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    Transpose data to Horizantal

    This is related to Fantasy cricket. I'm trying to build an excel which will simplify preparing Grand League teams. Am facing issues in transposing data to horizantal. Source Data: ABCDEFGHIJKLMN2SNOTeam 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6Team 7Team 8Team 9Team 10Team 1131 Dinesh Karthik...
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    Sorting or Arranging Columns with incorrect Row data

    I am very new to Excel so please excuse the limited knowledge of asking this question within this community. In Excel spreadsheet I have Twenty plus Columns, each with Headers, Example, Name, Email, Category, Phone, Address. Within each row down the column includes the marker and following...
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    Extracting data from Excel database to copy and paste

    I have data in Excel in 3 columns. Column A has Date Column B has Time Column C has Stock Price <o:p> </o:p> I am trying to copy the stock price for a certain time interval each day for different dates and paste them to column F. <o:p> </o:p> eg. I would like to copy stock...

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