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  1. S

    Generate metrics for one vehicle when fleet, make or specific registration is selected

    Hi, We've got a fleet of 58 vehicles that we used to manage by registration, so for example we would get individual requests per vehicle for MOTs, servicing, breakdowns, repairs etc. Every entry is tied to an individual vehicle, so there are hundreds of entries but it's fairly straightforward...
  2. B

    First and Last instances

    Hello, Does anyone know a formula for getting the first and last instance of an agent in a data set, so I can record every agents log in and log out times from a big long list of all times Thanks,
  3. B

    Have a sheet with approx. 900+ rows. I need a formula that will automatically transpose items horizontally if the address is the same. (see pic)

    I am trying to save lots of time and headache, so any help is appreciated! There are many addresses that have multiple tenants. I need the tenants horizontally transposed into the same row so that I can use this as a mail merge. I guess part two of this is that it would be great to also have a...
  4. M

    Copy Two Columns from One Table and Paste in Second Table

    I have table tblActivties on sheet Activities and tblTrainingLog on sheet TrainReg. I want to copy two columns from tbleActivties and paste them in the corresponding columns on sheet TrainReg. The amount of columns to copy is known and the number of rows to copy in tblActivities in unknown (last...
  5. J

    Power Query - Multiple several columns with value obtained via Paramater

    Hi, I have a table containing budgeted foreign sales data by month and want to convert this to a home currency (the fx rate is obtained via a parameter). Is it possible to multiple several columns at once in power query by a value? I know I can create new columns for each month and multiply...
  6. J

    Running count

    Hi All, New to power query in Excel. Is there a way I can get a running count based on a reoccuring value in a column, and start a new running count based on new values? Cannot find the equivalent of count/countif in PQ. Here's an example of what I'm trying to achieve. Input Name Values...
  7. G

    Linked Advanced Properties Not Updating on Info Screen

    I am looking to populate excel file metadata in SharePoint 365 from specific cells within the excel file. I am able to create the linked Advanced Properties within the file, import it into SharePoint, and auto populate the values on the initial load. The problem is, when users update the...
  8. N

    Office Excel 365 - Insert Map - No Southern Ireland?

    Hi All, I have a list of values and locations. I then go to insert, then map graph. A map appears and plots well, but the southern Ireland bit of the map is missing. I've tried changing it to towns, cities etc, but southern ireland is blanked out. Does anyone know why or how I could get...
  9. M

    Formula to referance multiple cells on another sheet excel 365

    Hi guys I am trying to do a backup spreadsheet for all the devices at work (each device has 32 "nodes" in them so its one sheet per device) I have got everything working on each sheet (expiry dates, filters macros etc) but I am trying to set up one front "Status"page that shows you if work...
  10. J

    Excel crashes when playing code, but is fine when stepped through

    Hey, Long time reader, first time poster. I'm trying to play the below code, but when I do it crashes, when I step through the code it works fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Dim iMonth, sPath, File, sFile, vFile, mFile, Fund, iFile, FileType As String Dim row...
  11. A

    Approximately how many menu commands in Excel 2016 or 365?

    Approximately how many menu commands in Excel 2016 or 365? These would be things like File, Save As or Insert, Table, Pivot Table. I have seen a list of shortcuts and accelerator keys around 400, but they still don't cover a lot of things.
  12. C

    VBA to copy values between sheets skipping blanks

    Hello everyone! So just so everyone knows, I am a VBA newb, self-taught through extremely helpful forums like these. This is my first post and haven't even set up my profile fully. Lol This request will help me and my accounting team here at my job out tremendously! So, thank you for taking...
  13. Chris The Rock

    Excel 365 Pivot Tables: Based on Data with some records excluded

    Before I begin: I'm not a novice by any means, but I find myself lacking in this particular area of expertise. And because of that, I don't know exactly how to succinctly ask this question in Google or on this message board. There's a good chance it's been answered - or that the answer is...
  14. B

    Sort function crashing now in new 365, help?

    Hello I am new to VBA and Excel so please excuse my ignorance on some terminology. My boss uses Excel 7 and I use 365, his code that he has used for 10 years for the Sort function is as follows. Range("A1:A14").Sort Key1:=Range("A1"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes or Range("E1", "F" &...
  15. D

    Average for Multiple Values in Multiple Columns

    I have a sheet with 25 columns, the active area is C6 thru U12. I need to total the Values in every 5th Column (ie:C6-C12,H6-H12,M6-M12 and R6-R12) that are >0 and then get the average for the total value. Here is what I have now, the formula being: =AVERAGE(IF(MOD(ROW(C6:C12),5=1,C6:C12,””))...
  16. j3andc

    Linking to other files in Excel 365 ProPlus

    I am new to office 365 and have recently started having problems when I re-open a file that I have previously linked to. If I open the linked file while the file with the formulas is open, the link gets "broken" and has to be recreated. This is wasted time and I cant afford that. Is anyone...
  17. T

    Insert Blank Row, Offset and Copy\Paste

    OK, so bit of a tricky one for me anyway. I have a list of data that has zero blank rows separating different values: <tbody> 100 100 200 200 300 300 </tbody> Now I've found this code to compare the cells above and...
  18. N

    Save As missing

    How do I configure the File drop down menu from the ribbon on Excel in Office 365. My colleague has suddenly found that some of the shortcuts are missing after the last update. For instance, she no longer has the Save As shortcut but it seems to have been replaced with something called Save...
  19. R

    Conditional formatting - based on a single cell lookup in a range

    I want to change the background colour of a column header (cell C2) to Green only if one of the cells in the column (C3-C12) has the character C in it. Any other characters, or more than one C, etc. should not change the colour. Can SKS help out as I just can't seem to get a formula that works...
  20. T

    Excel VB Code to create totals columns based on lookup

    Hi All Something I cannot get my head around. I have a worksheet (Analysis1) that contains numeric data in columns 'D' to 'lastCol'. Each of these data columns has a header label in row 2. There can be anything up to 30 different column headers, but these fall into only three 'types'. The...

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