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    Help in sorting bar chart

    Hi there I am trying to do a bar chart that shows data by day of week. I'd like to days of the week to be in a specific order..howver Excel is putting it in a random order or I can only sort by the values by day. Is there a way to fix it so If I want it to be sunday, monday etc...it stays...
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    Keeping Pictures with Data when I filter

    Hey everyone, I am creating a database in Excel with about 1,000 commercial properties. With each property I have several different columns of information (sq ftage, lease space, property type, address, etc), I also have pictures of each property. I have each column so I can sort with what...
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    please help with making a table

    Hi, I need to make a table for every hour for 1 day. I need to a "treatment" cell and 24 "hours" cells in one row. Can someone, please help me make the cells smaller just in these rows without decreasing the cells above them. Thanks in advance. Mark
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    Reg Updation of details in a weekly calendar..using excel 2003

    Hi friends, My Query: I have an excel sheet which contains an weekly calendar i have radio buttons fr weeks(say week1,week2...week5) combo box for choosing month and year now for example if i enter particular data in a cell with date july 1st...i.e; 1st week ,july month...year 2009...
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    I need a strange and specific macro and excel formula! Anyone, who knows?

    Hi! I am creating a very interesting thesaurus (words and their synonyms) for a script that I am developing! Why I need excel, when it is in .php? Well, that's a good question! What I need for the .php script is this format: " A " => " B ", where A and B are the word (A) and its synonym...

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