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  1. K

    How to make Automatic serial number with text ????

    How to make Automatic serial number with text ???? Basic = A1+1 =2 Next level : 1) India Combination with text Kindly Help me.....
  2. A

    Payment terms (formula) for P&L impact and Cash flow - HELP

    Hi everyone, how are you? Could I ask you to help me please? I need to calculate automatically 2 things (in the tab "Cost details"): 1/ The P&L impact (taking into account several variables - from cell L13 to cell S13) 2/ the Cash position (cashout) based on payment terms, total cost expense...
  3. M

    Formula to change date to friday if result is weekend

    I have this formula that calculates a date 4 days prior to the entered date in cell H7: =IF($H$7="","",IFERROR(WORKDAY.INTL($H$7,-4,11,$C$18:$C$37),"")) It sometimes results in a weekend and I want the formula to give me the Friday before if the result falls on a weekend. I also have another...
  4. V

    Formula Advice on Sorting Decimal Values from lowest value to Highest value

    Hi Peers, I appreciate this may have been asked before but i am having issues sorting values with decimal points from low to high. In Column A I have decimal values and in column B i have applied this formula to help with the sortation: =INT(A2)&"."&TEXT(RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-(FIND(".",A2))),"000")...
  5. V

    Formula Help to extract File Path & file name and file size from a single cell

    Hi Experts, I hope you are well during this crazy period? I have tried Google and stumped because of the special characters that are used as a seperator. I am sure you experts would have a more elegant way of accomplishing what I need. I need to extract these values into their own columns...
  6. C

    Split kanjis, words, phrases into different cells to make a Japanese vocabulary list

    Hi, I am trying to (1) separate a list of kanjis, Japanese words, Japanese phrases into a column list (2) add a separate column the hiragana (3) add a separate column for the English meaning so the list would be something like this Challenge: some times there would be some words that...
  7. K


    HOW TO USE REFERENCE WITH "RIGHT OR LEFT" FORMULA FUNCTION ???? EXAMPLE: i Try this Reference "AB156480" =+A2 But I need Output : " AB156-480" How it Possible After reference ????
  8. K

    How to marge 3 table , Without loss data ???

    I was try , 3 table marge but i was tried ...... i was remove this table , & make New table but this last Name Assign Problem ...... How make Running File Marge 3 table , Without loss Data...??? How to possible ??? Pleased Show me Step- by- Step.
  9. E

    Auto-update formula when new column is added to table

    Hello! I'm stumped on what seems a fairly easy thing to fix, but can't find the solution after quite a bit of searching multiple forums. I have created a table and in the first column there is a basic structured sum formula. Here's what I want to do. I would like this formula to update whenever...
  10. N

    Need Random number generator formula

    Hi, I want to generate 20 random numbers between 1-80, but my formula always bringing duplicates also. So is there any way to generate 20 sorted numbers in ascending order without duplicates and I want to save those numbers at runtime. it will be easy if the formula can generate numbers for 100...
  11. N

    Need help with conditional formula

    I have a spreadsheet with thousands of rows containing numbers 1-20. I want to highlight specific numbers 3, 5, 8, 9, 15, 20 (7 numbers), etc. Is there any formula for highlighting a row that has exactly 7 numbers? Do not highlight if any row contains one or two identical numbers. Basically...
  12. K

    How to use multiple criteria using to conditional formatting ??? (Condition is cell value After Zero Highlight Cell in RED color ?

    * how to Apply Condition Formating in Particular Cells At a time, (Condition : IF then " Available Qty " <1 to Highlight Cell is RED color). * This condition Apply but Not properly Working , Pleased help to solve this query, I try to use Multiple criteria using this condition formatting.
  13. V

    Reverse-Filter-List-of-Items-Partial-Match (ADVICE)

    Hi Peers, I hope you are well? I need your help if possible as I have tried trusted google and I am unable to amend the formula to do what i need. The formula currently works by doing a partial word match when it finds one value in the table. I need your help to amend the formula so where it...
  14. R

    Salary increment monthly distribution

    We are to build 5 year financial model and considering to put 3% salary increment every year based on hire date Excel File <- data FOR EXAMPLE Dept Annual Salary Year of service hire date Annual Bonus Taxes Benefits Total Burden oct-20 Nov-20 Support 60000 10.3 11/22/2010 00 7860 1423...
  15. J

    Excel Formula - if cell contain information from column

    Hello, i am looking an Excel fomula : In one Sheet i have exported the data from a tool with inside the colmun A information and client name In the other sheet i have in column B the list of clients (clean list) Please see the example : Sheet1, column A : End User: Coupland Cardiff...
  16. jaeremata

    Auto Populate not working

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I need your help regarding with my code. What it do is to automatically populate the column AJ - AO with the formula. But it's weird because it goes in the middle instead on the row. If you can see the SS, it goes in the middle but it should start on...
  17. S

    Excel Formula Concise List for blanks

    Hello-- I need assistance with creating a formula that checks to see if column B is blank-- if it is blank then I want it to pull the information in Column A. This will be an on going spreadsheet so a vlookup wont work because i'd like the results to be a concise list of the results with the...
  18. K

    #How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link)

    How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link) # i try excel file create other excel file to particular sheet hyperlink making...... Pleased help me
  19. E

    Is there a formula that removes second identical sentence on a text.

    In this file as you can see, there are two same sentences, I need to remove the 2nd identical sentence. Problem Here
  20. J

    Excel Formula caculating number days of year between 2 dates

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an excel formula to calculating the number of days from years between "Start date" & "end date" Example : My start date is 06/19/2020 My end date is 06/20/2023 I would to know on this example the number of days from year 2020 => from start date ; year 2021 (full...

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