excel 2019

  1. K

    How to format Listbox Columns as Currency in Excel

    Hi I've just started using a ListBox in Excel to view a table from one sheet on another. I've been able to do this using very simple code as Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Me.ListBox1.List = Worksheets("Cashflows").Range("A4:H26").Value End Sub However, as this does not include...
  2. T

    Inventory Spreadsheet (im a newb with VBA)

    Hello everyone, We are a small company and i would like to add some QOL things to our excel spreadsheet that we use for inventory in excel 2019 Column A: Job number column B: Part number Column C: Quantity column: D Client I know how to add a macro to a button and stuff like that but i aint...
  3. I

    Why does this JSON Microsoft Script VBA code work in Excel 2016 but takes forever in 2019?

    I have this JSON Microsoft Scripting VBA code that pulls data from a work website into Excel. Can pull about 55,000 rows of data. About 5 columns of data. On 2016 the code worked fine but on 2019, which I need the code on, it takes forever to run or crashes Excel. I then have to quit Excel. I...
  4. S

    excel 2019- IF Cell Contains Text Then Copy to Another Sheet automatically

    Hi, I'm trying to create an excel spreadsheet (version 2019 and no ability to upgrade to 365) to keep track of appointments. There are sheets for each month. And I need the appointments for future dates to show up in their respective monthly tab automatically (without disappearing from the...
  5. MrBart67

    Save cell with "Today" function as a static date in new file

    Hello, I need help with saving an Invoice Workbook which contains the "Today()" function using a Macro. The Active Workbook (Invoice) has the "Today()" function in Cell B14. Auto Calculate is active so whenever I open the Workbook todays date is displayed. So far so good :) I have 3 Macro's...
  6. G

    Calculating causes formula results to disappear from all sheets

    When I save the workbook excel triggers a calculation of the workbook. I have no problem with this and I can always turn it off. When I go to each sheet and calculate the sheet the results remain visible on each sheet. When a calculation is done on this workbook, the formula results disappear...
  7. G

    Count cells in range that contain specific conditional formatted colors

    What I need to do is to count the number of conditional highlighted cells in each row (range) for each color. Ultimately, if the color exists in the range, I intend to have a value of 1, else a value of 0. Here is a worksheet with an example of what the result should be for the first 5 rows. It...
  8. R

    Trace Dependents Not Working in Excel 2019

    Hi Periodically Trace Dependents stops working in Excel 2019 and says no dependents even when clearly there are (There are no circular references, so that is not the problem) Per the example in the attached JPG, I opened a brand new spreadsheet. Put values in A1 and B1 and set C1 = to A1 + B1...
  9. P

    Extract text outside multiple parenthesis

    I want to extract all text outside of any parenthesis. I can get the text from the first occurence of a parenthesis using: =TRIM(LEFT(A2,FIND(" (",A2&" ("))) But now sure how to do this for multiple occurences. Below is an example. Text Expected result Cucumber (1) Cucumber Cucumber...
  10. R

    Operations Management Calculation Formula Help

    Good morning. I am working on a problem in my Operations Management class and am having a problem with a calculation formula. Question: Wanda's Car Wash & Dry is an automatic, five minute operation with a single bay. On a typical Sunday morning, cars arrive at a mean rate of 8 per hour...
  11. P

    Excel 2019 - Freely associating primary and secondary axes to series bypassing default behavior

    In Excel 2019, when adding a secondary X axis to a scatter plot graph that already has a secondary Y axis, the series previously associated to the primary X and secondary Y, become associated by default to the secondary X (the association to secondary Y axis remains). The specification of...
  12. S

    Various Instance of Excel talking to each other crash

    Hello everyone, I am working simultaneously with multiple instances of Excel, as this is a way to utilize more CPU and decrease calculation time per instance. Basically, there is one "Master" instance and several "Slave" instances. When I start the day, I first open the Master Instance, and...
  13. S

    Adding Sequence numbers based on Cell value in ColumnB through VBA

    Hi Friends, I am trying to add sequence/following numbers in ColumnA based on cell value in ColumnB. I been doing it manually, but its taking countless hours to go through thousands of rows. Thought that I can get some little help here. Attached the spreadsheet to understand more. ( Hightail...
  14. bobsan42

    Compatibility or security issues Excel 2019

    Hello everyone. I stumbled upon an issue which i can't seem to solve immediately. I am currently working on a project - automating excel as a relatively simple database. There is basically a front-end (with the intention to make it an excel add-in) and a simple xlsx as a backend. It has its own...
  15. B

    Help with pivot table

    Hi I have pivot table with 2 years of cost data for services and I have taken average cost as a sum. The issue I have is some of my data has N/A e.g cars 2019/20 £5000 cars 2018/19 N/A So when I pivot the above instead of excel taking 5000 it takes the average of two years which is £2500...
  16. T

    Excel to find key words and paste the same in Criteria column

    Team.. Need your help again. I believe it is possible for Excel to find key words as described by user and paste the same in the dedicated cell. And I also believe this can be done without using a Macro. Please help out on the below.. I prefer not to use Macro's if possible please. Keyword and...
  17. S

    Need to Transpose these 1 to 6 columns into one single Column (multiple rows),Keeping the left 2 columns intact. Please help!

    Company Name Count of Names 1 2 3 4 5 6 Deco-Mica Ltd 4 Deco Mica Ltd Deco-Mica Ltd Deco Mica Deco-Mica Bharat Textiles & Proofing Industries Ltd. 4 Bharat Textiles & Proofing Industries Ltd Bharat Textiles & Proofing Bharat Textiles & Bharat Textiles Sainik Finance & Industries...
  18. S

    How to run VBA Macro on Workbook instead of worksheet

    Hi Friends, I have 100s of Excel workbooks with single sheet in each. Every time I have to open each workbook and run the macro to do the job. I am looking to modify and run the macro on list of workbooks in folder one by one. So Macro will run through all excel files in folder one by one and...
  19. C

    "SetWindowsHookEx" Crashing Excel x64

    Hello. For a while I've been using the MsgBoxCB sub from Dan Elgaard (www.EXCELGAARD.dk) in order to have message boxes with custom button text. Up until now I have been using Excel 2007-2019 x32 and everything has been working perfectly. Recently I started testing my application on Excel 2016...
  20. M

    Last Modified UDF Row Function

    I do not know if this is possible however, what I am looking for is to modify this UDF function to show the date that a cell was last modified. Currently, it is only showing the date that the UDF is inserted, not the actual date that the cell was modified. For Example: -If I am insert the...

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