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    What is the best formula for counts halfday leave?

    Hi All, Really appreciate if anyone can help me on this? To get the formula that I already used =NETWORKDAYS(D5,E5,T_HOLS[HOLIDAY]) + I want the formula can count on my halfday leave that I already capture with H1. Please help me. Thank you.
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    Count number of times colour of cell changed, Excel 2016

    I have excel sheet where i am fetching stock market data, now it changes colour according to my conditional formatting rules, I want to know how many times in total colour has been changed in 1 particular data range during whole day here below mentioned conditional formatting rule and range is...
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    MATCH returns #N/A for a range that contains the value

    I use =MAX(C6:H900)to find the max value in a range. I put that value in K29. Then I try to use =MATCH(K29,C6:H900) to find that value in the range to return the row. MATCH returns #N/A. I checked the type of both K29 and the range and they are both v. If I use =MATCH(K29,K29), a 1 is...
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    Sumif of multiple Index matches against one value

    Need help regarding Excel dynamically search based sum of two columns matching from two different tables. I have got this Table of Data Entered One Time G H I 1 Quality Name Warp Weft 2 Stpl.1 150 20 3 Cotton.1 80 60 4 Stpl.2 20 20 5 Cotton.2 60 105 6 Stpl.3 20 40 in Column...
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    Formula help; Randomly display names from list no duplicates until you have to

    In the following context when I say randomly it means in a random order so every recalculate could move the results around. In this example I am trying to randomly display these 3 colours without duplicating, e.g no red, red, red or red blue red...
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    repeatedly calling Custom Function as Formula in a cell unnecessarily

    Hi guys, I have Created Custom Function with three arguments and all three are range values from two different sheets. the custom function is returning the double values and it is getting placed in the cell correctly, Now the thing is, when i delete or perform other operations in the tool...
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    Getting the value of a cell with a specific character in the 4 spot of the value

    Hi, I am looking to be able to extract the value of each cell which has a "p" in the 4th spot of a cell. for example I want to populate a column from the below, r1pp12345 r2p312345 r3pp34125 p3rp12345 I would get a column with r1pp12345 r3pp34125 p3rp12345 Any help would be great thanks Scott
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    Get the latest date of drawing and its revision number

    Hi Guys, Have a good day. I have excel file with duplicated part numbers per cell but these part numbers have different revision letter and dates. Now, my problem is, i want to get the unique part number and its latest revision letter and date by using Excel formula. Please help me coz the one...
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    Please help explain this code

    Can someone explain what each line of code does? I program in C++ as a living, but i haven't learnt VBA. I learn code by explaining code, so please explain. sSheet = InputBox( _ Prompt:="Sheet name or number?", _ Title:="Input Sheet") On Error Resume Next If Val(sSheet) > 0...
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    VBA to convert the range B in number format??

    Hi All, I need a help where I have the numbers in column B but they are not in the number format. So I want the moment my macro paste the data in column B, it should convert that column in number format. I have tried multiple time but it only paste the data in as usual format. Kindly advise...
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    Date diff with multiple conditions

    Hi, Currently I am computing the date difference in days using this formula (which works): =if(and(ISNUMBER(W2),ISNUMBER(H2)),W2-R2,"") However, I would like to restrain the output and only consider values between 5 and 150. So I would like the function to say If W2 isnumber and if H2...
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    If the first 3 characters are alpha, then return true

    Looking for a formula to check the first 3 characters of a string and return TRUE if all three are "A-Z only" =IF(ISNUMBER(VALUE(LEFT(J6,3)))=FALSE,TRUE,FALSE) abc123 = true 123abc = false a1b2c3 = false
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    Vlookup #REF error

    I am having a problem with my Vlookup formula I am hoping that I can get some help. The formula is on Sheet1 cell Y15. I am trying to do a lookup based on account number on sheet 1 and 2. on Sheet 1 the account number is in Column C the column header is C11. On sheet 2 the account # column is...
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    Problem with equation to link to another workbook

    I have an equation shown below: ='H:\Business\Excel Data\Weekly Occup Reports-Other Prop\2016\[2016 wkly occup v2_Compute.xls]Jun 19'!$E$10 Instead of using the Jun 19 sheet each time, I need the sheet name to be pulled from Cell A1 on this workbook, so cell A1 would be "Jun 26" next week...

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