excel formatting

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    Request for help - VBA Script to automate data transfer from Survey Raw File to another Excel File in a specific format.

    Hi friends, First of all, I am not an Excel expert at all. I have around 25 survey data files (Excel) - each with 6-8 survey respondents. I would like to get all these data transferred to another Excel file (pre-formatted) so that I can get a agenda file for the meeting. I would like make a...
  2. E

    VBA code for Highlight Specific Text Within A Cell Based On Other Text

    I would like to format text from another text. For example if column "Race" =aa then it should highlight "aa" from the "Text" column PARAAORTIC, see excel excel file. The file is large so how can I do using VBA code? Thank you.
  3. H

    Excel Formatting for "Save As PDF"

    I'm having issues in border formatting to produce a clean looking document after saving as a PDF. I need to use "Save as PDF" due to there being multiple tabs in my work book. This is an excel file that is updated weekly to present at my workplace in order to give updates on how we are tracking...
  4. A

    Formatting Cell Based on Two Cells

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get a better idea of how to format a table. Essentially, I have a table with columnA that has multiple unique test names, another with the Tester Name, and a completed column. Let's say I have Test1- A2;Test2-A3; Test3-A4...etc. Test1 might be assocated with...
  5. K

    How to highlight duplicate value by ignoring the formula?

    I have my excel worksheet. I wish to highlight the duplicate number which will ignore the formula that I am referring to the last cell. For example: I wish to ignore the highlighting in A2 and A3 as they are formula but not value.
  6. K

    Run message box when cell value time is exceed system time

    Hi, I have a excel file. I wish to write a vba script to compare the system time and the cell value time. If system time is exceed the cell value time, it will show a pop out message to inform user that, the time is exceed. My file will look like this: I have been research a while but...
  7. J

    Adding new rows and columns

    Hello Gurus! I'm having trouble inserting new rows and columns into my spreadsheet. Stupidly, in order to make the spreadsheet look better, I decided to delete all the rows that weren't being used that extended to the end of each sheet. Unfortunately, due to subsequent edits and adjustments...
  8. A

    Output Formating is bad in excel - How to sort out?

    Hi Experts, I need your help. I am actually converting addresses into GPS coordinates "Longtitudes and Lattitudes". I am using a website where input around 200 addresses and they provide output in a csv. You can see the image below. The formating is little bad. All the data is good but they are...
  9. E

    Converting excel worksheet to html and into body of email

    Please help I have looked around code on internet for this and the best ive found is from ron de bruin. (Mail one worksheet in the body of the mail) I am using his code and all works apart for 1 thing I have a number of cells merged and have text wrap on it Issue is when i run code the code...
  10. C

    Urgent excel number formatting help

    Hi all, Im having an issue formatting telephones basically I've a large list of mobile and landline numbers in different formatted e.g some are 0741 1088291 others are 07 411 088 291 and more I need them to be 07411 088291 and the same with land lines. I have used different variations of...
  11. K

    Formatting Excel Texts and Values

    Hi! I have a Form to be filled and i receive the data as .txt files, hence have to convert data from txt to excel format for the ease of copying to my target form easily. Now i have managed to convert the file to excel, but certain formats are really confusing. I would be grateful if someone...
  12. A

    Autocalculate average formula on inserting a new row

    I have a sheet(Sample.xlsx) in which weekly data is collected and this is done by using the VBA code(Present in Copy 1 and Copy 2 button in Master US.xlsm) written by me. But in my code, it inserts a new after asking two parameters, i.e. line range(i.e. row no for eg A64) and date. After the new...
  13. D

    Stopping fields bleeding into other fields

    Hello I would be most grateful if someone could help me with this as I can't find any option or way of doing this within Excel or by searching the forums: Where you have long text strings in a field, if there is nothing in the next field(s) then that text bleeds across the empty fields until...
  14. J

    Conditional formatting for more than five in a row - Is there a better way?

    Hello, I have a column of a 1,000 randomly generated numbers where each cell shows one of two results, "1" or "-1". I want to highlight only the cells that contain the same results of 5 or more in a row. I also want to be able to highlight higher amounts like 8, 12 or 20 in a row. Currently...
  15. E

    Default formatting changes to time format

    Hi i have a excel workbook about 200kb in size i have about 8 tables and a macro in it sometimes when i open it the default format changes to time format and i get values like this 00:00:00 i know this is not new.. I ve searched the internet but havent found a fix. I have recorded a macro that...
  16. P

    Excel Formatting

    I have my cells formatted as either Date or Number, but Excel will only show all numbers for a date and all formulas (without being calculated). I'm using Excel Professional 2010.
  17. I

    VBA Excel RowHeight (Diff-Range)

    Hi All, I have got MS Query written by 7 sheets of Excel (Sun to Sat) each day have got different values comes ..some time 2 rows some time 6rows My following VBA code is working fine , only problem is the row height I restricted to 1: to 6 as you can see in the code given below: I would like...
  18. J

    Use VBA to lock all cell formatting except background color?

    Hi there! Is it possible to use VBA to lock all cell formatting in a range of cells except for background color? I've got a form in which I need to lock down the field formats (date, etc.) but my users want to be able to "highlight" fields by changing the background color. Thanks very much in...

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