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    VBA Question with If Else, AND

    This is the 1st time I have posted, so if this is a duplicate I apologize. I am new to VBA and I have the coding below. What I am trying to have happen is, if cell p5 contains "CONSOL" to name the tab one name and if does not, name it something else. I am doing something wrong as all of the...
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    How to Split Alt Enter Column Data into Separate Rows with respect to Row A..

    Hello Guys, Please help me.. I have large data in Excel sheet in following format <tbody> A 32423 2234325 12131 11231 2534R 323422 1245 224241 112125 21212 353453 464363 545352 12423 123525 22424 B 114343 12342 2E23R 1342 1423R 25346 1324 1234 2525 1234 2522 </tbody> I want to...
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    excel automatically email when workbook opens

    Hello all, I'm trying to set up a macro that will run when the workbook opens ,ultimately I want excel to email myself and 7 others when its time for recertification of 50 different workers and their dates are varying . Im over my head and could really use help , thanks.I will be using task...
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    VBA Novice - urgent advice required!

    Help! I need to create the following VBA: It needs to look at sheet1, columnA and see if the word "rec" appears. If yes, it then needs to compare the contents of that respective row's column N to the whole of Column N in sheet 1 of a different workbook. If it matches the column N data, then it...
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    My macros won't work on other computers when I email them to someone else. They only work on my computer.

    I have an excel file that multiple people need to access. However, the file only works on my computer. When someone else opens the file it gives this error message: "Sorry we could not find your file. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?" It's so annoying considering I spent hours...
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    Do Until Loop, Loop help please

    I am trying to run a ‘Do Until’ loop in my macro that will search for a word, if its found, select the whole row containing that word, delete it, find the next and repeat. So far I have:</SPAN></SPAN> Do</SPAN></SPAN> Cells.Find(What:="Find_Word", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas...
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    Vlookup Question (Please help)

    I have two tables pictured below: Table 1 <tbody> Columns Rows A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q 1 2 Day of month 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 1 2 3 4 3 Date 2/18/2015 2/19/2015 2/20/2015 2/21/2015 2/22/2015 2/23/2015 2/24/2015...
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    Check to see if 2 rows match in excel

    Hi, my problem is I have a large database and need to see if 2 rows match Anywhere in the database. HOWEVER, say there are 15 columns, I only want to see if 4 specific columns match. I tried: =IF(AND(C:C=C2,E:E=E2,F:F=F2,G:G=G2),"True","False") and it seemed to be working, but after testing...
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    VBA to assign preset formulas to cells but allow input value

    Hi So I am wondering if there is an easy way to assign preset formulas to cells having it so,,, for example I could have something like = __ +35. The goal is that when someone types a number into that cell, it will automatically add 35 to whatever number they typed in. The kicker is that I need...
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    Scrolling ticker tape type text bar...

    Right I'm pretty much a complete novice when it comes to most of these things, so can someone provide me with a little help with creating a scrolling text bar in my spreadsheet? The info that will be included will be held, for the large part, in cell A1 so I want the ticker tape type bar to get...
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    Find relation between two columns

    Hi, I have two sets of columns that I am quite sure there is a relation between them (i.e. C12=SUM(A1:A12)*5), but yet I can't find it. Any ideas?
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    need help to extract from a cell

    E4 = Dark Stone Grey - (Part ID: 4210977) I want D4 to be Dark Stone Grey
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    Excel Time Comparission for marking Idle Hrs. Please help guys

    I have to calculate the idle Hrs of a working employee. Three shifts are there. Morning 7AM to 3PM Evening 3PM to 11PM Night 11 PM to 7AM. Also if overtime then shift pattern is Morning 7AM to 7PM Evening 11AM to 11PM Night 7PM to 7AM. So the in time for an employee will be based on the...
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    How to sum data in a column given adjacent column data

    I want to sum values in column K given a range of dates from column B. Using the Sum, indirect, offset and match functions. B C D E F G H I J K <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col...
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    VBA solution NEEDED!!

    ill try to show you what I needing. column A / Column B / column c / column d / column e/ column F/ Current Employees / HIRE DATE/...
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    Convert from text to column and paste the converted data in other sheets

    I want some vbs code on my 'Copy All' button in Email Data sheet which will do my work. Its a bit lengthy but who knows the concept will find it easy. As i am a newbie help is greatly required. I have one sheets - Sheet attached - Worksheet .xlsm - Speedy Share - upload your files here...
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    this is easy but why can i do it!!!

    ok i have a sheet that looks like this <tbody> fst name lst name email bday jan feb apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec eric g eric86@blah 1/30 i want the email show here bob smith bob@aol.com 5/12 email </tbody> i would like to know what to put in the cells to show...
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    Conditional formatting for more than five in a row - Is there a better way?

    Hello, I have a column of a 1,000 randomly generated numbers where each cell shows one of two results, "1" or "-1". I want to highlight only the cells that contain the same results of 5 or more in a row. I also want to be able to highlight higher amounts like 8, 12 or 20 in a row. Currently...
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    Need help with excel formula or program

    Here is my situation: Data I have Data I need <tbody> 1000 1000_1 1000 1000_2 1000 1000_3 1000 1000_4 2000 2000_1 2000 2000_2 3000 3000_1 3000 3000_2 3000 3000_3 4000 4000_1 </tbody> Is there a formula to...
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    Substract / add ONLY after checking several colums if its the same

    I'm currently making an excel file for someone. But I'm quite stuck. Here's the problem. <tbody> Size Quality order supplier order customer Stock 5X5 High 200 150 50 5X5 High 50 50 50 6X9 Low 100 25 75 5X5 High 0 50 0 </tbody> I can't find the formula for stock. It MUST check size...

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