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    How to use multiple criteria using to conditional formatting ??? (Condition is cell value After Zero Highlight Cell in RED color ?

    * how to Apply Condition Formating in Particular Cells At a time, (Condition : IF then " Available Qty " <1 to Highlight Cell is RED color). * This condition Apply but Not properly Working , Pleased help to solve this query, I try to use Multiple criteria using this condition formatting.
  2. K

    how to Apply Condition Formatting in Particular Cells At a time ??? (Rules : " <1 " Highlight Cell color to RED After Zero .)

  3. K

    #How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link)

    How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link) # i try excel file create other excel file to particular sheet hyperlink making...... Pleased help me
  4. K

    How to sum with unique Invoice Number wise ?????

    # How to sum with unique Invoice Number wise ????? - Pleased Solve this query for formula ......very usefully trick for sale bill fill. like single invoice & two or more products in this sheet... problem is how to sum product based on unique Invoice No. - Pleased Help !!!
  5. K

    Party name According how many invoice to Show count , But Not Show count Total Invoice

    Show Result : 3 (Pleased Show this Query........................................)
  6. S

    Sumif instances separately with Date idetifier

    id like to ask for help please, will it be possible to count instances separately? Please see example below. Please thank you <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Duration Time Status 0:30:01 10/11/2019 13:00 Break 0:16:01 10/11/2019 20:00 Break 0:51:01 10/11/2019 21:00 Break...
  7. A

    Even if value changes,data should remain unchanged

    I do have Excel sheet in which I have inserted IF formula, i.e.=IF(C23='Data Nifty'!$AD$2,"CMP"," ") use of erlier derived "CMP" as above mentioned, is done in another condition i.e. =IF(A23="CMP",VLOOKUP($D$3,'Data Nifty'!$N:$Y,7,FALSE)," ") now the problem is, if CMP gets change with other...
  8. S

    Excel IF formula for time to create greater than or less than.

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me out, on the Greater than 5>< tab I would need it to appear as “>5” if it’s greater than 00:05:01 (HH:MM:SS) apparently VLOOKUP won’t work on it even though It’s on the same format; your help is greatly appreciated <tbody> Longest Wait Time Service Level...
  9. M

    Calculate Dates and Shift

    Hi I'm trying to Count Release Date and Release Shift Based on Time of Sampling Release Date will be 27 hours after the time of Sampling Shift to be decided by time boundaries (If time is between 0800 and 1600, shift A, 1600 to 2400 Shift B, 0000 to 0800 Shift C.) If after 27 hours Sunday has...
  10. F

    Automatic select, copy and paste

    I am wondering if there is a way to search for a specific value in a column; then if the value is found highlight the entire row and copy it to another sheet or workbook. I know that you can do this manually, I was just curious if there was a way or writing a line of code or a string of macros...
  11. A

    last working day of the month

    <tbody> Hi All while calculating the average balance for my working I need to use the last working day of the month, however If the month end does not fall on the last working day, the average balance is not correct. For example, if 29th is the last working day of a 31-day month, the average...
  12. Z

    Copy date of a cell if a value is repeated

    Hi I hope you can help me. I have a sheet that contains 3 columns, Label, Chip and Date, the label column can contain duplicate data if this occurs i need copy this date in the next row that contains the same label. Example: Label Chip Date 133 9871452 09/05/17 133 8971453...
  13. M

    How to use IF in MS Excel for getting specific column value?

    I have a diseases dataset saved in MS Excel sheet, the format of the data is given below: I have a diseases dataset saved in MS Excel sheet, the format of the data is given below: | Object Name | Symptom 1 | Symptom 2 | Symptom 3 |...| Symptom N | Disease...
  14. P

    vba to fill cell color

    Hi MrExcel, I am in confusion to fill the color of cell. Actually I have some serial numbers in Column A where few serial numbers are in yellow highlights and in Column B I have those same serial numbers but few cells values are not matched and in disorder format in comparison of Column A. What...
  15. R

    Count dates to show week number sequence

    Hello, I am looking for a formula to show "Wk 1" for seven consecutive dates and than show "Wk 2" and so on till the end of the year date. The example is shown below. In this case the fiscal year starts from Feb 01 of current year and end Jan 31 of the following year, this is a retail calendar...
  16. J

    Converting duration in NUMBER format to duration in TIME format in Excel.

    Dear all, I have the duration data for more than 40000 rows in the number format. I need a method to convert the same into time format in excel. BY saying number format i mean 1 Hours & 45 minutes has been given as 1.45. I would like to have the same value 1.45 in the TIME format in excel so...
  17. S

    Find Days Between two Dates along with Filters like Month Or Condition in another Coloumn

    Hello Everyone, I am new to excel and looking for some help in identifying ways to pull "Turn around time"between two dates. But that is not all it needs to fulfil multiple conditions on different column for example Year in Column A ,Month in Column B, Data Validation in Column C We dont have...
  18. F

    Date formula to find value

    Hi, I have below table1 (sheet1): <tbody> <tbody> StartDate(A1) </tbody> <tbody> EndDate(B1) </tbody> Month(C1) Quater(D1) Year(E1) <tbody> 29/07/2012 </tbody> <tbody> 25/08/2012 </tbody> 1 Q1 <tbody> 2013 </tbody> <tbody> 26/08/2012 </tbody> <tbody> 22/09/2012...
  19. S

    =IF(OR(ISNA) | Problem

    In column J, I would have numbers ranging from 0 to 999, or #N/A (the cell is not a text #N/A, but a formula). I need an excel formula that would produce Submit if the value in column J is #N/A or greater than 9. Else it would produce Hide. The formula I am using -- If the value in column J...
  20. C

    Excel Random Number Generator Code.

    Hie all, Basically i am creating a excel sheet where i would be required to have random numbers in a particular range and in multiples for 5 and all the numbers generated should have the total which is entered. Let me elaborate Input Number- 136400 Random Numbers Range- 12000 to 15000 (Range...

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