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    Adding object name to a cell.

    Hi Folks, Is there any way of getting an object name to appear in a cell? I am creating a spreadsheet that allows people to open a PDF object and fill out a checklist. The problem is getting the PDF's name to appear in a cell. Once the object is placed the name becomes "acrobat...
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    Dynamic Objects in vba

    I have multiple workbooks and worksheets and I need to create multiple objects for the same. Number of sheets are not finite but I want to use all objects at different scenarios. I tried to create dynamic objects but didn't help. Please suggest.
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    Concatenate Excel Object Name in VBA

    Hello, I am attempting to create a Microsoft Excel Object (Sheet Name) in VBA using concatenation. I would like to create a macro which in part loops through different sheets by Sheet Number. For i = 1 To 10 SheetNumber = Sheet & i ... SheetNumber.Activate I would like to make "SheetNumber"...
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    Slicer in Powerpoint?

    Is it possible to use a slicer during a powerpoint presentation? I have been successful in creating an excel object in powerpoint and creating a pivot chart, but I'd LOVE to be able to use a slicer in powerpoint - Even if it can't be in presentation mode.
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    GetObject Trouble

    I am interested in pulling values from Excel into Word to automate reports. I have in the past used the GetObject function successfully and really liked the functionality. Recently our company upgraded to Office 2007 and when this happened I have not been able to get the same macros to work...

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