excel 10

  1. J

    Time and Inventory Management HELP!

    Background: I am a new intern at a custom interior design company and I have been hired to streamline and simplify the process that they go through with tracking inventory and the time spent on different jobs so they can calculate their job costs accurately. I have spent days working on this...
  2. H

    Problem getting COUNTIFS formula working

    I'm trying to write a formula that will count all dates between Monday and Friday of this week and the value in the adjacent column in not equal to "Fully Received". I know what I want to do and a general idea of the formula I need to use, but I can't seem to get the syntax right to get it to...
  3. F

    Formulas for Dates problem

    Hi, I'm working on a spread sheet that I'm getting stumped on. In cell B2 I have the formula =Today() (which as I'm sure you know, picks up the current days date). The format is DD/MM/YYYY. If this date is between 01/MM/YYYY and 08/MM/YYYY then I want it to display 6.25 If this date is...
  4. N

    Finding the min numbers whilst meeting specific conditions

    HI there I was wondering if someone can help me. I am working on a project that is incredibly hard to test, therefore we decided to come up with a simplified problem to take the first steps in resolving our problems. My problem is that I can't solve this simple problem using maths in excel so...
  5. K

    Having Trouble with Median IF function

    I'm trying to get the Median (and min/max later) of certain values on a different sheet. For example, I'm operating in one sheet and pulling the values from the sheet "Form Responses". I want a median for numbers when the values in column B are "Aransas" and the values in column D are Yes. The...
  6. L

    Applying Conditional formatting based on a calculation

    Good afternoon, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to a cell based on a formula calculation. I have two columns, one has total funding and the other has the change in funding. I would like to create a conditional formatting formula that will highlight cells in the change column when...
  7. M

    Transpose 2 columns into multiple rows

    I've read several posts on how to do it and still can't figure it out so hopefully you'll be able to help me. I have 2 columns and 1300 lines. Column A has Product Type that repeats and Column B has Measurements. <tbody> Basket Depth Basket Length Basket Width Activewear Waist...
  8. S

    Formula to search for an ID in a column, based on a name in the same row.

    Hey, So I have a spreadsheet with two sheets, on the first is a list of contact details, including CRM ID numbers. First sheet: <tbody> CRM ID Full Name d2f6vr61-5v5r11vdv1-d6vd6g6e <tbody></tbody> Sonny Jim </tbody> On the second sheet I have details of opportunities, the only...
  9. R

    VBA ActiveX component can't create object

    <code> </code> Dim Data1 As String Dim Data2 As String Dim Data3 As String Dim Data4 As String 'Using the AddNew method of the Recordset object Private Sub Method1() Dim adoRecordset As ADODB.Recordset Data1 = "hello" Data2 = "hello2"...
  10. N

    Excel sharepoint question

    Hi There, Can some on help me to place a excel sheet in sharepoint with drop downs and accessing the sheet in webaccess webpart? These drop downs will show up values to display it in the chart. I have certain limitations in sharepoint excel services like data validation will not work bu ti...
  11. M

    Populate multicolumn listbox from array of unknown size

    To preface: I've been able to go from knowing next to nothing about VBA to being fairly competent just by reading these forums. I've never needed to do more than search, until now... I have a listbox in a userform that I am trying to populate from a range of data in an excel worksheet. To...
  12. H

    Formula help

    I have two sheets. Sheet2 column A has rows of continuous dates from 1992 to current and then columns with weather data (Temp, RH, Wind Speed) per date row. Sheet1 column A has rows of date from 1992 however some of these dates are missing and some have duplicates. Sheet1 then has unique...
  13. J

    vlookup based off drop down options

    Hello: I have created two drop down lists. The first drop down provides seven options and then the second drop down gives options based on the first selection. After the second selection is made I have created a v-lookup below to display all information relating to this selection (around 10...
  14. A

    Formulas in excel

    I'M STUCK WITH A PROBLEM. NEED HELP. THERE ARE TWO SHEETS SHEET 1 <tbody> main cust code linked cust code name balance in account A balance in account B 123526 50456 ABC 1012 2045 123526 50455 DEF 2564 89787 123526 85456 GHI 4564 4897 123526 123526 JKL 7874 4454645 </tbody>...
  15. B

    combination of sumif and sobtotal

    I need your help with merging the sumif and the subtotal function. But not in the way which most posts in forums are about. This is NOT about filters... What I want to do is the following. I would like to use a normal sumif function with criteria in another column than the sumrange. The...
  16. R

    extracting a phone number out of a string of text

    Is there a way to extract a phone number out of a string of text. The phone number will always be expressed the same way (eight digits seperated by a space half way through) - 9999 9999. But the text before and after the number is random. Is there a macro to do this on a large scale? The method...
  17. C

    Countif and For loop not adding properly

    So this code below does actually work for me but it is not working how I want it to. My novice with VBA is probably to blame. I am trying to count how many computer types i have in 2 different spreadsheets, each with 5+ sheets. I open them, check the G column, then close them and export the...
  18. B

    Auto fill group data using info from another worksheet? - Formula Needed.

    Microsoft Excel 2010, Windows 7 Hi all, Looking for some help with a formula to auto fill data from one worksheet to another by using a formula: On our first worksheet we have sales data with codes The sales data is per a row and in that row is a code such as (A32) (C32) depending on...
  19. jinxz72

    Find Row with 2 columns matched value on one worksheet from Range of 3 columns & 2 combination different worksheet

    Yikes! It sounds horrible but here goes... Using Excel 2010: Worksheet 1 - Need to find C (Status) from Worksheet 2 <TBODY> A B C 1 Business Name Address Status 2 Joe's Bar & Grill 1111 Main St ? 3 Ace Shop 4186 Power Inn Rd ? 4 Thomas Train 1717 Rail way ...
  20. D

    Modify Uptime formula in Excel VBA 2010

    Excel 2010 Windows 7 Hello, I'm at a beginner level in creating Excel formulas and using them in VBA and need to change the formula below to reflect a blank cell if there is no data to calculate rather than reflecting a 100%. [SAT_UPTIME_METRICS1] = _...

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