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    Email from Excel using AppleScript (for Excel 2008)

    Greetings! I created a code using VBA that allows you to send a range of cells as an attachment in Excel 2011. It also allows you to send the mail via Applemail and Outlook (help on one would be enough!). This code was modified from Ron De Bruin's code. Is there a way to utilize this...
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    *New to AppleScript* Converting Excel 2011 Vba to Excel 2008 AppleScript

    Greetings all! I created an Excel program/workbook that uses vba macros throughout for others to benefit from. The only problem is, some people do not have Excel 2011, instead they only have 2008 which does not utilize macros. 1. I was told I can still automate Excel using applescript. If...
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    finding duplicates and concatenate

    Hi, i'm using excel 2008 for mac, so i can't run any VBA or macros, just formulas! can any one help me?? i have this cells listed below <!--StartFragment--> <colgroup><col width="65" span="5"> </colgroup><tbody> 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F DRAWING DRAWING...
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    [MAC] Excel 2008 insert row using applescript

    Hi all, this is the file I'm talking about: http://rapidshare.com/files/436674965/TStest.xlsx I'm trying to make a new timesheet for my company; I had made one with a nice macro in excel 2011 but since evrybody at the office uses 2008 so I wasted my time :) What I want to do is have a...
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    Please help! Concatenate function stringing more cells together than in formula

    Hi there! I'm using the concatenate function. When I put in this formula =CONCATENATE(B1, " ", C1) where B1 is a geographical location, " " is space, and C1 is keyword. When I hit Return, it seems to string together ALL of the keywords together after B1. I'm completely stumped and I'd...
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    Pardon the Dumb Question: How do I "freeze" the top row--for viewing, not printing--in Excel 2008 (v 12.5)?

    I can't believe I have to post this to a forum to learn how to do this, I feel like such an idiot! But after hours of searching for the right answer, I feel like I have no choice. In advance, sorry for the dumb question and thank you! How do I simply "freeze" the entire top row (which is...
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    Actual 3D Graphs in Excel (for Mac)

    I have three columns of values that I want to graph on an actual 3D (x-, y-, z-axis) chart. As far as I can find, Excel only offers 3D charts as a visual effect. Is there a way to graph 3D data, or does Excel really only have the capability to do 2D? For system info, I'm running Excel:mac 2008...
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    Function to Replace _ with a Space

    hello everyone, new user to the forums. tried looking this up but couldn't quite find it. i'm using a mac and running excel 2008 and trying to take the underscore out and replace it with a space so from: ibm_us to: ibm us i've looked and some people said you could just leave the replace...

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