1. O

    Date look-up and dynamic fill numbers.

    My workbook contains an 'inputs tab' where i will have 3 inputs: "date", "amount" and "number of months." In my 'output tab' i have row 1 filled with all the month end dates. I.e Jan 31, 2020, Feb 28, 2020....etc I want to have a dynamic formula in row 2 that will match the "date" from...
  2. G

    Excluding entire rows from macro based on one column

    So I have been beating my head against this for a couple of days now. If column R is blank, exclude or ignore that entire record from the code. The problem is, I can get it to work.... if I permentantly delete that row from the sheet. The entire code is very very long so I will only include the...
  3. P

    Preventing copy/move sheet INTO main workbook from outside workbook

    I'm using this Workbook's SaveSheet event to prevent users from adding a new sheet from within my main workbook file. OK, that's half the goal. But that event isn't triggered if user tries to copy/move a sheet from another WB into my main file. I've started looking at a workbook lock/protect...
  4. N

    Macro SUM values

    Check in Sheet 1 the sum of the field “Long” is equal “Long” in Sheet 2 for the same “code” where “Ap” is “0”. If this is not correct put in sheet 2 in column “Sum” the value “Not correct”. Sheet 1 <tbody> Code Long Ap 15-15 100 0 16-16 50 1 15-15 100 0 14-14 50 0...
  5. A

    Removing Duplicates In Excel Column.

    Hi, Everyone! I have column A, In which every cell has words including spaces in between. Every cell has leading and trailing spaces as well. I have denoted words with english alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F and G. I want to perform an operation on column A such that the duplicate words are removed...
  6. S

    Saving a file as an Excel file while looping in VBA

    I have written some code that uses the copy to new sheet function in excel a very format heavy tab. I then have written some code to save said tab and some other code to update some values in the original sheet and alter the country loop through it saving the file each time. Each bit of the...
  7. C

    Excel many to many

    How can I in Excel, resolve this question about this table: Invoice Number | Item | Product | Value 1001 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1001 | 2 | tomatoes | 150 1002 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1003 | 1 | water | 50 1004...
  8. S

    Add data from table to buttom of another table

    I have a sheet "Data" with an empty table "Table1" I need a macro that retrieves everything that is in the table, it can be from one to several rows, and inserts it at the bottom of another table "Table2" in the sheet "LockedData " and then converts "Table1" so it's an empty one row table again...
  9. P

    I need to combine two pivot tables into one. both are in same worksheet.

    I need to combine two pivot tables into one. both are in same worksheet. Any help?? Thank:confused::confused::confused::confused: You
  10. A

    stuck at vlookup function!!!!

    Sub lkup() Dim rng As String rng = Range("A1", Range("A1").End(xlToRight).End(xlDown)).Select Dim count As Integer count = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("City", Sheets("carrierresponse_list").Rows(1), 0) MsgBox count Range("B2") = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Range("A2").Value...
  11. M

    Excel ListBox overlap options

    In Excel, if the text in an column is longer than the width of the column and there is no text to the cell to the right, it will overlap into that cell on the display. Is there an option for a ListBox to work the same way. I am displaying an indented structure and intentionally want the column...
  12. R

    Simple Automating Mailmerge using Excel button

    Hi everyone. I have a spreadsheet that has a name, address, postal code and some figures that I need to put into a standard letter. It is just one record i.e. one person, and one set of prices that go into the letter (which is a quote). I'll call the spreadsheet "Costs" and the word document...
  13. D

    Apply different colour for the text inside the chart

    Hi, I'm unable to give different colour for the text inside the chart. When i tried its getting changed for all the text present inside the chart. The scenario here is my chart has 2 bars one is named "YES" and other one is "NO". I want the yes to be in colour Red and no to be in colour Green...
  14. T

    Conditional Formatting HTML Table in VBA - Excel to Outlook

    Hello! I have some VBA that generates an email that includes an HTML table, into which some values (defined as integer variables in the VBA) are put. I was wondering if there is a way to format the numbers to appear as (#) when they are negative. Here is the code as it is parsed into the HTML...
  15. B

    Clearing certain cells in a new Data Table row when Dropdown List selection changes

    Hi there! I am fairly new to VBA and brand new to mrexcel.com so please be as detailed as possible in responses (thanks!). My issue: I have a data table called "DataEntry" It has four columns (i.e. fields) - JobType, Rate, Hours, and TotalPayment. JobType is a dropdown list of choices (i.e...
  16. V

    Pls explain the below macro in stages

    Function countonlynos(countrange As Range) Dim tempcount As Double For Each cell In countrange If IsNumeric(cell.Value) = True And IsEmpty(cell.Value) = False Then tempcount = tempcount + 1 End If Next countonlynos = tempcount End Function
  17. E

    Import .txt Files in Excel on 1 Sheet

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for your help. I have a static folder in which I have saved 20 to 30 text files. I need to get the information in these text files into excel, all into column A, right after the other vertically. Right now I manually open each folder, copy the info, paste it into...
  18. K

    using a concatenated name as argument in function

    I am trying to pass an argument to a function where the argument is concatenated. it is not working . Can any body help. The function code is ------------------------------------ Function degf(ByRef x As Variant) degf = x * 1.8 + 32 End Function ----------------------------------- Sub...
  19. S

    Add Bookmarks in Word 2007 using Mail Merge or VBA

    Essentially, I would like to find a way to create 400+ bookmarks in a word document through mail merge or by some process with VBA. I've created a word document with several mail merge fields that create individual pages for U.S. States with some summary information. I need four of these fields...

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