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    Put multiple data series on same graph with vba

    Hello. I have the code below that when the user inputs a value on a certain cell and logs it via a button, this is called to populate a simple line graph. At the beginning of each day the graph area is empty. I have tried to add a second data series but nothinh seems to work and can't figure out...
  2. S

    Single Custom X-Axis Label (Date) in Excel Chart

    I'm trying to edit a single label on the X-axis of my Excel chart. I have a simple time series chart with date labels on the x-axis. I have chosen a single letter for the month. I want to edit the first month of the year (J) only and change it to 2020. The next label should remain F. I...
  3. G

    VBA highlight specific column in an excel chart

    Is it possible to highlight a specific column in an excel chart using VBA? Here is the data listed below the bar chart: Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18 Dec-18 YTD 4.2% 4.5% 4.4% 4.3% 4.4% I only want to highlight the YTD column in gray. Thank you
  4. G

    Excel Chart - additional data

    I would like to add more data to my excel chart not directly related to the chart itself. Am I able to achieve this without using the snipping tool? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. A

    #N/A displaying in Bar Chart

    Hi, I have 3 columns whose cells are populated based on formula and vlookup. Due to vlookup, number of rows returning data can vary.(sometime it can be 5 rows and other time it can be 10 rows) Now When I am creating 2-D Bar chart(giving it range of 10 rows per column), with values of 1st...
  6. S

    Excel Chart for week 1 - 52

    I am trying to create an excel chart that will show me my inventory every week for each week of the year so that I can see the trend. I have a chart that I track the numbers daily and then on a different tab I have a chart that does a vlookup to get each Sunday's dates. I have the vlookup set to...
  7. G

    Excel Charts for Combinations

    Hi, can anyone please recommend any good Charts for displaying the frequency of combinations ? So for example if I had 10products, that's 1e+10 combinations, is there some sort of heat map chart or area chart that would display the number of the combinations ? Thanks in advance for your help...
  8. L

    Chart series link to tab name

    Hi there I have a template tab with charts linked to data within that tab, the data is dynamic to a single cell within the tab and this cell is linked to the tab name. I have copied the whole sheet to over 200 sheets each with their own dynamic tab name. However I have now just realized that...
  9. K

    3 and 4 Dimensional Chart

    Hi, I'm trying to make a X Y Scatter chart a little more useful. Essentially, I've created something like a "Gartner Magic Quadrant" chart. Easy enough to plot the points based on the X and Y axis values. But, I want to vary the diameter of the plotted points (the dots) based on another...
  10. M

    Dynamic chart axis format (Numbers and Percentages)

    Hi! I have created a graph which compares three measures. As I let the users choose the measures, the third measure can be either numbers or percentages. I used conditional formatting to adopt correct formatting. When I created a chart from this and linked the third measure to secondary axis...
  11. P

    Blank/NA values to be shown as dotted line rather than straight line in Charts

    Hello there, I request your help on solving this question. Say, I have values such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 plotted in Excel Chart. If I want to delete values 3,4, the missing values can be interpolated using the "Hidden and Empty Cells" option. This option connects only through a thick line...
  12. P

    Series Name Excel Chart - Is cell reference necessary?

    In excel chart a range name that gets its value from a formula but does not refer to a cell reference is not accepted as Series Name. e.g. sheet1!var1 =IF(Sheet1!$A$2="V1","Vendor1","Vendor2") is not accepted as series name, output is just text value not a cell ref. sheet1!var1...
  13. C

    Excel Charts: Customize Data Table

    Hello, I'm admittedly not an expert when it comes to excel charts. What I have here is a small data set comparing average fees per account for four different mutual funds. I have that charted off to the right, but in the data table below, I just want to show the % change. I'm just trying to...
  14. L

    hide 0 values in excel chart

    hello. i need help on hiding the 0 values in excel chart. ive found things like "#" in format code but it rounded up my figures. i have data like 1.7 or 6.5 and it rounded up. is there a way to hide 0s in the series without changing the other figures in the series? :( :confused:
  15. C

    Stacked Cluster Column: Turn negative values red

    Hi All, In short: I am wondering if there is a reasonably quick way I can make the negative values (with the dashed borders) RED so they stand out more. It seems like I can either change all of them or none of them. I think I can also go in and manually change each one. The problem is that...
  16. R

    Use VBA to create Excel chart

    We need a program that uses VBA to enter data into an Excel sheet and then displays a line chart. Office version is 2013. I found a number of examples on the Internet, but could not get any of them to work properly. This may be due in part to differences in the many versions of Excel. The...
  17. D

    Help required to draw XlLine chart in excel

    Hi Experts, I need your help to draw xline chart in Excel.I am not proffessional expert eiether in excel or Vb .I am a doctor(told you to understand my knowledge on these VB or Excel) I want to draw Xline chart with X-axis having dates Other 2 variables are Nifty closing price (which...
  18. N

    Chart data through formulas

    Quick lay out... I have a chart with multiple columns, up to Z and over 4000 rows. The rows contain dates from 2003-future. I have another page that draws data from this page by users selecting information from drop down menus. From the information they select in the drop down menu I want a...
  19. T

    Excel Scatter Chart - X Axis Tick Marker Values

    Dear Excel gurus, I really need some help with Excel xy scatter charts. I need to edit the X Axis values/scale to reflect ONLY values that are charted, instead of a generic range. For example... I have a scatter chart tied to an Excel worksheet, with a data source that contains 4 Series. The...
  20. A

    Sphrical Drawing in Excel

    Dear all. I have attached Excel sheet above. I wanted Draw Graph as show in figure.I wanted to plot grapgh for Zenith, azimuth, elevation W.r.t Time Of day. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon...rdinate_system http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spheric...rdinate_system) <tbody>...
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