1. J

    Two conditions most be met for each or

    I HAVE 4 OUTCOME COMBINATIONS. I couldn't figure it out. it only changed if all three B:E exceeded 84, but I need to change if any of the cell exceeds 84, along with A1 IF A1 IS LESS THAN 1, AND any if these cells exceed B2>84 OR C2>84 OR D2>84 OR E2>84 ="A" IF A1 IS LESS THAN 1, AND any if...
  2. F

    auto adjust row hieght

    How would one automatically adjust a rows height as the cell entry exceeds the column width.Thanks
  3. G

    macro if statement

    Hello again, i want to create a macro that will compute the rating. when I run the macro and click the button, I receive Run-time Error '13': Type Mismatch when I try to run the code. Debug highlights the 'IF' statements, but I can't figure out where the mistake is. Any help would be...
  4. DRSteele

    Identify rows where value exceeds hurdle consecutively

    Can someone please help me? I need a formula for the red column. I wish to identify the rows where the Value equals or exceeds 20 and is part of a streak of at least 4 rows where the Value equals or exceeds 20. Here I used 1s and 0s in a helper column to identify the desired result. Eventually...
  5. M

    Question regarding vba

    Hi all, Can someone please help me out with this issue: I have a 10x10 table in excel with random numbers. I need to go through the rows and then through the columns, until the numbers add up until the sum exceeds 25. The last number needs to be in blue font, boldfaced and with a red...
  6. P

    convert time to percentage

    Hi All so I know you can convert time to a percentage with the following: A1 = 02:30 =hour(A1)+minute(A1)/60 which will return 2.5 My question is, how do you convert a time to a percentage that goes exceeds 24 hours? for example if A1 = 158:30 ??? Thanks in advance guys
  7. N

    make formula max at 100%

    Hi, I am using the following formula, would it be possible to ensure the result never exceeds 100%? =INT(R15-R13)/(R14-R13) Thanks
  8. J

    Compare ranges

    HI I have 2 sets of data I2:I13 and J2:J13 What I want to do is compare the cells and if the cell in I2 is > J2 then a message. This would be relative ie would compare all cells - I3>J3 ect This is what I have Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("I2") >...
  9. R

    COUNTIFS - Data and dates between?

    Please bear with me on this one, everything I know about excel is self-taught so my knowledge is basic at best. I have a spreadsheet which is used as a register for certain data. There are quite a few columns, but the relevant ones for my problem contain a 'BookedDate', 'Method' and...
  10. L

    Tips on Optimizing Memory Use by Excel Books

    Quick Summary: Is it possible to simulate closing Excel and opening Excel from within a workbook using a Macro? Some Details: Basically I have a workbook which runs and when it is done I see that the memory use (in the Ctrl+alt+del system tasks section) for Excel is at 1,250MB. It won't let...
  11. M

    Halt a macro if input file exceeds a set number of lines

    I have a macro that opens a file and reformats it along with pulling in other information. I want the macro to stop and give the user an error message if the input file exceeds 50,000 rows. Is there a way to code this? Thank you.

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