excel 2003

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    Cannot open a pdf to a page via vba

    I have code to open a pdf at a page. But it doesn't work on my home PC. The opening line is : file:///G:/Electronics%20Magazines/Practical-Electronics/Practical-Electronics-1968/Practical-Electronics-1968-01.pdf#page=18 But it doesn't open at page 18. It only opens at page 1. I only have...
  2. V

    Vba copy and paste in new excel make new excel freeze

    Hi to all. I'm facing a strange issue. I have an excel and i use the code in the bottom to create some other excel files using copy and paste. (The first copy is for the headers and the second is for the data) The problem is: If i open any of the file i had create excel freeze and i had to make...
  3. W

    Windows 10 has screwed my Excel 2003

    Until recently, I have been using Excel 2003 on a Windows 10 platform, but after a Windows 10 update the program Excel program shuts down whenever I try to enter data, notably when the cell contains a formula. I have unintstalled and then reinstalled the Excel 2003 but that didn't cure the...
  4. C

    Excel 2003 crashes on "save" or "save as"

    Today is 05/22/2018. I just noticed this problem yesterday. I am running Excel 2003 on a Lenovo machine running windows 10. I have a 2 page work book containing lists. Workbook is stored on a external hard drive attached to my machine. Not networked. No other access. No formulas. No macros. No...
  5. T

    excel 2003, not VBA, using LOOKUP over multiple sheets

    I have the above in 53 worksheets called Week1 etc. This is using Excel 2003. How do I use LOOKUP (not VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP) to view the data in a Monthly sheet where the columns and rows are swapped? I need a Month1 sheet which has the dates in A1 to A31 (changes for each month) and I need...
  6. G

    Custom functionality for a column

    We have an excel sheet (version 2003) in which I have to enter the data of our customers, visitors, consultants etc. We get these data in different format from many sources like emails, whatsapp chat, facebook comments etc. The data which we collects is as under : name, age, country, mobile no...
  7. L

    Run-time error '1004': Unable to set the hidden property of the range class

    I have this code but this show an error-Run-time error '1004': Unable to set the hidden property of the range class And one thing more i want to use same code on different sheets in same Workbook. Sub Hide_Unhide() ' ' Hide_Unhide Macro ' Macro recorded 5/9/2017 ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+s '...
  8. M

    Copying between sheets based on dropdown list selection?

    Hiya! I'm using Excel 2003 to keep track of grades in a college class that I teach. Each category of graded items has its own worksheet with all grade data for all students, and I have an Overview worksheet that calls up data from the other worksheets that tell me total items passed / points...
  9. M

    Countifs alternative for Excel 2003 / sumproduct help

    Hi! I'm using Excel 2003 (old, I know, but it has suited my very limited needs until today). I'm trying to count the instances of X that also meet Y criteria. Both X and Y are text, in different columns of the same row. In post-2003 I would use countifs, which doesn't exist in 2003. I...
  10. W

    Conditionally adding names within a cell range using button.

    Hello! I'm attempting to add names within a small cell range (6 cells) by using a button attached to a particular name (21 buttons attached to unique names). Using the below code, I'm able to add the names within that range, but a name is not always added with a single button press (because of...
  11. J

    Create individual Text file from each Excel 2003 row using Macro

    Hello !! I am completely new to VBA. Can someone from community help me achieve following. I have an excel 2003 worksheet with three columns data as follows: <tbody> SYMBOL LISTING_DATE FV 20MICRONS 06-Oct-08 5 3IINFOTECH 22-Apr-05 10 3MINDIA 13-Aug-04 1 8KMILES 29-Jan-14 10...
  12. U

    Stock control using handheld barcode scanner

    I have been tasked with a project to create an Excel sheet for Stock Purposes. I have a Wired Handheld Scanner, and I have been able to scan a Barcode to Excel, and for it to show up in the selected Cell. I have the following Columns in my Excel Sheet; Column A = Barcode (in text form) Column B...
  13. A

    Safety warning: Office File validation (Excel 97-2003)

    Hello there, I'm Dutch so i'm sorry for my English language ;-) Here's my question: For a while i am working in a financial excel worksheet that is saved as 97-2003 workmap (so users with een older excel version can use is). The last time I saved it and opened it again i received the following...
  14. R

    Excel 2003 Pivot Table - Hide Empty Rows Below Subtotal

    I am currently working with a Pivot Table in Excel 2003 and am trying to find a solution to hide all of the empty rows that appear below the Subtotals in column A. I suspect this likely needs to be done through a macro (maybe on Worksheet_Calculate), but don't have the knowledge to build it...
  15. W

    VBA - Excel instance after Excel closed by user

    I have some code that creates and writes to a workbook from within MS Access.. The code does not save the workbook, so it opens as 'Book1.xls'. I have added an additional formatting routine that is called for one specific excel export . If the export does not call the formatting routine...
  16. G

    Excel Plugin for XPS Data Card printer

    Hello, My client is having excel 2003 and XPS Data Card Printer. He needs to print 1000 copies of data-cards. But after every single print, printer gets unselected and page size also changes. So he has to manually go and change the printer to XPS and page size(as prefered by him) for every...
  17. N

    Excel 2003 Help with SUMPRODUCT & finding unique values with conditions

    Hi, this is my first post so I hope someone can help. My dataset: <TBODY> Fruit Item Set Available Banana A1 Y Apple A2 N Banana A2 N Kiwi A2 N Apple A1 Y Peach B1 Y Apple A1 Y Apple A1 Y Apple A0 Y Banana C2 N </TBODY> I am using Excel...
  18. R

    Pivot tables and using combox box selections as a report filter

    Hi, I need to use a combo box value in a report filter for a series of pivot tables. I have a combo box with a drop down list of suppliers on the dashboard front sheet and want to be able to select one of the values and then update all the pivot tables/charts with the report filter using that...
  19. J

    Array search

    Hi! I'm trying to write a function for each item in a list to compare if it's in an array, and then write Yes or No, in the box next to the name. The hard part is the names don't line up perfectly. I have a table that looks like this... <tbody> Last Name Vote? Smith Johnson Jones...
  20. B

    Append message to open Outlook email

    Hi, we have a macro attached to company documentation that works as a validation, when clicking OK an email with the link to the document is prepared for the next person in the validation chain. This is already solved. The thing is that often several documents must be sent together and not...

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