which is "60%><=100% Yield". What should I...
  9. H

    summarizing data from multiple tabs in Excel

    I have 28 tabs of data (named AB, BC, CD, EF, FG, GH, HI, IJ, JK, KL, LM, MN, NO, OP, PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU, UV, VW, WX, XY, YZ, Z00, Z01, Z02, Z03) in my spread-sheet with varying data (columns and rows are inconsistent) in each tab. I need a summary tab with count of each column per tab(only...
  10. R

    I need to show at sheet1 in Cell "A1" last number on a last row from sheet2 Column A, but it does not appear as expected...

    Hello! Sorry for bad english, I really hope, you do understand the question. I have problem. My Paste works well, but I lost my "Next enter ID" I need to show at sheet "P" (Sheet1) in Cell "A1" last number on a last row from sheet "p_koond" (Sheet2) Column A, but it does not appear as...
  11. M

    Change the text of shapes automatically

    Hi Everyone, these shapes below I make it as a button for changing data when press on it, my question is I need to change the text color of shape once press one of them (using a macro), also when press to another shapes the color followed and be the other as the same original color.
  12. L

    Auto calculate based on column value

    Hi All, So I have this code to multiply entries made in J9:L9 by the value in the same column cell 4. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Application.Intersect(Target, Range("J9:L38")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub If Target.CountLarge <> 1 Then Exit Sub On Error GoTo catch...
  13. J

    Write a Jagged array containing value and FormulaR1C1 to excel.

    I have a jagged array containing normal values and formulas in R1C1 notation and I want to write it into excel. I used following code for the same dataRange.Value2 = jaggedArray; But it produced unexpected results in case of column anchored formulas like '=$A1'. I got it fixed by rewriting...
  14. V

    Random Number Generator VBA

    Hi all, I need your advice in what i am doing wrong. I can generate random numbers using the below code but i cannot add a prefix of "HTC" to the numbers generated using the below code. Sub GenerateRandoms() ' Define the minimum, maximum of the range and how many random ' numbers are...
  15. A

    Help with VBA Code.

    Hi, So i am new to vba and need a little help with a vba coding problem. My code is copying data from one workbook"Raw customer data" to second workbook "Customer Data-Base". I need to modify this code so that if the customer ID from " raw customer data" workbook present in cells A2, A21 and A39...
  16. T

    How do I refer to a worksheet with a variable?

    Hi Right now I open a new worksheet in my code and go back and forth by doing thisworkbook & previouswindow. This goes wrong if I have a third workbook open and it just managed to delete a bunch of formulas the original document. How do I open a new workbook and immediately say this workbook...
  17. F

    Looping through cell & generate Msg Box

    I am trying to I am trying to write a macro to loop through a column (Z), & find the cells with a "Yes" in them. When a Yes is found I am trying to generate the following Msg “"Check to verify veteran data is entered in FY ## REFERALS. "It's critical that the veteran data is captured." & “You...
  18. M

    WorksheetFunction.countif criteria not working

    I am using the following code to create an email list of unique emails. The list has a lot of duplicates, but I only want them once. Some of the rows have not been assigned an email so they show as "UNASSIGNED" <unassigned>and I want to ignore those. I have used this in another sheet where it...
  19. M

    How do I notify the user that a backup (save) has completed succesfully

    Hi guys. I have bit of code that clears a sheet, before it does that I have it save to another location (just incase the user pressed the wrong button), my question is, is there a way to notify the user hat the save is succesful before thy carry on? Here is hat I have already. If...
  20. T

    [example file inside] Need macro that cuts and pastes out rows whose Column B value is unique and Column C value is a duplicate.

    What I need is a little more than what I could fit in the title the 3 steps are illustrated below and there is a gdrive link for the example file. (I could not work out how to create editable cells in a post; (tried it in a test thread). Put simply I have titles associated with codes. I need to...

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