excel & array

  1. R

    Let and SUM values

    Hi, I previously received some support on the following link Formula Support - Top 10 list using Index and Match, where i was directed to changing my formula to a LET function. The formula worked fine, but i noticed that it was pulling back multiple values with the same name, Is there anyway...
  2. T

    formula to autofill with condition and skip blank cells

    I have the master sheet and data sheet (more than 1 but same format) This is the example of the data from the sheet Project Details Project A Laptop Printer Camera Blank Phone Projector Project C Implementation Debug Smart TV what I need...
  3. J

    VBA: Get all CSV file data from a folder in one excel sheet

    VBA: Get all CSV file data from a folder in one excel sheet named "atlas". 1. I have thousands of CSV files in a folder (only two-column data). 2. With VBA can I get the data in one excel sheet named "atlas" from the second row. 3. In the result sheet named "atlas" there are file names (In...
  4. K

    Dynamic Search formula

    so, I have a workbook that has one sheet that has thousands of rows of data that is constantly being updated, I have managed to create a formula/function that works when I enter it ({ctrl} {shft] {enter}) but as I mentioned, the data sheet is constantly being updated... here is what I have thus...
  5. J

    Opening a workbook using array values

    Hello I'm trying to figure out a way to open the workbooks using the array values stored. The only bug I encounter is at "Workbooks.Open(StoreList(0))" where I encounter "run-time error 0 subscript out of range" but the address is correct so I don't know why it can't find it? Sub uniquestores()...
  6. J

    VBA Macro search match twice 2 keywords same column and copy result to another sheet

    Hi internet peeps. I am stuck i don't know what code to use so i can search the same column twice for 2 different keyword and then copy data from the same row to another spreadsheet in sequence from a start cell. for details here's what i am trying to do 1. Limit the search within a range of...
  7. J

    Formula to get which starting month did a person get a consistent rating of at least 3

    I am wondering if there is a way to determine which month did an employee get a consistent performance of at least 3. The problem is we have an employees who have no available data for certain months tagged as N/A. I'm not sure if an array can be used to perform what is needed. Your help will...
  8. A

    Unique Formula for 2 columns

    I was thinking that I can use Unique formula and get unique list from 2 separate columns, but I struggled with this one. Can I get some help here? Thank you
  9. V

    SumIf across multiple sheets if a value is found

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me.... I have a few sheets that all look the same but there's a value in K2 on some of the sheets that I need to reference to sum up the values. For example: on my Summary sheet, C2 = 1) loop through all the sheets and find "Red" in K2 2) If Red is found in...
  10. K

    Type mismatch in excel Form

    when I start my form I'm getting the error "Type Mismatch" Code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim split_name() As String, name_person As String Dim c As Long, contar_usuarios As Long Workbooks(OtherBookPath).Sheets("Usuários").Activate contar_usuarios = Cells(Rows.Count...
  11. A

    Can someone please explain how this rearrange column macro works?

    I have found this piece of code from somewhere else, and I modified it a bit to meet my needs, but I'm not entirely sure how it works. The reason I would like to know how it works is because I would like to modify it further, but I am newer to VBA and do not understand how the Resize, Index, and...
  12. N

    VBA reads cella value ok, but assigns a point value as 0

    I am trying to loop through a number of cells with vba, and return each cell's value. I used the watch windows, and saw that even though the cell().value returned a number different than 0, the a point array of double was assigned a value of 0. This is the code that I got from a site and edited...
  13. A

    Excel - lookup array based on cell value

    I have workbook, containing 4 major worksheets named as BNF WEEK BNF NEXT WEEK BNF MONTH MAIN Now I am working in sheet named as MAIN and I want formula where, if cell R6 = 1 than fetch data from 1st sheet i.e. BNF WEEK if R6 = 2 than fetch data from 2nd sheet i.e. BNF NEXT WEEK, and so on...
  14. G

    Facing problem in finding Syntax for Advanced auto filter with wildcards using Macros

    I have created an event like when something changes in a cell, then an advanced filter should happen. The values to be filtered will be in C2:E3 with C2,D2,E2 as headers. the values will be filtered in B6:D67 with B6,C6,D6 as headers. Now the issue is: the values which I filter with...
  15. A

    VBA - AutoFilter by array doesnt work if list only has 1 or 0 rows of data. Big numbers are not filtered too.

    To start off, I posted the XL2BB sheets and VBA code below to help better visualize my problem. Basically, a macro is run each week to refresh the "FilterList" sheet that results in a varying number of rows of data. There could be 0 or more rows each time the macro is run. From here, I wrote...
  16. K


    How to marge 3 table into one table , because i face reference error , i tried......, pleased solving this query.... step by step.
  17. M

    Multiple Column Loop from wbA and copy/paste all data to 1 column on wkB

    Hello all, I'm trying to create an array loop that goes through columns A1,D1,G1, J1 (Keeping the headers) from one workbook and paste all the data to one column (keeping cell formatting) on another workbook. The data in the copied columns (A,D,G,J) will vary every time the macro runs so I'm...
  18. blackorchids2002

    Sort a 2 array of data

    Hi Masters, I need your help again. I was trying to use an index formula to sort the 2 sets of data from a smallest value. I cannot get it sorted how I want the data should look like in my excel. =IFERROR(INDEX(A$1:A$44,SMALL(IF($B$1:$B$44<>"",ROW($2:$44)-ROW($2:$2)+1),ROW($A2))),"") 1ST SET...
  19. K

    Query: How to count same party with unique Invoice numbers....

    like ... "SR FOODS LTD" two time make Purchase products. 1) how to count target Unique Invoice Number & same party Name ???????????????????????????????????????????????
  20. D

    Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates

    NOTE* Please skip until the next line highlighted in bold if you're not interested in seeing how my setup functions. Thank you! Hello everybody, I am currently managing a minor inventory consisting of 101 unique goods. Currently my excel sheet looks like this: To briefly explain the sheet...
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