excel data processing

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    importing data in excel from external source and autorefresh every 15 min. enabled but not getting data refreshed

    I have imported data from external source, that data gets automatic refresh after 15 minutes I have such 10 sheets in one workbook. when I am trying for 5 sheets it works very well but when i try for 10 sheets in one workbook it just shows "connecting to web" and does nothing. kindly help with...
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    Need Help on excel data processing & copy paste via VBA

    Hi Friends, below i provided necessary details for excel data processing & copy paste 1. Excel Before running VBA Macro https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpsm2nz2lt0oeww/Excel%20Before%20running%20VBA%20Macro.jpg?dl=0 2. Excel After running VBA Macro [Expected result]...

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