1. Major Aly

    Converting/Using a complicated formula for excluding working hours in VBA

    Hello All, After searching extensively for a few days, I came across this thread: Calculate only working hours between two dates excluding weekends, and the formula presented by Mr. Barry Houdini, was modified by me to suit my needs. This modified formula itself works when applied into a cell...
  2. A

    Excel Match Email With another Sheet, Return Another Cell

    I am currently working on an excel workbook that is pulling in a list of roughly 1000 reports going to a bunch of different emails. It is setup as Sheet: "ReportValues" Column A being Report Titles and Columns B-Q having all the different emails that the reports are sent to. I am trying to make...
  3. H

    Automating Manual Date Changes recorded on another sheet.

    I have two sheets on the first sheet, Column A have the project name, I have Columns K, L, U where I have dates that change on a weekly basis. On Sheet two I have same thing starting with A27, I have the same project names, however on F27, G27 and H27 where I manually enter the historical...
  4. D

    Excel Formula to Count Rows Based on First and Last Occurrence of a Specific Text within a Series of Strings.

    I am trying to write a formula that will count the number of rows between the first appearance of a specific text within a string, and the last appearance of that same text. For example, if Column A contains the following values... Email sent 12/15/2017. Email sent 12/15/2017. Sold in 2017...
  5. N

    Calculate values using COUNTIF

    Hi, I have 2 sheets sheet1 is a Summary sheet and sheet2 is data sheet sheet 2 has columns from A TO R, in that column G is Severity (heading) with four values Sev-1, Sev-2, Sev-3,Sev-4 and J is date Field with heading Lodgeddate. i want to calculate severity count for today, this month...
  6. D

    Excel: How to find a value based on three criteria, one of which must be the latest uodate-date in a given month.

    s a completely green member, I turn to you in the hopes of finding a solution to the following problem. I have a table, where I need to sort data based on a downloaded sheet from a ministry. The data is updated every week, but I need to translate it into monthly values (basically the latest...
  7. S

    Searching a letter within a range in excel

    I need an excel formula that searches within a range, a cell that contains a word with letter "W" and then multiply the number stored in the cell from the right of it by 2 and display the sum of all this multiplied values in another cell. Example: Range A4:Y4; B4 contains word "Woo" and C4...
  8. T

    Problem with VLOOKUP

    I use this formula for copy data into sheet1 from Sheet2 =VLOOKUPINDEX($A1,Sheet2!$A:$B,COLUMN(),FALSE) When i use VLookup formula with small text it works fine but with a large text it doesn't work. Any Solution?
  9. B

    Excel-Finding a numeric value return from a text drop box and return a value

    Hi all, Firstly, I know nothing about excel formulas, I’m trying to return numeric values by selecting “cash” or “card” in a drop down box with this text that would return a value from multiple rows or cells with the return value, This is a cash book spreadsheet with July to June tabs, any...
  10. M

    Average a row of a range if the letter "i" is typed in - range has to be dynamic.

    This is my first post on here, so I apologize if I leave out details or do not explain something well enough. I have a range, where values between 1 and 5 are entered manually depending on how well someone scored, and a total row that calculates the averages of the column per section. If there...
  11. N

    Dynamic named range using a range within a range

    I have the following worksheet: A B C D E +-----+-----------+---------+--------+-------------+ 1 |FALSE|Lot ABC123 |Product 1|Used qty|remaining qty| +-----+-----------+---------+--------+-------------+ 2 |TRUE |Lot ABC321 |Product...

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