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    Data Points and X-axis not matching.

    Hi all, first time poster here. I am trying to create a simple line graph in excel 2003. My source data is a table that has a date range that is monthly over three years ex. Jan'12, Feb'12 etc. My problem that when I plot the data, Excel plots December's data as if it occurs in October. This...
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    Excel 2003 does not refresh charts - how to resolve?

    Hi, I have faced a major problem with refreshing charts on my excel file: I have been building an Excel 2003 based model, which has several worksheets in it with hundreds of columns and rows of interconnected data, formulas and 2-4 charts on each worksheet. Until recently the charts refreshed...
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    Excel 2003 - Chart a time value for each day

    Hi, I hope one of you can help me today. I have a program which finds the last treatment time for each day. I have been asked to graph it in Excel with the dates as an x axis, the time on the y axis and of course, the values at the intersection of the date and time. I have been at it all...
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    Realign 2 Axis Using VBA

    I copied this code from the following website but am unable to get it to actually work. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/AlignXon2Ys.html I keep getting a compile error saying sub or function not defined. Please help. Thanks! Option Explicit '''Realign Macro Helper Public Sub...

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